I wanted to have a long, long news post to go with this latest update. But as usual there is just too much else going on. So, I owe you a State of the Erfworld Address and updates on Linda's treatment (it's going well). Let me just say a couple of things about "End of Book 4" now, though, so you Don't Panic.


Book 3 was called "Hamsterdance vs. the Charlie Foxtrot." As I wrote in some news post a long time ago, that one ended on page 141. (EDIT: Or maybe page 146, as Charles suggested in comments.) It will have no epilogues, but the printed versions will have some bonus content.


Book 4 was called "Lies and Dolls" and has just ended with what's been posted as Book 3 - Page 344. Realigning the archives with the new book breaks was liable to break everything, so the web team is waiting to do that between books. Book 4 will have a handful of epilogues, but nothing like Book 2.


We will start posting Book 5 updates without any major break in the schedule (however much I love cliffhangers, I really can't do that to you), and I'll hold off on announcing the title of Book 5 until we're in it. More to come about plans for book printing, and everything else.


    • The Unlurked

      Possible names for book 5, based purely on speculation of what's coming next:

      • Team Building Exorcisms
      • Wandalust
      • How Charlie Got His Juice Back
      • Look Who's Thinking In Portals
      • The Lady's Killers
      • wraith203

        141 shows the immediate aftermath of the "Battle of Portal Park".  
        From there we get 142 in space rock, they talk about guns, leadership & Stanley.
        Then Stanley & the elves on 143, all about miracle poles.
        Then a full page of Charlie's thoughts on 144, mostly a summation of what just happened in the MK.  If you aren't going to end on 141, then 144 is definitely the place.  
        144 even finishes with "Lets end the turn."   It's kind of perfect.  If it was a script, that is where it would say "End Scene".
        What's also interesting, is that you could place page 144 immediately after 141 without having it seem out of place.

        145 STARTS the Transylvito story line.  All about being prisoners.
        146 is more Transylvito, all about Caesar.

        It seems to me, that Book 4 is the Transylvito book, and the last 50 pages of Book 3 were all about Lilith & Charlescomm & Portal Park.
        So 145, 146 don't belong in book 3 at all. 

        142, 143 are not about portal park.  They also wreck the ending-flow of the final pages.  143 doesn't feel like the end to a story, Stanley is learning about Juggies, it has the feel of something new. 
        There is no reason they have to be in that particular space, especially since on 144 Charlie explains why he can't attack Stanley now, without referencing anything SPECIFIC from those pages.

        Here is my proposed order:
        <141> <144>  *End of Book 3*
        Begin book 4  <142> <143> <145> <146> etc

        • 0beron

          141 really feels like the perfect ending for Book 3. It concludes the direct/open hostilities between Charlie and Parson (going forward from here, we resume espionage/diplomacy/proxies/covert fighting), and the art evokes a "take a breath" feeling. We've been holding our breath until we see that page, and now we see the full scene wrapping up. The dust has settled, and we have a glimpse at what the stakes are for the next chapter.

          Everything beyond 141 (even including 144 as wraith203 suggested) is really more about looking forward and moving into the next stage. Even with Charlie saying "let's end the turn", it's still an update that focuses on his new goals. It belongs in the next book.

          141 was your first instinct as the author; I think you should follow your gut on this.

          • Neko

            My opinion on Book 3 ending, for what it's worth:

            141 => 144 => 145 => END

            Ending on 141 is OK, but without Epilogues there's no denouement to close out the book. The nice part about 141 is that the final 2 panels show Parson/Jack as TV prisoners (ties in to update 145), and Charlie/Tondy (ties in to update 144). Pages 144 and 145 are great "wind down" pages and are interchangeable, really, depending on whether it would be cooler to have "End of Book 3" appear when Charlie ends turn OR on the kick-ass image of Caesar flying into Transylvito's capitol. The other option is to keep End of Book 3 on 141, and then rename 144/145 into Epilogues 1 & 2.

            THEN for Book 4 start:

            142 => 143> 146 => etc

            These updates are great expository for Book 4, and sets up the narrative hook for Book 4 when Don King negotiates with Stanley in update 147. Then in 148+, Lies and Dolls begins in earnest. 

            • Neko

              Another thing that would be great for the start of Book 4 is "bonus" art from Xin that ties into update 142 - no text, just images of Parson and Jack in TV's dungeons and Wanda becoming a prisoner of the Dirtamancers to set up the context for what's being discussed in 142 re: Chief Warlord and Caster bonuses. Everything else from there flows pretty well, IMO.