Ladies, gentlemen, assorted ghosts, spirits, demons, abominations before science and nature, monstrosities and librarians, it is that time of year again.

The time... (dramatic pause)

:tv:For the Erfworld Halloween Competition! :tv:



That's right, now is the time to start preparing your fanfics, fan art, songs, and other miscellaneous oddities for the delight and fright of your fellow Erfworlders!

Categories are:

  • :albert:  Art (comics and one-off fan art);
  • :jed: Fan fiction (stand alone and multi-part);
  • :jetstone:  Song & poetry (original and redone song lyrics);
  • :parson:Animation, this is an all new category sponsored by ObsidianLion;
  • :hamstard: "Other" (dolls, handcrafts, cosplay, the kitchen sink; everything else basically)

Now, this is a competition, so the categories will be opened once there are 2 or more entries in a given category. Winners will receive a prize made possible by the frighteningly generous donations of the following Erfworlders: Lipkin, Salvage, kaylasdad99, Cloudbreaker, Gohei, Kyiote, No one in particular, Omnimancer, Gildomar, Brother Mirtillo, t3P, mattlistener, aristotle2600, ObsiianLion, Burley, Cryptomancer, Jaxad0127, Darth Curious, curator, Lonthalus and last but certainly not least, Zebio. The prizes are currently:

  • :wanda:  First prize of 2,171 Shmuckers;
  • :charlie:   Second prize of 1,086 Shmuckers;
  • :stanley:   Third prize of 543 Shmuckers

[Update] Thanks to a ghoulishly generous donation from the Cryptomancer Mining Co, all winners will also receive their very own beautifully glowing Dusky Gem! The glow may or may not be the souls of the Gobwins and Marbits who perished during the volcano uncroaking.


Runners up will may also receive an "Honorable Mention" award of $200 Shmuckers, courtesy of curator!


Do you have some time on your hands? Do you like helping? How about holding the fate of others in your cold iron fist? Shoot me a PM and we'll talk about including you in the judges panel.* Likewise, if you want to sweeten the pot and add Shmuckers to the prize pool send me a PM to coordinate.

And here's the rules, reprinted with minor modifications from last year's contest because they help protect my threadbare sanity (probably?). :charlie:

  • 1. Theme: Just to emphasize, this is a Halloween / Erfworld themed competition. Scary stories, creepy art, spooky Edgar Alan Poe-etry, pictures of your Hamstard porch Pumpkin; all of them can compete in their respective category so long as they have the Erfworld twist;
  • 1.1. Brother Mirtillo Corollary: Non-scary stuff like costume parties, or from other cultures like the Day of the Dead celebration, are also acceptable if it's evocative of the Halloween spirit;
  • 2. Tone: Again, creepy, scary, funny, irreverent, even gross out is okay. Just keep it classy, this isn't about gorn;
  • 3. Finish date: The competition is open until the stroke of midnight for October 30th. Anything posted on 12:01 AM CDT of October 31st will have to wait for 2019;
  • 4. Entries: You can submit multiple times for each category, but only one of them (your choice) will be considered to win a prize. Similarly, if you feel inspired to make a multi-part story, only the first part will be judged, so make sure it's got a good hook and is self-contained;
  • 4.1 Cloudbreaker Corollary: In the spirit of promoting new content, all entries must be created within the last year;
  • 5. Submitting: Links to the entries (either as forum posts or as independent Submissions in the Submissions stream) must be posted in this thread in order to be considered. While you can post links and descriptions here in the comments, the judges and I will be monitoring the forum thread more closely. I highly encourage you to post your story/art/poetry/80's rock ballad on the Submission stream and/or the Fiction sub-forum so it has more visibility.

Any questions or clarifications can be asked here, on the forum post, or sent via PM.

Well, that's all, fright knights and scream queens, we all look forward to your malevolent masterpieces. :twisted::tv:

* (No being Judge, Jury and Contestant. If you want to participate as a judge you can not have an entry in the given category you agree to help judge.) :charlie:


    • cloudbreaker

      Is there a restriction on how recently a picture needs to be created?  For instance, I created an Erfworld-themed image way back in 2012 that fits the theme quite nicely.  I would probably create something new for this competition regardless, but I figured it would still be a useful question to ask.

      • Spicymancer

        Hmm, I hadn't considered that. It's a good (and tough) question so I had to give this a big think. While I don't see a problem with older art that hasn't been entered before, the spirit and intent of the contest is to spur the creation of new art, fanfics, etc.


        Please do post the 2012 fanart to the blog if you haven't already, but for contest purposes you should post something brand new. I'll add that as a corollary rule later today along with updates to the prize pool. (Predictamancy spoiler: it's gone up!)


        Regardless, thank you! We look forward to whatever you draw and surprise us with. laughing

        • Mad Raven

          "Just keep it classy, this isn't about gorn."

          You have broken the Gorn's heart. He looks so sad now.

          • Bandaid

            By the way, the competing stories for the last Halloween contests as well as a lot of other fantastic fanfictions and examples of fanart can be found here:

            Coincidently, that list is also maintained by Spicymancer. I just wanted to boost general awareness.

            • Spicymancer

              Thanks Bandaid! laughing


              @Mad Raven:

              I will Morn deeply for his broken heart.

              • Reltzik

                Point of clarification:  What counts as a multi-part fanfic?  Does a single fic with multiple chapters posted in a single thread over several days or weeks count as a multi-part fic, or do you mean a series made up of multiple distinct fics?

                • Spicymancer


                  The multi-part fanfic rule is there to avoid judging an incomplete story, essentially. So out of the two options you posted, a multi-part story would count as the first: an ongoing serial fanfic. The other option you posted are essentially stand alone stories that can be interconnected. Those are absolutely fine as they don't require readers/the judges to have to previously read through lots of pre-existing stuff.

                  Now, there is a way to make an entry in a multi-part story eligible, and that's to make the submitted entry a stand alone or self contained story.

                  Like in last year, the story The Town of Hollowin' was accepted. It was a creepy, funny side story that fleshed out the antagonists in an existing serial fanfic. Kind of a "side story" really, but since it was a stand alone with a beginning, middle and end it could qualify.

                  • Fla_Panther

                    even gross out is okay. Just keep it classy, this isn't about gorn


                    That's funny coming from this site.  I'm not a Tool but from what I've seen of the art blog teasers the site's already leaning towards gorn - and, amusingly enough, I would say is leaning more towards the orn than the gor.  Not that I care, I just find the juxtaposition amusing tongue-out

                    • Reltzik


                      Okay, so if I want to submit a long fic and have it judged as a whole, rather than by the first chapter, I need to post it all in one go.  Good to know, thanks for clearing that up.

                      • Spicymancer


                         Glad to help, and yeah, a single long entry will work. Post or PM me know if you have any other questions. smile

                        • curator

                          hey, I really like what this is about, and I want to support it but with the store being down, I have no idea how to check my schmucker count. is there another way I'm missing?

                          • Bandaid

                            @ curator, there should be this really big number on the top right of the page which should tell you how many shmuckers you have.

                            • curator

                              @bandaid thaaaat's right. thatst what I get for going solely mobile view for months. well, idI like to pony up 1000 of my schmuckers to benefit those who enter but don't crack the top three. im thinking 200 schmuckers each to 5 Honourable Mentions that the judges decide. is that doable?

                              • Spicymancer

                                @curator: Yes it is, and it's a very generous gesture on your part. =) I'll write you down for 1,000, to be distributed to 5 "honorable mentions" as the contest closes. For coordination purposes, would you rather tip me the 1000 to add to the prize pool and distribute to the winners, or that I send you a PM once the judging is complete to coordinate awarding the prizes?

                                • Spicymancer


                                  Cool, and thank you! I'll write you down as a judge. Please check your PM's come mid to late October, that's where most of the coordination for judges is going to take place.

                                  • Bandaid

                                    Just for clarification purposes, I am assuming we are using Rob's (Erfworlds) Timezone?

                                    • Spicymancer

                                      This always comes up, so the time zone is included in 3. Finish date. wink


                                      The cutoff for accepting submission is 12:01 AM CDT of October 31st, since that's my local time zone. Apologies, I don't actually know what time zone Rob is in, to give you the equivalent. =/

                                      • Bandaid

                                        Looks like I need to work on my reading comprehension. Though I am not used to different timezones and did simply not recognize the CTD. Looks like you are seven hours behind me, while Erfworld is six hours behind me. Thanks for the clarification.

                                        • curator


                                          sending the schmuckers your way now.  I'm very excited to see what works everyone comes up with!

                                          • Salvage

                                            Right now we have prizes for 20 submissions. We have multiple judges. We have the amazing Spicymancer organizing everything.

                                            Now we need submissions, lots and lots of submissions. I think it would be really great if this turned into a serious competition. I figure that means like 25 - 40 submissions.

                                            Let's get creating, people! Good luck!

                                            • Spicymancer


                                              Thanks! It's been a real rollercoaster so far.



                                              Thank you, you're too kind. =D Dittomancy to what you're saying. We are going BIG this year.


                                              There's been a very impressive and heartfelt turnout, I just want to share some highlights of the amazing response and generosity everyone's been showing. As of now, we have:

                                              • Animation, a whole new contest category
                                              • 9 volunteer judges;
                                              • 20 donors;
                                              • $16,754 Shmuckers donated;
                                              • 15 Dusky Gems (large, medium and small) with a net value of $5,000 Shmuckers!


                                              And right now? We only have 2 excellent poetry / song lyrics submissions. What are you waiting for? Come on, get creative! The prizes are right there for the taking! money-mouth

                                              • Bandaid

                                                Big is certainly one word to describe the whole thing. As for entries, give it a bit of time. The contest is only on since a couple of days. Obviously a poem can be rather quick to write (for those gifted with a sense for it) but most people will need time for their submissions. Not everyone can write epic Fanfiction with 60.000+ words like you do Spicymancer and Art, Animation and "other" take their time as well.

                                                • Salvage

                                                  You are entirely right, Bandaid. We will probably not see the majority of entries until mid-october. A push right before the deadline makes sense as well. I don't think anyone is worried about the limited entries so far. My guess is just that people are trying to excitedly encourage the community to get involved. I know I am excited.

                                                  • Keybounce

                                                    How does "Gorn" differ from "Gore"?