Tuesday is News Day

And the bad news usually goes first. We're doing a planned skip today, for very good reasons unrelated to the rest of the stuff in this post. So this Tuesday is only News Day, but expect updates to resume as normal, starting with a comic page on Friday.

Free Cards Day is looming

On to the good news, of which there is a pile!


Since the last news post less than two weeks ago, we have closed more than half the distance to Milestone 4. Milestone 4 is $2000 pledged per on time update, and if we bill that much for even one update, it will unlock Free Cards Day. We'll be sending physical decks of the Erfworld Bicycle® Playing Cards, to active Tools at all levels. (You will need to confirm/update your mailing address to receive them. See the Toolshed page for more.)

Free Virtual Cards Day is now

Have a card, any card! Check your user profile, it's there already! Whaaaat?

What Carnymancy is this?

As I said in previous posts, the gems are only part of the larger stuff the dev team's been working on since the end of our Kickstarter last year.

I'm pretty proud of how that project (to fund the playing cards) turned out. When I pick up a deck and rifle through the cards, they're still stunning to me. So thank you again to all who supported us last year to make it come true. Every backer who filled out a survey should have received all rewards long ago. Contact us through BackerKit if that's not the case.



We did have two stretch goals—a unit collection system and a live gametable—which are still to come. Creating the gems for Mine4erf was sort of a side benefit from that development. The gems are a proof of how far along we've come with many difficult things (reliably rendering 3D objects in browsers, building a custom Shmuckers-based marketplace, tracking item generation and exchange, generative icons, the list is enormous).

So is this new thing. (Which probably should have been its own stretch goal, in retrospect.)


The playing cards themselves are now collectible/sellable/mineable objects on Erfworld.com! 52 suited cards (no jokers for now), for red, blue, and black decks of cards. So whether you pledged the Kickstarter project or bought a deck or not, now everybody can see Xin Ye's beautiful artwork (with a substantial amount of design help from Lauri Ahonen) right on the site.

If your account was created yesterday or before, all you have to do to see your card is visit your user page while logged in. If you create a new account, you won't automatically be given a cards unless you visit the card forums and say, "I created my account for the card, could I have it please?" and somebody on the team will assign you a random card. Unlike gems, you *can* sell your last card on the marketplace

Active Tools get extra cards now, and more going forward

In addition to the free virtual collectible card, active Tools also get one starter free one for every level they're currently pledging. A Level 4 Caster would therefore have 5 cards just for logging in today. All cards given out today will be from the black deck. In the future (starting in the April billing cycle, around tax day, but *not* the March cycle because we're not ready yet) you will get one random card from one of the three decks, per update you were billed for (not per level).

Cards have been added as a bonus spin to Mine4erf

For our miners, the playing cards have been added as items you can win in a bonus spin. The bonus spin only happens if you don't win a gem on your spin. All three colors of cards can be found.



Collecting and trading playing cards

This is going to flood the marketplace right off with cards, and we expect them to be sold for a lot less than gems. If a 3 of diamonds is for sale for 12 Shmuckers, and even small no-glow gems are selling for 250, then mining gems is still going to be your fastest way to acquire the cards.

We believe that the gametable plans will include using these cards to play games, so it's right in line with getting more uses for Shmuckers and having more things to do on the site, especially with other readers. Units will deploy at some point in the future, and the aim after that is to be able to battle them with other players, using stack mechanics that require strategy more complicated than a game of War. A few people have used rpg.erfworld.com to show off potential battle systems. I have looked some of the bigger ones over but I have had no time for playtesting. Being able to play cards with other players and work out erfworld themed card games is still a goal as well. The cards are an important thing on the road to an Erfworld game.

Can you mine? If you couldn't before, maybe you can now

   -  If you've been told by our miner that your hardware wasn't good enough to mine $ETH for Erf

   -  If your antivirus balked at the miner and quarantined it

   -  If the program didn't seem trustworthy or you couldn't get it to work

John has released a Major upgrade to Mine4erf miner.  It will support way more hardware, often by choosing a different coin to mine ($UBIQ or $LTC) which is more efficient on some machines without a great GPU, and a little less efficient at turning computing power into rent and groceries for the tech team. (Still tests as a gain over the power consumed). The upshot is:

   - way more people should be able to mine now

   - a new (it was expensive) digital publisher cert should make many machines and antivirus programs less complainy

   - John's been talking directly with major antivirus companies trying to straighten it out. He's going to share some of their answers on the Mine4erf page.

How are we doing toward killing ads? "Um. Stagnating, while crypto tanks"

Mine4erf is still going strong. We have had one gem mined with Titanic glow on it so far by Linsaran the Carnydirty, which should say a thing or two about how rare those things are. He's just a magnet for them.


Meanwhile, Cryptocurrency had one of those freefall weeks where investors were jumping out of Windows 10. The number of miners we had active at a time during that time fell back into the 50s or even 40s. After topping $100 a day, the amount the Ethereum was worth also nose-dived. It's tough to be on target for the ad killing goal and then not really be, but we knew that was the landscape we were staking our experiment on. We have bounced back into 60+ people mining to the pool. I'm ready to keep running it for the fun of driving collectibles alone, and the $55/day is certainly not unwelcome. This experiment can go on indefinitely, as far as I'm concerned.


"Not wise at all, let's do it anyway."

Ads are getting worse again. I am thinking of killing the ads anyway and taking the big revenue hit to the team. Ads are taking over people's screens again, especially on mobile, and there isn't even a very good way to report the ad when that happens. I've lost all hope of control over that. I can't think of anything I haven't tried at some point since 2014.

So there's an argument for "killing ads is its own reward" and it at least feels like Mine4erf will grow to the point where it's matching ad revenue. Eventually.

I think this week will tell.

If we get a big enough bump in the number of people mining because of the new miner and the playing cards, then I will probably drop a brick on the ads whether we're technically hitting the target or not. Maybe we could kill some ads. IDKY.

Poker Prize in Mine4Erf

One place I will not tolerate despair in is for Team Marbit! (Yes I am a Marbit again, yes we are losing again, and yes my gem luck is atrocious. I think I have found 2 gems worth 14 total points.)

So with the bonus spin, we are adding a second contest to each month, the Poker Prize. Here are the rules: Cards earned in BONUS SPINS ONLY will count for this. When you get a card, post a screenshot to the forums (somebody will make a poker thread and we'll sticky it). The tribe that can put together the best poker hand of 5 cards mined by 5 different members of their tribe during the month, will all win the otherwise unobtainable 55th playing card, the Xin Ye self-portrait card.

Everybody who mined at least one gem or card for the winning poker tribe will get one Xin card. Someone from the tribe must say in the forums what the best poker hand you can make is. Higher hands that weren't called don't count.

All badges upgraded

One last thing that's a surprise benefit of the 3D and collectibles work. From now on, the badges you have earned will display like this:

among your collectibles (so far: cards, gems, badges and units). They're still true to their former designs, but now you can twirl them. You may *not* sell/trade them. And for now, you will not be able to collect more than one of each badge you earn. (Sorry multi-Published folks and people who helped Red more than once.) So they're really a cosmetic tweak, but fun to twirl. When we get public display scenes of your collection, you'll be able to add your badges and cards.

I really want to thank the dev team for working their keisters off to deploy and improve these things. The Team Erfworld badge is maybe the humblest design, but it means the most to me.


So there's the Tuesnews. Enjoy your old badges and new cards! (Maybe join the Toolshed, and get everybody a free deck?)

Lots more stuff to come as 2018 rolls on.


    • copperhamster

      Well well well, someone wanted a deck.

      1652 people are pledging 2000.51 per on-time update. According to the banner.


      • Lord_Backstory

        Yeah, I can't find the schmuckers-based marketplace either. If someone would put a link up for that, I would appreciate it.


        Thank you!

        • Lord_Backstory

          Sorry for the double post, but I found the links and thought I'd share in case anyone else is confused since it's a little confusing.

          For cards: https://login.erfworld.com/card_marketplace

          For gems: https://login.erfworld.com/gem_marketplace

          Hope that helps!

          • Jay103

            Where is the new miner?  The MINE4ERF link on the side just takes me to my gems.  I don't see a link anywhere to the page where the downloads happen.

            I recall from several weeks ago that there's a post about it, and I'll go track that down, but surely there should be a really obvious way to get to the info and downloads.

            • Zeromedeiros

              For some reason...  I got no card

              • Zeromedeiros

                Thanx... Bunny's there now!

                • Drache Graethe

                  Same question as @vorteks, though I did try to look at what @nimelennar suggested. I guess we'll see!


                  • FreeblueCanoe

                    How do I mine? I click on the button on the side of the screen and it just takes me to my gem collection. Is there a simple download process for non computer engineers?


                    • elliotbay

                      FYI I'll be doubling my too pledge if/when you kill ads.

                      • Nimelennar

                        @FreeblueCanoe, @jay103:

                        From the been collection page, click on the underlined word "mined."

                        At the top and bottom of that linked page there will be a banner that says "Click to download the cryptocurrency money 4 Erfworld."

                        I agree that that linked page should be much more prominent.

                        • Nimelennar

                          Dammit.  *gem, not been

                          Stupid autocorrect.

                          • GreyDrakkon

                            Forgive a newb for putting forth something that might already have been discussed, but have you thought about putting up fanart/guest post placeholders on skip days?  One other webtoon I read does that and while it's not as good as getting an actual comic it IS kinda neat to see other interpretations of characters.  


                            Having a news update is good too, though.  :)

                            • Zebio

                              To ad to my recent posts: whoa! Those new 3D badges, cards and units are really nice and beautiful!

                              Thanks again for your commitment to your work and our pleasure, that so great (... I miss my word as a fluent but still non-native english speaker / writer) to see how much energy you put to reach goals and never stop to have new ideas and developments!

                              • udat

                                Is it possible to kill ads just for mobile users?  They aren't as annoying and are easier to block/close/kill on a desktop OS than on a phone.  I stopped even trying to view the site from my phone.

                                • Diodri

                                  I predicted the fluctuating price of cryptocurrency making it harder to hit your 'goal'.

                                  Can you please explain the method used to convert Etherium to real dollars for the purpose of replacing the ad revenue?

                                  Are you converting Etherium to dollars as soon as you get it?  Or holding onto it for a large cash out?  Transparency on this is paramount in my opinion.

                                  • Skull the Troll

                                    A feature I'd love to see for the miner is an "auto-pause." I'd leave this thing running in the background always on my media server if I could get it to automatically pause if I'm watching a movie or something. Its too much work to change inputs on my tv to pause it and then to go back after the movie and restart it. Consequently I have it on while I'm at work and overnight on my main rig - but I often forget to start it up again after closing it to game. 

                                    • Narthon the Bold

                                      Hooray for the new miner!  I'm able to contribute a tiny amount now!

                                      • Silverware

                                         @SkullTheTroll, then use a script/process that listens for activity from your media player, and when active it hits zero and waits for the media to end, then hits any other character and restarts the process.

                                        I've already made my own copy of the script that runs the miner with my username already in there to prevent me having to more than just double click the icon. :D

                                        • Skull the Troll

                                          The miner I had downloaded wouldn't work anymore, I tried (after looking around the site for 10 minutes) to download the new one but Windows thinks its infected and will not allow it. @Silverware, I'm afraid that sort of thing is beyond my skills. If someone made one tho, I'd pay some schmuckers for it. *hint*

                                          • ripple

                                            @Diodri - If you're seeking transparency, anyone can follow LIVE the mining process supporting Erfworld at this URL:


                                            That's the "wallet" address that any of us are mining to - you can also see that @Linsaran (Erfworld profile 131323) is always #1 or #2 in hashrate (rate of mining shares etc.) based on his phat mining rig which is apparently named CarnyDirtyMancy.

                                            Payout right now is set to payout from the miner every 1.0 ETH - because doing it more often involves more conversion fees.

                                            (I don't know whether every 1.0 ETH gets converted directly into USD right then, but it seems likely.  Just like Stanley didn't want to pay for the support plan on that scroll, Erfworld staff is trying to avoid paying a bunch of tiny frictional fees for getting the conversion to Uncle Sam Dollars more often...  sealed )

                                            True story:  I decided last week to see just how bad all the frictional conversion fees were, and what "hiring a mining rig" actually gained me.  I wanted Bitcoins and wanted to use PayPal to reduce the chance of scams and not have my actual bank account/credit cards directly involved.  I started with $90 and converted that to SecondLife Lindens since I couldn't easily buy Bitcoins directly, then used SLL to buy Bitcoins.  Ended up with about $79 equivalent of Bitcoins.  Used about $3 equivalent of that to hire an ETH miner on miningrigrentals.com, just to see what I'd end up with.  Next morning...I had the equivalent of $3 ETH, so it's no surprise that the only reason to hire a miner is if you have cryptocurrency A that the miner accepts, and you'd rather have cryptocurrency B instead.  (And that's almost a best case).

                                            TL;DR:  Cryptocurrency is not IMHO an investment at this time, unless you invested a while back or you can figure out a way to insert yourself into the fractional frictional world of converting currencies and pocketing the "change".

                                            • Nimelennar

                                              I'm using the new miner, got c. 21 shares of $UBIQ, and have received a gem, but do not (yet) have the Special: Digging badge.

                                              Is this no longer a thing?  Or does it just take a while to be awarded?  Or is it only for folks mining $ETH?

                                              • Omnimancer

                                                @Ripple - I considered hiring an online mining service to Mine4Erf on my behalf because I want the badge/3D unit but lack the hardware to mine for them myself. But the idea of jumping through so many hoops just to give money to someone random dude online to give even less money to Erfworld is a daunting and unpleasantly illogical prospect.

                                                • Nimelennar

                                                  ...Never mind, there it is.

                                                  • Lord_Backstory

                                                    "Collecting and trading playing cards

                                                    This is going to flood the marketplace right off with cards, and we expect them to be sold for a lot less than gems. If a 3 of diamonds is for sale for 12 Shmuckers, and even small no-glow gems are selling for 250, then mining gems is still going to be your fastest way to acquire the cards."

                                                    Hmm, I got 190 Shmuckers for my King of Spades. If I wait, can I buy all the cards for cheaper than that once there's more of them for less on the market? :-P