Skipping again

By balder

It's been another rough medical week around here, and we're looking at a critical set of days for Linda in this upcoming week. Taking a little extra time to polish p324 and having it ready to go for Tuesday seems like the better thing for everybody at the moment.

I wish I could share more about how things are going, but it's unbelievably complex and time consuming. The TL;DR is that we still do not know the primary site of Linda's cancer, but consensus is forming around upper gastric, which of course has metastasized to her liver. She began her second round of chemotherapy on Wednesday, which she's tolerating fairly well considering that every two weeks we are spending 48 hours pouring three different poisons directly into her heart (which also happens to be my favorite heart in the entire universe). It ain't exactly a stroll on the beach (although we're planning a little more of that soon, too).


Linda will post more in her LiveRjournal when she feels up to it. And look for some more (actually pretty nice) news about the website tomorrow or Sunday. Thanks as always for hanging in there with us, everybody.