UPDATE:  We are now LIVE on Kickstarter! Please come check it out!

There are a limited number of pledges available for custom sketches and game character avatars by Xin Ye!


I'm excited to announce that a new, family-friendly fantasy board game is heading to Kickstarter!  It's called Heroes & Treasure.

I had an idea for an RPG board game that would be playable by both parents and kids as young as 4, not because the content consists of fluffy bunnies or mice, but because the game mechanics themselves were easily understood and straightforward, even for people who can't read or do math, or who have no experience with fighters, rogues, clerics, or wizards.

As a long-time Erfworld reader and proud Tool, I of course knew where to find a great artist to help bring this game to life.  You may have already recognized her style in the title art...

The game does not take place in Erfworld, but Erfworld's own Xin Ye agreed to work with me on this project, and she's created some great characters with all the depth of expression we've come to love in Erfworld.

If you have any questions or comments, there's a forum topic in the "Your Games" section for Heroes & Treasure.  We also have a Facebook page with lots of art examples and other information. Thanks, and hope to see you all at the Kickstarter!




    • GusZep

      Are you doing a Retailer pledge as well? I can see a good place for this on the shelves at my Local Gaming Store.

      • Jay103

        I will have a discounted pledge level for a bulk order (3 or 6 units) but I’m not sure about having one of those “bid $3 and we’ll be in touch” special pledge levels that some people do. 

        Please feel free to forward the Kickstarter to your local store! That would be great. 

        • Salvage

          I am immediately intrigued by the concept. An RPG I could play with my little girl and nieces, love it. I am withholding excitement until I have a solid sense of the execution of the concept, but your art is a good start :).

          I wish you Luck.

          • despree

            Signed up, and agree with Salvage; excited to see the idea and how it plays out!  Mice and Mystics are still a bit older, this might fill that gap!

            • meerling

              Spreading the word and hoping for good results. Good luck!

              • Jay103

                Thanks, folks.  Mice and Mystics definitely skews older.  This doesn't have attack vs. defense math or armor pieces or accessories and all that, but it's still getting good marks from teens and adults.

                The Kickstarter page will have the rule book posted if it's not up on BGG by that point (sitting in their queue right now), plus some video pre/reviews.

                • GusZep

                  Thanks Jay- I run my local store- so will be keeping an eye on it in my "store manager" persona.

                  • Paul Kauphart



                    I'm a gamer and I love board games, RPGs and fantasy, and I have a 2 years old boy , so this ticks all my boxes of I want this. HoweverI don't have facebook and probably never will, and the website lacks informations on how the game actually plays.


                    So I definitly signed up, but I need for information before I put my limited money down.



                    • Jay103

                      The Kickstarter page will have a lot more information next week. I suppose I should pull some of that over onto the signup page. Good idea, thanks!

                      • Jay103

                        Oh, and you can definitely see the Facebook posts without signing up for Facebook, in the meantime. 

                        • Than_Bogan

                          I'm a slight poser here, because (shh, don't tell anyone) I'm not really an Erfwold fan.  BUT I have had the honor of doing some early playtesting of Heroes and Treasure, and want to help address the most popular question above.  The thing that is most impressive about HaT is how simple the game mechanics are, while still feeling like a fantasy role playing game.  It's actually kind of a revelation along the lines of "wow, all that complicated stuff is actually not essential to the experience."

                          As just one example, a single die represents a weapon -- hitting, missing, and damage are built right into that die.  On the defensive side there's basically just hit points (and a simple shield mechanic that prevents one hit).  So you pick up your weapon's die, roll it, adjust the hit point counters if you didn't roll a blank, and move on.  All the numbers are very small, so no need to even perform subtraction.  A subtle awesome thing about this is that when you only have 8 hit points, it's really exciting when an enemy misses you -- i.e. a blank face turning up on the monster's die is cause for celebration each time!

                          I am very excited about this project and SO happy that so many Erfworld fans are interested.

                          • Jay103

                            Thanks for backing!

                            • GusZep

                              Thanks Jay, have put in a pledge to get a case for the shop- will look at increasing closer to close if I hear more from the customers. 

                              Will this be available through standard gaming distribution channels afterwards? (assuming you are using Aetherworks for AU/NZ fulfillment?- if so, would be great if you can convince them to do distribution going forward)



                              • youngstormlord

                                In my humble opinion, this kickstarter needs more digital rewards. Any chance of that? Something like downloadable cards that can be printed or similar.

                                • Jay103

                                  Well, it's not really a print-and-playable game, because it really needs the colored, custom dice, and there are a lot of stand-up punchout pieces, etc. So there's no really obvious digital reward, beyond the custom art rewards you can pledge for. If I'm misunderstanding you, please let me know.

                                  (And thanks, Gus..  I'm using Quartermaster Logistics to do the fulfillment, and they have an Australian warehouse. I probably should be figuring out distribution a bit better than I am.. will certainly do more after the project funds completely)

                                  • Storel

                                    Very cool. I don't have or know any young kids, but I do know several adults who aren't into RPGs and might be willing to give this a try, so I pledged for one copy just now. Best wishes!

                                    • Jay103

                                      Thanks!  Every pledge helps get closer to the goal!