Real brief, because everybody's kind of wiped. Team status:


Rob and Linda are in the middle of moving to Maryland. Everything (especially tech things) is in boxes (or needs to be). It's been a couple of very busy (but good) weeks with Linda's health stuff. Red and Brendan are helping us move. Lillian and her family are traveling out of the country for several weeks. John is chilling in London and is about to unveil some unbelievable stuff related to our stretch goals on last year's Kickstarter. Xin is doing pinups, and we're going to do a 2019 calendar.


By now, everybody who gave us an address should have received their deck of black Erfworld playing cards for being an active Tool on Free Cards Day. Even those who did not want the physical deck of cards or didn't give us a mailing address yet should have received the Free Cards Day badge as a little bonus.


We're going to do a similar thing with the 2019 pinup calendar. It'll be comprised of pinups that have been posted to Xin's Art Blog, including the ones we're posting in the coming few weeks.


The Charliesque thinkers among you have probably already noticed that if you pledge at Level 2 or higher while we are not updating, then you'll essentially be able to access this flood of pinups when they go up for a pledge of as low as a dollar. That's cool with me.


However, we want to reward those of you who've done the "rain or shine" pledges. We really appreciate what you've done to help us get through this period of time when we've got things to do which are just more important than creating the comic. So here's the deal: the calendar will be a store item available in December. If at any time during 2018 we've collected 10 "rain or shine" pledges from you, we will send you the calendar for free.


It's going to be a while before we're able to update again ("Free Calendar Month" seemed like the thing to call it, but who knows?), but when Lillian returns and Linda & I are settled in to our new home, there will be a new normal. We have a handle on Linda's treatment for now, so regular-ish updates will resume once things are out of cardboard boxes and computers are working, etc. We will also post a lot more about Linda's cancer fight, which deserves its own news post.


Thanks for hanging in there with us. We'll be back after we spend a few turns' worth of Move.