Ladies, gentlemen, assorted ghosts, spirits, demons, abominations before science and nature, monstrosities and librarians, it is that time of year again.

The time... (dramatic pause)

:tv:For the Erfworld Halloween Competition! :tv:



That's right, now is the time to start preparing your fanfics, fan art, songs, and other miscellaneous oddities for the delight and fright of your fellow Erfworlders!

Categories are:

  • :albert:  Art (comics and one-off fan art);
  • :jed: Fan fiction (stand alone and multi-part);
  • :jetstone:  Song & poetry (original and redone song lyrics);
  • :parson:Animation, this is an all new category sponsored by ObsidianLion;
  • :hamstard: "Other" (dolls, handcrafts, cosplay, the kitchen sink; everything else basically)

Now, this is a competition, so the categories will be opened once there are 2 or more entries in a given category. Winners will receive a prize made possible by the frighteningly generous donations of the following Erfworlders: Lipkin, Salvage, kaylasdad99, Cloudbreaker, Gohei, Kyiote, No one in particular, Omnimancer, Gildomar, Brother Mirtillo, t3P, mattlistener, aristotle2600, ObsiianLion, Burley, Cryptomancer, Jaxad0127, Darth Curious, curator, Lonthalus and last but certainly not least, Zebio. The prizes are currently:

  • :wanda:  First prize of 2,171 Shmuckers;
  • :charlie:   Second prize of 1,086 Shmuckers;
  • :stanley:   Third prize of 543 Shmuckers

[Update] Thanks to a ghoulishly generous donation from the Cryptomancer Mining Co, all winners will also receive their very own beautifully glowing Dusky Gem! The glow may or may not be the souls of the Gobwins and Marbits who perished during the volcano uncroaking.


Runners up will may also receive an "Honorable Mention" award of $200 Shmuckers, courtesy of curator!


Do you have some time on your hands? Do you like helping? How about holding the fate of others in your cold iron fist? Shoot me a PM and we'll talk about including you in the judges panel.* Likewise, if you want to sweeten the pot and add Shmuckers to the prize pool send me a PM to coordinate.

And here's the rules, reprinted with minor modifications from last year's contest because they help protect my threadbare sanity (probably?). :charlie:

  • 1. Theme: Just to emphasize, this is a Halloween / Erfworld themed competition. Scary stories, creepy art, spooky Edgar Alan Poe-etry, pictures of your Hamstard porch Pumpkin; all of them can compete in their respective category so long as they have the Erfworld twist;
  • 1.1. Brother Mirtillo Corollary: Non-scary stuff like costume parties, or from other cultures like the Day of the Dead celebration, are also acceptable if it's evocative of the Halloween spirit;
  • 2. Tone: Again, creepy, scary, funny, irreverent, even gross out is okay. Just keep it classy, this isn't about gorn;
  • 3. Finish date: The competition is open until the stroke of midnight for October 30th. Anything posted on 12:01 AM CDT of October 31st will have to wait for 2019;
  • 4. Entries: You can submit multiple times for each category, but only one of them (your choice) will be considered to win a prize. Similarly, if you feel inspired to make a multi-part story, only the first part will be judged, so make sure it's got a good hook and is self-contained;
  • 4.1 Cloudbreaker Corollary: In the spirit of promoting new content, all entries must be created within the last year;
  • 5. Submitting: Links to the entries (either as forum posts or as independent Submissions in the Submissions stream) must be posted in this thread in order to be considered. While you can post links and descriptions here in the comments, the judges and I will be monitoring the forum thread more closely. I highly encourage you to post your story/art/poetry/80's rock ballad on the Submission stream and/or the Fiction sub-forum so it has more visibility.

Any questions or clarifications can be asked here, on the forum post, or sent via PM.

Well, that's all, fright knights and scream queens, we all look forward to your malevolent masterpieces. :twisted::tv:

* (No being Judge, Jury and Contestant. If you want to participate as a judge you can not have an entry in the given category you agree to help judge.) :charlie:


    • kaylasdad99

      “Gorn” is more gratuitous.

      • Nimmi

        May I offer 1k Shmuckers to be shared between all the participants who couldn't get a prize? Just as a small "gift for participation"?

        • Spicymancer

          Hi Nimmi,

          Sure thing! It'd be a nice way for everyone to have some goodies after this Halloween. You can donate the 1k either via tipping this post or as a direct profile tip. If you want to do the awarding yourself, I can put you down for the 1K on my Google sheet and send you a PM or email when it comes time to award prized. Which'd you prefer?

          • Nimmi

            I just thought that everyone who will submit some art to the contest will spend time and effort to make it, so it would be nice to reward them anyway, even if they don't reach the top 3. After all, everyone is going to enjoy their creations.



            No, thanks...I'm quite a shy person and my English is not as fluent as I would like it to be :P so, I'would like to tip the post, if you don't mind.

            • Nimmi

              (With "art" I mean every kind of art: poetry, songs, drawings, etc. Every category you created for this contest, not only the "Art" one)

              • Spicymancer

                That's perfectly fine Nimmi, it does actually make the logistics easier to award your donation with the rest of the prizes. =) 

                • Spicymancer

                  Hi all, just a friendly reminder that there’s 15 days to go before the contest deadline (croakline?) closes!

                  So for those who haven’t submitted their masterpieces yet, we’re cheering you on! And for those who’ve done so already, you have our sincerest thanks. :D