***Notice*** - Big shout-out to everyone who met us at Wayne Webb’s Columbus Bowl on Sunday. Rob and I had a blast.


Thank you all for coming out to celebrate with us this weekend. I’m already looking forward to the next Erfworld gathering. laughing — Linda



Okay, so like everything else we attempt to do, there's a wrinkle with our anniversary plans this weekend in Columbus. We ended up not being able to get the gathering space at Wayne Webb's Columbus Bowl until 3pm on Sunday the 19th, so that is when we'll be gathering for fried cheese and pin-smashing.


However, we will also be doing a meetup on Saturday the 18th at noon! So if you've made plans to be in Columbus then, we'll be just 10 minutes up the road at Scioto Audubon park. There are essentially no formal plans and no schedule, other than to hang out and have fun.


There is a lot to do there, like rock climbing and sand volleyball. But that sounds exhausting, so we can also (blissfully) do nothing. There's a picnic pavilion by the bocce court, butterfly garden and the osprey nest (there's a combo). There's no way to reserve that pavilion and no guarantee we'll have a spot to sit, but let's use that as our base of operations.


I'm pretty sure we'll be able to play cards or sit and talk. There are also grills. We'll probably light some charcoal and throw hotdogs and burgers down, but I have no idea how many people might actually show up, and we're not going to attempt to feed everybody who does. So I'd say if you want to be guaranteed to have something to eat, please bring it. A folding chair to sit on might be a good idea. A blanket to lay out...bug spray, sunscreen, a frisbee to chuck around? Board games? I dunno. Is peekneek. Bring basket. Don't bring newt.


We're going to hang out there until about 5 or 6 pm and just chill with whoever's there. Then (depending on turnout and interest), we might want to reconvene at 9pm at a tiki bar or something, for rum drinks and mellowness.


On Sunday at 3, we will have space at Tristan's, the bar and grill where they didn't hassle Parson for camping. The cheese sticks and Mt. Dew are on us. You're on your own for shoe rental and bowling, but that'll be happening for as long as it's fun. We'll wrap up sometime in the evening, and then begin our second glorious year as Team Balder.


Post questions and clarifications below, because I am sure I missed something. Watch this space for frequent edits. IF WE CHANGE OR ADD ANYTHING ELSE, WE WILL POST IT HERE FIRST, so watch this space.  We will c u n cbus, ppl!


[Edit, the 1st - sorry, obviously comments were supposed to be on]


    • Drache Graethe

      I'm in chicago...and seriously considering making the trip. This sounds exciting. To anyone who ends up going (no promises, even if I'm tempted) have an AWESOME TIME! WOOHOO

      • chpicker

        I will definitely be there for one day or the other. Most likely Saturday. Looking forward to it!

        • cloudbreaker

          Wish I could be there.  Sounds fun!  Have a great time everyone!  And Happy Anniversary! 

          • gatherer818

            I wish I could be there as well ^_^ I'll be back come next Origins, though...  hope to see you then <3

            • Bandaid

              Since I won't be able to be there in person someone will have to eat and play and party for me. I like burgers, steak is fine too as is chicken, though no seafood for me. I suck at bowling and probably will hurt somebody with a critically failed bowling roll though that part is optional. Alternatively I might roll a "all nine" on a neighboring track. I do not drink alcohol so I am afraid you will have to restrain yourself on that front. Most important of all, you will have to wish Linda and Rob the very best and have a good time in general.

              Anyone interested in being my ditto can apply per private message.

              • Salvage

                It is only a three day drive to Cbus (each way). That is sane right? Driving three days for a couple hours of bowling and hanging out with the coolest community I know. Yes, that must be sane.

                Too bad I am so crazy. Staying home to be a responsible adult and go to work. That is certainly completely nuts. 

                Have a wonderful time everyone.

                Happy Anniversary Team Balder!

                • edsobo

                  I'm sad I'll miss it. Happy anniversary, you guys!

                  • Frosted

                    2 coming up from Athens.

                    What's the gift situation look like, what should we bring?

                    I'll see if I can find my Bocce set, and bring up a few more goddies

                    • Don_san

                      To anyone not familiar with the area and planning on bringing stuffs, there is a Kroger practically next door to the park. Forecast is currently showing around 40% chance of rain all day for Saturday, so hopefully it clears up before then.

                      • balder

                        @Frosted No gifts requested or required. That's very nice of you to ask, but showing up is your gift. If you feel like bringing something special, make it something to share that the other people who are coming would enjoy. All we want is what we've got, just time. We wanna have some fun with our Erfworld extended family. Just be people for a couple of days. People preparing meat-tubes over a combustion source. People rolling polyurethane spheres at painted wooden logs, as humans routinely do. It's been a weird year and we're worried we are forgetting how to do these things.

                        • Bandaid

                          Its a good thing the bowling event will happen on Earth and not on Erf, otherwise everyone without "Archery specialist, bowling balls" would have a really hard time.

                          • NecroMorton

                            Don't know if I can make it to the park but I'll give it a shot. If so I'll bring some snacks (crackers & chips & stuff).

                            Just to clarify, is Tristan's the restaurant within the bowling alley?

                            • balder

                              @NecroMorton Yep, Tristan's is the meeting place inside the bowling alley. If you go in the main doors, you'll go toward the bowling lanes and turn right. It's at the far end of the building.

                              • Kendrick Fortune

                                Would absolutely come along if I were in the area, but meanwhile accept congrats from a distance, and lots of good wishes!

                                • Arkaim

                                  In the last thread I gave a maybe. Change that to a definitely won't be able to come.

                                  • DunkelMentat

                                    Well shoot, I gotta leave but before 3! I happen to be in Ohio for a thing in Defiance that starts at 5ish tomorrow, so I can swing by and say "Hi."!

                                    • mallorean_thug


                                      I've been reading the comic since it started but had never joined the forums.  But I just moved to Columbus and randomly have this weekend off, so I'm definitely going to stop by during the peekneek to say hello!  I'll throw some snacks and board games in my trunk. Looking forward to meeting people.  

                                      • OpusFocus

                                        Hope to see people later today at Scioto Audubon Park! If i’ve understood Rob’s description correctly, the what3words location of the pavilion is 


                                        • Red

                                          Rob and Linda are here, and me too! We've met a few fans already and we're setting up at the pavilion to the right as you face from the parking lot! Come on by!

                                          • ryanroyce

                                            I’m headed that way, but still have another 3 hours to go (it’s been raining heavily almost the entire way). If you all change locations, please post here. 

                                            • Bandaid

                                              Can we get some pictures? If all people on them agree to be puplished on the internet of course.

                                              • chpicker

                                                Hey Rob, you asked me to post that picture we took. Is there a way to upload pictures to the site or do I need to host it somewhere and link it?

                                                • Darkmisty


                                                  Thanks to chpicker I was able to join this group at the park and had a fabulous time with amazing group of people, that I had to create an account on here and join this wonderful group of people.laughingScioto Audubon Metro Park.

                                                  • balder

                                                    Great peekneek, and thanks to all who helped me destroy chickens with fire. That was an old Minecraft recipe.


                                                    We are reconvening at 9pm at The Graas Skirt Tiki bar tonight.


                                                    @chpicker it's a question for Red b/c I am on my phone and can't remember, but probably an imgur link would work for now

                                                    • Darkmisty

                                                      Please let me know if the picture shows up.  If it doesn't I will see if Ian can get it uploaded.