I am still working on that long news post, but it'll be a while yet. So I just wanted to make a quick note that we're having an unplanned skip day, due to the fact that Hurricane Michael's path took it directly over Lillian's home town of Williamsburg, Virginia. She and her husband and kids are fine, in the "physically intact" sense of the word, but they were without power for days and are still without internet.


Remember when everybody was complaining about all the bad news in 2016? That's kind of been our 2018. (Erfworld actually had a great 2016. I remember feeling guilty about it.) I'd estimate we've had more tough stuff happen to Team Erfworld members and their families in the last 12 months than we did in the first 10 years. Car accidents, medical diagnoses, sudden financial burdens, operations...it's not even our first hurricane.


I really can't share that stuff, the way we shared Linda's cancer journey. But I wanted to let you know that 1. It's still raining pretty hard over here, 2. We're gonna be okay. All seven of us are hanging together and powering through it (including Lillian, now that she has power again), and 3. Even if you don't know everything that's been going on, your support through this whole rotten year has meant everything to us. You are the reason we're going to be okay.


"Shine" is coming. Today, more rain.



    • Bandaid

      Reading this I am just glad that weather is kind of tame where I live (so far that is).

      As for the not shared stuff, all I can say is spend your time with your loved ones. Today. They might not be there tomorrow. (Rob and Linda know this by now, its more of a message for everyone else who might not have realized it yet.)

      • DunkelMentat

        Chicago has spent the last several years looking around at massive wildfires out west, and massive storms and flooding in the east and the gulf, and just wondering what the deal with everyone else is. Stay safe!

        • CrushU

          Yeah, I'm in Raleigh area, so Michael came near me, too... All that happened was a tree fell over, though.

          I've been out to Williamsburg a few times, though.

          • Seannibal

            My brother in Greeensboro NC lost power for almost a week. Crazy that it was that powerful that far away from the gulf 

            • j scheibel

              you finished another book.  :) need i say more?

              • Bandaid

                Heck, I thought about the no power situation some more and found out that I could not even really remember the last time we lost power, must have been over a decade.  And then it was out of order for hours at most, not days. I cannot even imagine what it is like to have no power for days. And then I remind myself that there are people living on this planet that have no power, ever. Geez...

                • charles

                  Don’t mention...

                  What about curds and whey? Can we mention that?


                  Anyone ever looked that stuff up? I reckon Little Miss Muffet fled screaming after one mouth full of that horrid mixture

                  • GildedBear

                    Curds and whey?  Isn't that basically cottage cheese?

                    • Merilynne

                      My sister and her hubby live in Mexico Beach. On Monday, they'd boarded up their home and planned to stay put but on Tuesday, when Michael turned into a Category 3, they decided to bug out. Thank goodness. After some anxious days, they found that their home was still standing with no major structural damage. We are all so grateful. Of course no one can estimate when the basic necessities of power and water will be back, but they're "camping out" in their home and volunteering to help rebuild the community. 

                      • Tig_Foyle

                        hi from Newport News. I commute to Richmond daily for work, there were a fuckton of trees down between here and there after Michael blew through. It was definitely high-end tropical storm level when it hit here, I'm surprised more stuff didn't get knocked over in all honesty.

                        • kaosxi

                          I'm not sure where else to post this, so let me be clear: this is not a demand or insistent request. Just wanted to say that the store seems down and has been for a few months for me. Is it something I'm doing or is this a known issue? Did I miss a news update?

                          • siliam

                            You all are awesome, rain or shine.


                            • Bandaid

                              @kaosxi, there was a news update about some kind of new law in the USA which had to do with taxes where new functionality is needed for the shop. As far as I know there is work in progress. I assume the shop will be up in a while, after all Rob plans to sell the new books 3 and book 4 somehow. Once they are finished off course.

                              • Kendrick Fortune

                                It can't rain all the time :)


                                • Cheez

                                  2018's been a horrible year for my family too.  Your visit to my city back in August has been one of the bright spots in it!

                                  • Linda Balder

                                    @Cheez - it was one of the bright spots for us as well. :-)

                                    @Kaosxi - Bandaid is correct. We are in the process of upgrading the store. But we also had to move. Since our previous warehouse did not provide fulfillment (that was my job up until my diagnosis) we needed to also move all of our inventory (which is almost finished) to a fulfillment center. We need to be sure our inventory is accounted for and ready to go before we reopen the store.

                                    • fotwennytime

                                      as always, i just appreciate the work you've already done. best wishes to everyone on the team and a relieved sigh that everyone is mostly ok.