Hello everybody! I've got your Dwagon Master and Sharpest Tools for January, February, and March.

(I'm as shocked as you are. @_@)


So here we go:


January Dwagon Master - goes to Twofer for the disturbing but couldn't stop reading fanfic titled Sweet Dreams

January Sharpest Tool - goes to RocketSeraph because some of us were highly influenced by the Flintstones.


February Dwagon Master - goes to Crivens for delightful fanfic favorite The Oregen Tale

February Sharpest Tool - goes to Platonix because we only thought we knew. 


March Dwagon Master -  goes to Omnimancer's current fanfic Decryptocurrency


March Sharpest Tool - goes to The Shadow because [snicker] only The Shadow would know...

Congratulations to all of our monthly winners. Dwagon Masters, please remember to forward me your mailing address.


As always, thank you for submissions and please keep them coming.


    • Brony83

      All of them are well-deserved. :-) Congratulations!

      • DukeBG

        Decryptocurrency is very interesting in concept, but the fanfic itself needs some work, as outlined in its comments. Unfortunately, haven't read the others. Fanfics have overtaken fan comics, I see. Hmm.

        • Yshl

          Congrats, one and all! (and props to staff for being on top of the Quarterly announcement and rewards -- we appreciate it!)

          • cadmium3

            Congrats everyone, well done!!!

            • jpnuar1

              Can anybody explain the Flintstones joke for the January Sharpest Tool?

              • pennythoughts

                I hope you will get well!

                • erinaceous

                  Ms. Balder:  I read the announcement and did not see a place to comment.  Please move this where you will.  And do not think of it a selfish or self-serving if you move it somewhere were it can be broadly seen,  In fact you would just be responding to my request, 

                  After reading Rob's announcement I did the one thing I can do for you and your family: I went from $1/update to $10/update.  I would relay this request to do the same to all who enjoy your work.  If you are reading Erfworld, please at least contribute a $1.   If you re already contributing, raise your contribution by a level.

                  Erfworld is with us in good times and bad.  When I was unemployed, I had to stop contributing.  But Erfworld was still there for me.  Both you and Rob and the community you have created,  I am grateful for you all.