First, we'd like to say thanks to all of you who have come over and checked out the Kickstarter for Heroes & Treasure, our upcoming RPG board game made for fantasy fans and their kids.


Whether you've looked at the page already or not, you should know that there's a bunch of new art from Xin up on the page now. The boss monsters are really something to behold (down near the bottom), and we have a full sketch of the box art there as well, along with all the other images of monsters, players, and items that Xin created for the game.


There are links to a few third-party previews, plus a link to the rule book if you're someone into RULES. The whole rule book is only 8 pages, and that includes the cover and the credits. Like I said, it's designed so kids can actually play it, so it's simplified.


If you've been thinking about pledging, there's less than two weeks left, but the special pledges to have Xin draw something custom for you are going fast, so get in now! In fact, there's only 1 slot left to have a character avatar designed for yourself or your loved one.


If you're on the fence, or if you're new to Kickstarter, how it works is that you make a pledge to buy a copy of the game (or a copy plus some custom art), and when the timer runs out (pretty soon!), if we've reached our goal, your credit card gets charged. So you can always pledge now and change your mind next week with no penalty, except making us very sad.


We're also on Facebook, and we'd love it if you'd Like the page, or Share it with people you know who might be nerdy and have kids. There's no way you don't know some people like that.


Anyway, we really appreciate your support, and even if it's not your thing, come on over and check out the cool artwork!


Heroes & Treasure Logo


    • Crisis21

      It looks awesome, it sounds awesome, and gosh darn it help get this funded people! I want to play it!

      • Stagepin

        Just signed up for the three copies level. Looks like a great way to get my 10 and 8 year old into D&D to join their big sister. 

        • Rei_Jin


          I have four kids, all keen to get into D&D, but with the youngest turning 4 this weekend, some of them are still a bit on the underlevelled side. Something like this is perfect for a seasoned DM like me to help them get into roleplaying fun

          • Jay103

            Thanks, all!  I'm sure they'll like it.. a four-year-old really can play it (especially with older siblings to emulate). Rolling a die, losing a red health chip.. easy things to understand. Our only issues here were of the, "No, we should go through THIS door first!" variety.

            • Jay103

              If anyone else pledged and is checking this submission, post here and I'll tip you some shmuckers. :)  (assuming that's not against any rules..). If you didn't back the game, I'll still tip you.. not like I'm cross-checking with the backer list.

              By the way, we're just about to hit 200 backers! At least a third of them are from here.

              • Jay103

                Oh and also Wil Wheaton just backed us, so be cool like him!

                (as a result of that, we successfully funded the project.. 5 days left to join as a backer!)

                • Kaskah

                  Backed. I hope that push can help you hit the stretch goals!

                  • Crisis21

                    Oh my god, we're $42 short of the first stretch goal as I type this.

                    • Jay103

                      Final day, and approaching the next stretch goal!

                      • GusZep

                        so cool..

                           ... seeing updates...

                         .. have backed for a case wearing my hat as "I am my LGS" ...  hoping my customers like it as much as me.