I wanted to have a long, long news post to go with this latest update. But as usual there is just too much else going on. So, I owe you a State of the Erfworld Address and updates on Linda's treatment (it's going well). Let me just say a couple of things about "End of Book 4" now, though, so you Don't Panic.


Book 3 was called "Hamsterdance vs. the Charlie Foxtrot." As I wrote in some news post a long time ago, that one ended on page 141. (EDIT: Or maybe page 146, as Charles suggested in comments.) It will have no epilogues, but the printed versions will have some bonus content.


Book 4 was called "Lies and Dolls" and has just ended with what's been posted as Book 3 - Page 344. Realigning the archives with the new book breaks was liable to break everything, so the web team is waiting to do that between books. Book 4 will have a handful of epilogues, but nothing like Book 2.


We will start posting Book 5 updates without any major break in the schedule (however much I love cliffhangers, I really can't do that to you), and I'll hold off on announcing the title of Book 5 until we're in it. More to come about plans for book printing, and everything else.


    • Polvane the eraser

      Cool.  Thanks for the news.   I'm really glad that you're going forward with printing the books.

      • Realeyna

        Very cool. Thanks for the update, Rob. And glad to hear Linda's treatment is going well!

        • Sir Dr D

          Thank you very much Rob. That end of book 4 message had me scared.  All those cliffhangers we would have to wait for. Noooo!!!!!!!

          But I am relieved now :) THanks for the quality and work you guys put into Erfworld.

          • No one in particular

            "Let me explain- no, there is too much. Let me sum up..."

            • Axiom

              When will Book 3 and Book 4 be available to purchase in the store?

              • wraith203


                Can't wait to get my grubby mitts on those books!

                Thank you for not taking advantage of what would have been the most evil of all cliffhangers!

                • slb

                  Please, please, make it also happen as a PDF.

                  • Bandaid

                    Nice to hear that Linda is doing (relatively) well, I think that was the most important part of your newspost.


                    As for the rest, I second the please provide PDF's sentiment. All fans outside of the USA will be very grateful.

                    • Gaiyamato

                      I'm not fussed about books etc. I just want to hear the good news about Linda. That was easiest the best bit about this update. :)

                      • greycat

                        With sentient Pliers in the mix, my guess for a Book 5 title is "Tools and Fools".  Of course, Rob will probably come up with something far more magnificent, as usual. ;)

                        • Templar

                          Glad to hear your lady's doing all right!  Looking forward to the next book, and buying three and four when you publish them.

                          • Alkimodon

                            1. Good to hear that Linda's doing well. I wish you the best.

                            2. Thank you for not taking advantage of that cliffhanger. I had a chill running up and down my spine.

                            3. Thank you for your wonderful, lovely, and very detailed comic.

                            • Merilynne

                              Thanks for the update... and the reassurance. You know us well.  ;)  

                              • cadmium3

                                happy day!  all is "well" in erfwold, the book world, and the real world...  good on all ya'll!

                                • Octavian

                                  I need large print hardbacks to go with books 1 and 2! Please print at least a few hundred of those!!! I just moved, and found all my old Erfworld stuff - these books have a proud display now.

                                  And how am I to get you to autograph them now that you probably won't be boothing at GenCon again?!? This dire question vexes me. Perhaps a Kickstarter reward tier?

                                  Best of luck to Linda's treatment.

                                  • charles

                                    Just a thought but would Book 3 end better on page 145?

                                    It just feels like it wraps things up better for book three and still leaves it with the impendnig feeling of doom on the picture of Caesar's arrival.

                                    You then have page 146 to open up Book 4 with Ceasar getting the scoop from Bunny on the situation which is a good way to get the reader caught up on the situation.  Following pages do the same while page 143 and 145 also have good wind downs from Stanley and Charlie

                                    • Aaronax

                                       @charles , The end on 141 is a good bookend from the title. Hamsterdance vs the Charlie Foxtrot ended with both of them losing, in a beautiful double panel at the bottom.

                                      To the Erfteam, you guys have been amazing, I'm so glad to hear Linda is doing as well as can be expected, and I am eagerly awaiting Book 5.

                                      • Senamar

                                        Hugs and Prayers  

                                        • Adept


                                          Much as you guys would deserve it, I'm selfishly glad there won't be a hiatus now. I'll appease my conscience with the thought that you probably need the money from the toolshed payments.

                                          • coineineagh

                                            This update made me overlook the end of book strip for a while.

                                            Yikes! In a way, it makes sense that Wanda's overpowered story comes to an end; her decryption ability was hugely overpowered. She was in a bad situation, cut off and targeted by multiple forces. There's a certain amount of realism to her death

                                            It also permanently kills off a huge swathe of characters, Game of Thronesishly.

                                            Wanda. Claud & Ivan. Jack. Ansom. Bonnie, Ace, Antium. Countless soldiers of course.

                                            And now we know why that Predictamancer went to so much trouble to switch allegiances to FAQ. To tie her heartstring to a woman who can barely stop herself from killing her. Marie is still alive, I'm sure. She's like a weed, always growing back.

                                            I still remember how she contracted Charlie to alter Jillian's mind in some way. Hoping there will be some more about that mystery in the upcoming book.

                                            Excellent writing! We're all overjoyed to hear that things are looking up on the homefront, and I'm sure the next book we'll have a lot more to look forward to.

                                            • Anastenazontas

                                              As is custom, I want to say I love how things get shaken in the story. I can't wait for the next part.

                                              • hiramarchibald

                                                @chat @balder: great info, but can anyone say when the STORE will open again? And when can we order Books III and IV? I've been sitting on earmarked birthday money for months now...

                                                • balder

                                                  @charles That's a great few points, and we're talking it over. I think the panel with Caesar and the city of Transylvito also makes a pretty fine visual image to put "End of Book 3" next to.

                                                  • Nimelennar

                                                    @hiramarchibald: If book 2 is any indication, there will probably be a Kickstarter for Books 3 & 4.

                                                    Which would be nice, as I spent most of my Shmuckers unlocking art updates.