Quick note that the Erfworld store is currently closed. I think that may last for the duration of Free Calendar Month, due to reasons. What reasons? These reasons:


1. We have been putting off upgrading from XCart v4 to v5 for almost two years now, because data migration, testing, recreating theming, integrating login, and making Shmuckers work is something like a week of John's time. Seems like a good time to do it.


2. Two weeks ago, the Supreme Court ruled that every state at least can require us to collect sales tax on orders from people within that state. Most of them will not require that from us right now, but some will. And oh boy, the future will be an ongoing and cascading nightmare of new and changing tax codes. The only way we can cover all of those bases and make sure we're complying with everything suddenly expected of us by the Arkansas legislature or the Montana attorney general next year is to use a commercial service module that guarantees to pay for any mistakes it makes. That module needs to be implemented soon, so John's doing that too.


3. The move is going okay but a lot of our stuff is still in boxes here in Maryland, while a lot of our store stuff is in boxes in Richmond. Those items are still waiting to be labeled and sent to Amazon Fulfillment, which is taking over that part of Linda's job for Erfworld. We should hopefully be able to sort that mess out in the coming week. (Note: if you have ordered from the store in the last 10 days or so, your order is still on hold and will probably not ship for a little while yet. Please use the Contact Us form in the footer if you have any questions or address changes or anything.)


4. It's too booping hot to be lickin' stamps, bro.