My teenage daughter is a naturally talented, self-trained artist. I'm good at a lot of things, but I can't draw a straight line, so I've been pulling together what I can to give her some guidance, specifically from what Team Erfworld has shared over the years.


In the Toolbox, Rob shared some unused pencils that Xin had done for Book 3, Page 99. I showed my daughter and let her know Lilith is a bit of a fan favorite. She felt like taking a stab at finishing it up, if I'd let her borrow my Surface tablet and pen.


I know we've got a lot of Lilith fans, so, I wanted to share the final product.


Feedback welcome! I'll filter it, of course, she's young yet.


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    • Gyrate

      I'm like you, artwise - in fact I literally got a D in draughting class for being unable to draw a straight line while using a straight edge. So naturally I'm in awe of anyone who can draw things that actually look like other things.

      Your daughter is off to a rollicking start here - it's a dynamic and expressive picture. There are little (and I mean little) tweaks here and there that could make it even better - some of the lines could be cleaner, there needs to be a little more detail (perhaps shading, perhaps something else) in the foreground hands and gun to make them stand out more from the rest of the body in the background of the picture, and I think the red glow could be taken down a notch.

      But again - I'm not an artist and it's much easier to be a critic.  A hat tip to the young'un, and strong encouragement to keep going!


      • sensate

        She got her face right. If she keeps at it, she will really get somewhere.

        • Kryton

          She did a great job!

          • Salvage

            Wow. I also noticed that Merilynne's avatar was done by your daughter. She certainly has some talent.

            You are the best Yshl. Keep up the caring parental support!

            • Danielle

               This is fantastic.

              • Brother Mirtillo

                Very nice! Looks like she goes for very crisp, strong, sharp lines. I can't say if that was any help for the hair (though I am no authority whatsoever for drawing hair), but boy howdy, did it work for the cold unyielding pistol, outstretched arm, and CComm scenery. And that scowl! I think she made Lilith look even angrier.

                • Hungirly awaits

                  Very good and very loyal to the source's style. On a more critical note, the thumb of her right palm is at an illogical position.

                  • Alkimodon

                    She looks so badbutt! Golly! She's just the bee's knees! She's got some real talent that scamper of yours!

                    I have very little idea how to speak to children.