The Bibliography of Sir Edelbert Spore


Hello fellow Erfworld fans.


This is not a regular installment of The Life and Adventures of Sir Edelbert Spore, but is important nonetheless.


I have read quite a few erf-fics in my few thousand-turns as an Erfworld fan. I am certain that these have influenced my story in many ways. To give credit where credit is due, I will present here many of the fanfics I consider most inspirational to my work. This will not be a comprehensive list by any means, but I will do my best to include anyone I suspect I borrowed from. I will update the list over time as well as try to add in specific instances when I come across them. These are not presented in a ranking order. This is also giving me an excuse to reread many of these excellent works.


If you feel my story absorbed something from your (or another’s) work and you are not credited, please let me know and I will add you. I have no desire to short anyone their rightful due. By a similar token, if you are mentioned and wish to be removed, I will without delay. All of my comments here are meant as praise, I have no intention to offend or upset (but that never stopped me before).


Each of these pieces comes with my full recommendation. Honestly, I encourage you to sample as much of the submissions or forum fanwork out there as you can. There is a lot of great stuff. The major purpose of this post is to do my part in spreading erfwareness.


Oh, I ask you to remember it takes a great deal of courage to post one’s work for public scrutiny. A quick comment or even a single schmucker tip goes a long way in acknowledging erf-artists, erf-writers, and other erf-creators. Far too many wonderful submissions go by with only a single comment or tip. I strongly believe the more the community actively supports the content creators, the more content will be created (especially as the schmuckers market diversifies).


I will try hard not to offer spoilers




Who deserves more credit than Rob Balder, Xin Ye, Lillian, and all the rest? If you are not a Tool, you should be.


Link to the Toolshed --->   JOIN THE TOOLSHED  <--- Link to the Toolshed


The Book of Canon - Here are the Archives.


The 1st Book of Fanon (serials) - Many of the stories I will mention are already posted here (without my amazing commentary) This is the official list of serial fanfics.


The 2nd Book of Fanon (forum) - Some excellent work is hidden amongst the massive forums. Spicymancer (listed first) has been diligent enough to keep a running list of fan submissions posted to the forums. This list is very nearly comprehensive and updated regularly. Thank you Spicymancer.


The 3rd Book of Fanon (submissions) – This is where people post things for consideration for the monthly submissions contest. There is a great deal of worthwhile content that passes through here but never makes it up to the main page stream.




Spicymancer – Listed first not only for their contributions to the forums, but for consistently adding excellent work to the fanfiction pool. Easily among the most skilled erf-authors.


Journey Through the Hungry Jungle – Infantry in Erfworld are not known for their entertainment value. This story is an exception. Humor is spot on Erf. Varied and creative units throughout. An excellent read. I particularly like the tie-ins to canon story.


Dance Through the Hungry Jungle – This is one of those rare, but awesome, times that a sequel is better than the original. The portrayal of Luckamancy is beautiful. Until I see otherwise in canon, Spicy’s Luckamancy is what I refer to for my questions.


Unjust Deserts – Full speed puns right from the title. There are many creative units, sides, specials, and gear introduced. The use and description of both Date-a-mancy and Dittomancy are remarkable.





Bakagrappler – Not only was Bakagrappler one of the first to write a serial fic, but they also cooperated with another fan to have art made for their story (ElvenAvariel).


Shadows of the Evergreen – This is one of the few uncompleted stories that will make the detailed list. Partially because I have confidence it will eventually be finished, but mostly because it was the erf-fic that inspired me to write my own. The idea of contributing to the community in such a way really struck me, and Edelbert is a direct result of that. Thank you Bakagrappler. It is also an excellent story. Grey Shades is a bamf.


Strongman Series – An excellent melding of another setting into the Erfworld theme. The Strongman series explores barbarians and their rules quite a bit. Another story I often think back on.





sdub – Regular and imaginative contributor. They also have multiple memes and holiday specials too, lots of stuff.


Siege of Palingrad – Quick and fun, this is one of the more memorable submissions for me. The story contains mentions of Ham Hawks and Bubble Tape Worms. I used these creatures as well, independently. We have different descriptions, but still, I have realized sdub used them first.


100th Royal – Great idea. Entertaining style. Kudos for direct references to canon characters and events.





The_Author_Is_Dead – Dead’s series are all interconnected. They are also very probably the most REAL Erfworld stories I have read. The rules are interpreted in a creative and plausible way. Magic is manipulated very creatively. One of the best.


Shall We Play a Game?


There are also a series of interim vignettes called Tales of Seven Hex Valley.


Check out the ongoing sequel Dwagon Riders of Erf too!


Search them up, I will save the space of linking them all individually here.





Twofer – Check out their other works as well. I have heard Twofer lauded as one of the best writers on the sight. I tend to agree.


Etherium – Among the longest and best regarded fan submissions. This fic amazed me with the huge number of active characters. Varied and subtle references throughout. Twofer uses Pokedaemon and Pokemon references regularly, just as I do. By our descriptions they are drastically different units, but I am sure there are some commonalities. Twofer probably deserves the credit in those instances.







Caligula’s Legacy – Another story that skillfully incorporates a foreign universe setting into Erfworld. Their use of nonconventional unit arrangement was quite interesting.







Hall of the Mouse King – Creative and creepy. I cannot say much, just read it. I love this piece. Another one that I often recall.





Omnimancer – I am a fan of Omnimancers work, in general.


Blast From The Past – Fun read. Great use of the Arkentools. Excellent insights into early Erfworld. I have definitely been influenced by Blast from the Past. I will be more specific after a reread.


The Walking Unled- Another quick one, so I cannot say much. Very creative uses of Croakamancy.


A Very Erfworld Questmas- The original Questmas, right?







Murder in the Magic Kingdom – A engaging Erfworld mystery. Not only was it a fun read with a solid wrap up, it left itself open for later expansion (For Instance – Prologue)





Uncompleted stories I would love to see finished

(Well worth the read either way)


Bandaid – Yet Another Self Insert Fanfic


CarniDollmancer – The Dubbel Mountain Series


J – A Distant Isle


antiqueChairman – Mashed


Arkensaw – The Horde


Tadthornhill - The Noble Gases


tigrusthegreat - Prehendo Victoria




There are many other excellent authors on the site, Madmed’s King in the Machine or lordfisch’s The 25th Magic come to mind as easy examples. I have neither the time nor intention to acknowledge every single one, although they all deserve it. This is not even touching on all the art, music, and other goodies (Won’t somebody please think of the Hamstards?). Then there are the contributions of comments, discussions, tips, and most importantly the time used to enjoy Erfworld in general. I offer my deepest thanks to the entire community. Seriously, each and every one of you.


Thank you,




    • fancylee

      If you haven't read it yet, one of the most gripping and emotional fanfic serials on this website is The Last Turn. It really discusses some of the finer points of Turnamancy, and sheds some light on fanon that I see as pretty valid. If you fall in love with Pirateaba's work after that (really hard not to), then I strongly recommend that you check out her actual web serial. She writes 20-40,000 words a week. And it's always high-quality. Makes me cry on a regular basis. The Wandering Inn

      • Salvage

        @Fancylee -I have read it and fully agree it should be included. A fantastic work, not sure how I missed it.

        I will add it during the next major edit.

        Thank you