Hello Erflings,


We appreciate a lot all the support on our previous games and glad you've enjoyed them, thanks a lot, so we'd like to introduce Azimuth.


AZIMUTH is an game of tactics where players take the role of survivors stranded on a deserted island, or floating at sea - and all they want is to get safely back home, sit by the fire and tell an amazing story of survival.


By cleverly maneuvering your rafts, making the most out of local winds and breeze while always aiming to your lighthouse (your ray of hope), it is up to you to either be saved or become food for the sharks.


Bon voyage!




  • 2-4 Players
  • Ages 10+
  • 30 Minutes to play
  • Unique, innovative game mechanism
  • Premium artwork & components
  • High replay-ability


Azimuth in a nutshell


    • Brony83

      It's nice that you're considering a co-op mode, but having a single die hide behind a stretch-goal feels weird. Can't you just add that one single die anyways? Or - if the goal isn't met - release co-op mode as an add-on if the game sells well?

      • tyto2wolf

        I wish we could, believe you me that we do our  best to be very generous in what we give in our games, all top quality components and designed to the teeth. The thing is that custom die require a higher mold cost and setup costs and we just can't figure the die cost in without cross the stretch goal, the thing with add ons is that if we get 50 of those it still isn't enough to cover the cost, sorry I don't have a better answer, I wish I could play along ... but we did reduce the SG level and it is possible, so jump in and help us if you haven't already. Thanks for sharing and for checking out AZIMUTH, it is very much appreciated.

        • tyto2wolf

          Ocean Die AZIMUTH SG

          This is what we're talking about :-)

          Backers chose faces of die

          • Brony83

            I didn't think that you were planning on not increasing the price for the game when including the die. I thought the kickstarter was just there to give you the budget required to get the first batch of games made. You're not supposed to sell the games for a price that's below production costs. That's now how economy works. ;-)

            But even so, that still leaves my 2nd proposition: If the game sells well, sell the die as an add-on. And since a single die add-on looks small, you can just add multiple dice with different symbols for varying degrees of difficulty.

            • tyto2wolf

              Thanks for your thoughts, indeed we do have to keep our head above water while we do our best to provide a superior package.

              As I mentioned, the initial costs to do a custom die, or two is high that is why we have tor each the SG to be able to afford it, making it an addon won't cover those costs.

              But let's talk about the game, we still have 11 days to go and some good coverage coming, it is not impossible.

              What caught your eye? What did you like about the game? Are in for a show of support?

              • tyto2wolf

                @Brony83 thank you for pushing us on the Ocean Die as other backers did, one thing that happens when running a massive campaign is that your cross paths with many people and luckily we did cross path with someone who can produce a lower quantity of dice which enables us to offer the ocean die for direct purchase. We're still finalizing the details but it should be available once polls for die faces are completed in 72 hours or so. Thanks again for your support. You can submit a late pledge here