Hello, gentlepeople! I'll start by saying I continue to be awed by the support this community shows at every opportunity. The original Toolbox, every Kickstarter, the Toolshed's launch and constant growth, personally helping me move to Richmond, and now record new and upgraded pledges in response to the news about Linda's health.


As Rob mentioned in his news post, the rest of the team is going to step up however we can. I've seen concerns from the community about the increased pledge total leaving Rob extra worried about missing an update when Linda obviously should have his attention. Hopefully the changes Rob is making to how much time he needs to spend on an update will let him focus on Linda while also avoiding any skipped updates, but we all know things can come up.


In response I'm implementing one of the suggestions that we've seen multiple times, to have a "Rain or Shine" pledge option for the Toolshed. This will let you pledge for every update day (Tuesdays and Fridays), whether there is an update or not. When updates happen as expected, pledges will happen as normal. If a skip does happen, then pledges will be created for just the Toolshed subscribers that have opted in to Rain or Shine.


These Rain or Shine pledges should give Rob more flexibility to take a skip day as needed without taking a full update's hit to income. Of course they're completely optional, and we understand anyone who wants to stick to the on-time updates to which they originally pledged. But if you are interested, head over to the subscription form, check the new Rain or Shine option, and update or create your subscription to opt-in. Thanks!