Hey, Brendan from the dev team here! You don't hear from me a whole lot, since I'm mainly working behind the scenes with Red, John, Rob and Linda to manage our project milestones, scheduling, and deployment. I also handle our data security, since that's what my day job is about.

But here I am with my first news post. As Rob said in earlier posts, while he and Linda are fighting their battle, the rest of the team (devs and artists both) kind of want to step up and keep chugging along with new stuff for you.


So let's get going! I'm posting to introduce a new feature that the dev team has been working on the past month: showcase playsets for your collectibles.


We have been introducing new collectibles (gems, units, cards) to the site and now want to provide another way for you to arrange and show them off. With your playset (viewable on your profile page), you can place gems into the scene and adjust each hex's color and height. Even though we are still working to expand what you can do with a playset, we wanted to release it so everyone can start playing around with it now. As of now, we are planning to add the ability to add units, cards, more hexes, more colors, and to improve gem glow. 


We are looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with! You can view your current playset on your profile. For now you can admire my insignificant gem collection surrounded by a river and a hill:


To add your gems to the playset: on your profile page, expand the "Gems" section and click the "Display" button next to the gem you'd like to add.


And since I have the mic, I just want to say the support this community has shown in the past month is amazing and it's made me very proud to be part of Team Erfworld. This truly is a wonderful community to work for, and I'm glad we can create interesting and fun stuff to add to the comic, the community, and the Erfworld universe!


    • Bandaid

      Looks like the cylindwons tribe is back in force!(Inside Joke). Anyway, nice to see another new feature to play around with, after all  you know us, we can never have enough.

      • dmolla

        Not sure if my profile page is broken, but I don't have the display / hide option. I have the hide option in the "Mine4erf" page, but not my profile page :(

        • bsheairs

          @dmolla, looking into it right now.

          • Salvage

            Cool stuff. Thanks dev team!

            • ripple

              I do have the display/hide option button for each individual gem...dmolla not sure why you wouldn't.

              I like, and I do agree that the default green looks like what happened when the cruel April gobwins trapped my innocent marbit in a hexagonal cylindwon...

              Next three requests (which is why we can't have nice things, and these are probably already on the list) are

              1. Be able to display it bigger
              2. Allow lighting controls.
              3. Give a display/hide (and reposition/rotate) for all collected units.

              Did I predict your backlog pretty well?

              • bsheairs

                @dmolla, you might need to do a hard refresh on your browser to ensure all our changes refresh (Ctrl + Shift + R). 

                • dmolla

                  The hard reset did the trick! Thanks!

                  • Nimelennar

                    Being more card-focused than gem-focused, may I request (at some point in the future, I'm in no hurry as I'm nowhere near a full collection yet) the ability to slot cards into their proper place in a deck or uncut card sheet?

                    I'm a bit anal about organizing things properly, not to mention that it'd make it easier to figure out what cards I have and what cards I still need to complete my collection.

                    • ripple

                      @Nimelennar - show 100 cards, sort by value, then check to see which ones you're missing a suit from.

                      [I think I'm 100% on face cards and missing about 4 or 5 non-face cards.  Once I finally get a deck, then I want a deck that is 100% mined (about 5 of my cards right now are bought) and then the goal is a 100% complete black deck...]


                      In all seriousness though I'd also appreciate a way to sort the cards and make any gaps more obvious...

                      • dmolla

                        So I think the sheer number of gems I have is what is messing up the display/hide feature. When I do the (Ctrl+Shift+R), only about half of my gems get the option. The other half remain without it. 

                        • Nimelennar


                          As I've said, I'm nowhere near the point where this is necessary (and it's doubtful I'll ever get a full deck of mined cards).  I'm currently at 15/168 (counting the 52 cards, two jokers, Xin card, and the double-backed card for each colour deck).

                          I'm going to have to mine, Tool, compete, and buy/sell my way there, but I'm going to get to 168 eventually.  Just not any time soon.

                          • Setral

                            It took me a minute to realize + and - keys will raise/lower individual pieces, but man that is a fun item to play with. Thank you for releasing it :)

                            • Nimelennar

                              Sorry, my last was @ripple, not @dmolla.

                              I swear, I'm awake. I think.

                              • bsheairs

                                @dmolla, thanks for letting us know that some display/hide buttons aren't displaying correctly. I've added it to our bug list to investigate. 

                                • DawnPaladin

                                  I'm able to lower hexes using the - key, but not raise them using + (or =). When I open my browser's console, + causes an Object with a UUID to be logged, but the hex doesn't rise.

                                  On an unrelated note, Brendan, your portrait at the top of the news post looks really sharp. What kind of donation would it take to get Xin Ye to draw me an avatar?

                                  • balder

                                    BTW, Brendan has been in this project management and planning role for Team Erfworld for more than four years now. He's the guy who took things over and made the 2014 website redesign actually deploy (it was supposed to be the 2012 website redesign as a stretch goal to our first Kickstarter, but then we went through three whole teams who couldn't get it done). A lot of what we've managed to do here (and a lot of what hasn't gone wrong, because security) we can credit to him. He also officiated our wedding in Helsinki. :)

                                    • Dusso

                                      Yay - a wedding picture! Yes!!

                                      • Skull the Troll

                                        This is really a neat Idea, but I cont seem to make it work. I have my best gems selected on the Gem Collection page, but the hexes arent there just the brown ground. I can see the hexes on my Profile page, but none of my gems appear there. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be able to , but there also isnt a hide/place button for units and cards. I have done a hard reset of my browser. 

                                        • Storel

                                          I also can't get this to work. I went to my profile, opened the Gems section by pressing the +, and I do not have any "Display" buttons, or any column to the right of "Color". I'm using Firefox 60.0.1 (64-bit). Not sure what you mean by a "hard reset" of my browser; in FF, holding the Shift key while pressing the Reload button is supposed to force a page reload. Is there something else I should be doing?

                                          Here's a screenshot:

                                          My gems profile section

                                          • Storel

                                            Not sure when it changed, but my gem collection now displys the "Shape" and "Hide/Display" icons. Yay, thanks!