Wow, what a contest! At the very last hour, the Marbit Tribe pulled out a victory and won March's Mine4erf round by only 40 points!

We all get shiny new badges! Suck it, Greens!

Unfortunately, since there was a tie in the March poker contest, with both tribes getting a royal flush, no Xin Ye cards will be awarded this time around. But there's a new contest and new rules, just in time for April...


    • dmolla

      I'm confused... the pic shows gobwins winning by 40???

      • FordPrfct

        As I got a second Gobwinner unit, I am going to presume that the "Marbits Win" is in honor of the date, as observed within large parts of the U.S., and large parts of the web.  (I cannot speak as to whether said observation is common in other parts of the world.)

        • youngstormlord

          They were so close. I wanted Marbits to win.  They were leading up to the last hour :(

          • dmolla

            yay! i'm a marbit this month!

            • Skull the Troll

              Happy April Fools everyone!

              • Mad Raven

                On behalf of gobwins everywhere, I want to congratulate the marbits on their win. *cough*



                • Mordae

                  Yay badge!  Since I don't have Windows to mine with, I'll be satisfied that my small contribution helped Gang Green over the top this once money-mouth

                  • Coren22

                    So, is anyone else having issues with the miner?


                    X 21:22:49|cl-0 | OpenCL init failed: clEnqueueNDRangeKernel: CL_MEM_OBJECT_ALLOCATION_FAILURE (-4)
                    QUIT - Restarting in 60 seconds...
                    You can close this terminal if you want to stop running mine4erf.


                    It didn't go up in difficulty did it?  

                    I only have a 3 GB GTX1060, so it was marginal before, but the miner started doing this error a week ago and I can't get it to start up at all.


                    • Dusso

                      Coren22 - this coud be a Windows update issue, check if the drivers are up to date, I had such problem, that Windows switched off a part of Nvidia drivers and needed to update them manually to get the miner back to work

                      • xtrapwr

                         Coren22, I've also got a 3G 1060.  There was an update or driver change or something, I did additional tests with a different miner, and the mining software is no longer able to address enough memory to mine eth.  So I just updated my nvidia drivers today, and it works again.  So try updating to nvidia driver version 391.35