Sorry for the site downtime. Short news post here (no, really) to say we have killed croaked ALL paid banner ads on mobile!


This is a progress point for Mine4erf. I really did want to remove all ads everywhere by the end of March, and that's still the ultimate goal for the mining experiment. If the price of $ETH had stayed where it was when we set out, we'd be there. As it is, crypto markets are in freefall, and who knows where or if they'll bottom out.


But mobile ads are the source of the majority of problem ad behavior, while not providing a majority of ad revenue. At current rates of mining, $ETH and $UBQ could fall to less than half their prices from here (and they might), and this would still be justified moneycide. We also moved some $ETH into dollars at higher rates earlier this month.


So we're doing it. It's did. As of right now (and hopefully forever), you should be seeing no ads when you visit the site on your mobile device (whether or not you are logged in). Never again will you be redirected to the Play Store or told that your phone has a phone disease. You can thank a Gobwin or Marbit for that, perhaps by buying a gem.


And of course, our logged-in miners and active Tools see no paid ads of any kind. (I'm still on desktop and dogfooding, though. Bleh.) Thanks everybody.


    • Kineth

      What!?  No ads for logged-in miners?  I did not expect that I would be getting an early benefit such as this for my mining efforts.  Thanks Rob!

      • balder

        @Kineth Looking back, I'm not sure I even mentioned it in previous news posts. I should have. Yeah, if you've mined even one share in the current month, the site is ad free. We built that in from the start. (And yes this means you can currently "sell" ad free Erfworld to other users like some people were doing the Special:Digging badge.)

        • Bandaid

          Too bad about the cryptocurrencies taking a nose dive, however it is nice to see progress on the advertising front. The less time you have to spend on dealing with bad advertisements the more time you have for other stuff. All in all, good news for Erfworld.

          As for your post, should not "It's did" be "It's done"? Or did you do that on purpose?

          • Omnimancer

            But how will I cure my phone disease now?

            • Octavian

              I don't visit through mobile, but this is definitely a welcome evolution!!! Thanks Rob! Onward and adlessward!

              • DunkelMentat

                I can't imagine wanting to view a comic with art this good on mobile but I guess good for those people!

                • DocMale

                  This is awesome! I cannot mine with my laptop, but I'll gladly spend my Shmuckers to buy gems from the marketplace, hopefully boosting the demand for gems and indirectly helping to croak the ads for good.

                  I suppose the next step would be to provide miners with additional ways to spend their Shmuckers.

                  • Squall83

                    Good idea! I like this better than my proposition of removing the ads 50% of the time if the mining income is at 50%. If mobile ads cause more problems and give less income, then of course they're the ones who should fall first.

                    I assume that one reason for why cryptocurrencies are currently freefalling is this:


                    Why are there so many crap people in the world? -_-

                    • Korhedron

                      Rob, it was a fun thing to try the mines. I like what you guys did with it! And thank you so much for doing this for mobile viewers!

                      I'd very much like to continue to mine for your upkeep at night, but the Norton package persistently deletes the miner file as a high priority trojan threat, og barring that it ignores at least 3 steps of exclusions to still disconnect the miner when used. Too bad, but it'a bit too much hassle to fight it every time i need to start the miner.

                      • Morsious

                        As someone who uses the mobile version semi-regularly ( about 1 or twice a week.) from my hectic schedule, this is great. Heck it is a good part of why I did Tool things.

                        • cadmium3

                          I love this place.  Thanks, Rob and team for all your hard work!

                          • Infidel

                            I'm still waiting to mine one gem.  When I have internet and I'm not gaming, I try to have the miner up.  No luck yet in dem mines.

                            • reedstrm

                               @DunkelMentat - sure read the comic on a large-format display, but it's perfectly reasonable to participate in the text-based discussions from mobile. :-)

                              • elliotbay

                                I guess I'll increase my pledge by 50% if you removed 50% of the ads.

                                • Metallicat

                                  This is great!  I use mobile to check the forums (and sometimes to see if the update is up), and the naughty ads on that are very annoying (not just this site).  Need to see if my GTX670 machine can run the miner software, I can leave that running all the time, probably not cost much.

                                  • shneekeythelost

                                    I was worried about the stability of the cryptocurrencies. Turns out I had a reason to worry. But hey... you guys are keeping it covered for now, so good job!

                                    I run Linux, so I really am not in a position to do much in the way of mining, despite having a 1050Ti graphics card.

                                    • Toolbelt

                                      @shneekeythelost You can mine for Erfworld on Linux, it just takes a little bit more work than on Windows to set it up. The details are pretty well covered on the forum.

                                      • rstoffel

                                        Mobile ads are a scourge. The odds of not clicking on that X and accidentally tapping the ad are ridiculously high. Kudos to you for making this decision.

                                        I wish I could help out with mining, but I'm glad I can do what I can being a Tool!