Quick news post (yeah, sure) to say, February Mine4erf beta is over and the Gobwin tribe unfortunately won. I think there may have been Carnymancy involved and on behalf of the Marbits I would like to shake my tiny pink fist.


Sorry I couldn't find more shinies. My pitiful final haul looked like this:


Red tells me I was statistically expecting 10.5 gems


"Gob Winner" badges have been awarded to all members of the Gobwin tribe.




The new month has begun! Your March tribe will be assigned when you've mined your first gem from a spin you earned in March. Spins that were earned in February can be spun forever (or as long as we're doing Mine4erf, whichever comes first), but any gems you find on those spins will not count for March tribal scores.


Definitely calling March a "beta test" month also. We've got a lot of things to test and roll out with it, plus ideas from the forums to ponder (being able to group all your shares on one spin? ...mmmaybe).


But also, it's clearly already a success. I want to thank everybody who mined...and tried to (we're still working on making it possible for more people to mine with the hardware you've got, while drawing the line at not allowing inefficient forms of mining). The Ethereum pool has grown some more, now earning upwards of $80/day. As I posted, our target is around $137/day to kill all the ads. I could see pulling the ads before hitting that goal, since right now we're making ad money and the mining money. But that's a tough call to make, and we're still talking about it. I'll be surprised if the ads get to live through the month.


We've seen some really nice gems being mined (and sold). The prices are dropping fast, though, as more gems hit the marketplace. I'd say keep an eye for that to level off as gems sort of find their natural value in Shmuckers. Pick your moment and start a collection.


Finally, Valareos is the big winner in terms of actual gems mined in February, pulling in a ridonkulous haul. We are going to do something for the top miner each month (still working that out, but a physical reward of some kind). Whatever it is, Valareos earned one. Also want to thank Linsaran (probably not giving something specifically for top Marbit, sorry) and all the other top active miners in the test, including (but not limited to): Bandaid, JadedDragoon, Mr Awesome, gnomff, GhostlyClockwork, Thaddius1000, Silverware, Jaxad0127, ogr8bearded1, Wolfgangs246, Rms2000, Airwhale, dmolla (Dirtamancer confirmed!), pawnhamster, Gamerguy619, Yshl, sdub, PMAvers, MisterSunshyne (need to put you in a cage match against Mr Awesome), Ebb and zarincos. Special thanks to Yshl and JadedDragoon in there for starting up projects in the forums to catalog gems and figure out the points system.


Valareos' haul looked like this, btw. I mean, come on:

Seriously, look at this


So, let's head on into a hopefully madness-free March beta and see if we can get out of it ad-free, too.


EDIT: Speaking of "free," I meant to mention Free Cards Day might be looming. A bunch more people joined the Toolshed at the end of February, edging us closer to Milestone 4. Including a new level 5 Ruler! Woo!


So if we bill even one update at Milestone 4, that will trigger Free Cards Day, meaning everyone who's an active Tool (and has been for the previous 10 updates, or stays active for the 10 updates after Free Cards Day, or any combination of that) will be sent one physical deck of the Erfworld Bicycle® Playing Cards, in black. That will be expensive (like five-figures expensive) but do not worry about causing problems by triggering it! After the Kickstarter last January we made sure we were ready for it to happen at any time, and it will not cause a major disruption or anything. We'll be celebrating. March 23rd is the 3 year anniversary of the Toolshed and it would be pretty great if we hit Milestone 4 by then.


Anyway, let's go...whatever tribe I am now! 10 spins from last night, and I don't have one yet. :-/



    • Merilynne

      Congrats to the Gobwins...<insert muttering about no new badge for poor pitiful me and my Marbit brethren>  ;)  The Titans certainly favored Valareos in his efforts.  :) 

      It's a fun contest with beneficial results for the community. What more could you ask?  

      • Bandaid

        Well, so much for that, damm Gobwins * shakes fist and shouts gibberish.

        I had hoped my early start would have more of an impact for my team (It did for me personally giving my earnings for early selling). Well lets see how it goes next month.

        Now I would have a request. Would it be possible to not have a hard cut between the months? I mean, those of us who live in a different time zone will lose some spins because we won't be awake to spin them at the end of the month. It would be cool if one could spin them and they would still count on the next day. I do not know if the amount of work that would take is worth it compared to the impact but at some point in time someone will find a 162 point gem with one of those spins and it won't count for any competition. (If that person should be me, expect the scream to make international news).

        • HighJumper

          Hm. I wonder if Turquiose(my Gobwin, named in honor of a memorable though retconjured typo) is Decrypted because my Tool spin made me part of the winning tribe and Decrypted Gobwins aren't really part of the tribe...


          Yes, it's probably to just indicate it has no upkeep, but don't spike my headcannon too quickly...

          • Knott

            I saw some mentions about Google Ads in your previous news posts, I propose you consider if establishing a sort of soft kill-zone is feasible.

            And by that I mean a segment towards the end of that $137 goal where google-ads would be able to take over until the ultimate goal is reached and all ads are killed. And as sort of a soft buffer should mining dip consistently below, but not too far below.


            For feedback on the competition I'll write a longer post in the forums.

            A congratulation to my fellow Gobwins, but mostly congratulations to anyone who actually found any gems.

            • TheSteve

              So I wanted to know what mine4erf was.  I went to the www.erfworld.com/mine4erf page, and it killed firefox.  Every time.  Now that's impressive, because that's the first page that has killed firefox 100% of the time.  All pages everywhere blank, most of my CPU used, must force quit.  Ok, I should have a backup browser anyway, so I went and got Opera.  Same result.  So I don't know what ungodly CRAP you're trying to load on that page, but please, please turn it off.


              The Steve

              • Valareos

                ummm that mine4erf page is just an info page, it has embedded in it a 3d viewer so you can get a preview of the gems though

                • JadedDragoon

                  Join the Gobwin tribe! We have lots of.... uh... green skin! Oh! And gems!

                  • TheSteve

                    Ah yes, a can't be turned-off, resource hogging embedded 3d viewer that could overwhelm those of us using older hardware - that would do it.

                    • Salvage

                      Hey guys, don't be Mar-bitter about our Gob-win!

                      • Valareos

                        Thesteve: It is a low impact, javascript canvas embed that is not a big resource hog. It takes very little to run it at all


                        • Brony83

                          I am happy for you to see that the daily income has risen yet again. By this much, even. And I am also happy at the fact that the community enjoys the competition, i.e. that the mining is actually fun. :-)

                          I never expected something like this to go into my list of incentives for eventually buying myself a proper gaming PC. So far I only listed some of the games I'd like to play, some older games that are barely above the capacity of my old PC and experiencing VR (diving, climbing, flying etc.). Erfworld mining kiiiiinda looks like the odd one out on my list, compared to all that. XD

                          But I shall take my time with my decision on when and what to buy. For some reason I don't want a GPU whose cores are barely below the next thousand cores (I'm looking at you, NVidia GTX 1070 with your 1920 cores!).

                          • dmolla

                            woo! dirtamancers rule!

                            It would be cool if there was some mechanic that improves gem-finding, like experience points (level up after mining for many hours or after finding so many shares). As you level up, your chance of finding gems increases by a certain factor (maybe a percentage increase in shares, according to level)?

                            and then adding to correlation to Erfworld castors, those that have leveled can be hired for schmuckers to use their "juice" on another's spins to increase their chances (and they could only use it so many times before running out of juice that day).

                            Probably too hard to implement, but one can dream!

                            • Jay103

                              Are you actually converting the Etherium to dollars?  Could be $0 a day if it's stolen or the market crashes or whatever...

                              • Windscion

                                All I can say is, I tried hard my Marbit brethren.


                                • TheSteve

                                  Valareos:  If that's true, its probably very poorly coded javascript.  Yep, confirmed.  Turn off javascript, page is fine.

                                  • JBeshir

                                    @TheSteve: It sounds like your graphics card drivers have trouble with 3D in webpages (WebGL)- this isn't mere normal bad performance you're describing, and even on slow devices it isn't usual to behave that badly.

                                    Most browsers go to considerable lengths to detect and blacklist and disable WebGL on devices where it won't work properly, but it sounds like your system is slipping through, unfortunately. You might find a driver upgrade improves things, or that you can manually force WebGL off in your browser.

                                    • Shen Hibiki

                                      While I'm happy this is all working, I'm still darn sad I'm missing a chance to participate and help |3

                                      • ArtyD

                                        FOR THE HORDE... I'll figure out which tribe I am in later...

                                        • TheSteve

                                          @jbeshir:  I think you're correct.  I've manually turned off WebGL in about:config, since I doubt a new driver will help this particular GPU with 3D rendering :)  Thanks for the advice!

                                          • Nimelennar

                                            @jay103 I think they are doing a daily exchange to marbitcoin.

                                            • Intocabille CZ

                                              Horaaa... wait why am I cheering. I did not find a single gem during the whole time... oh well...

                                              • Silverware

                                                Woo! I really should leave the miner going if my name is going to be posted occasionally :3

                                                Options around merging spins together would be nice.
                                                Perhaps however, you could simply get the total spins from the month at the end of each month, and run that against a higher number, say 4096, as a single End of Month gem chance.

                                                Get lots of bad spins throughout the month and you can still get a better shot at the end of month gem.
                                                Could even make the end of month one have a thing that states which year/month it was for.

                                                And just leave that one for collections rather than score for the tribes.

                                                • KeiranHalcyon31

                                                   I'm "digging" the Marbit sad face/Gobwin happy face. :-)

                                                  Has it been considered to merely reduce the ads, in consideration of the mining income, instead of making it an all-or-nothing decision?

                                                  Other than in your screenshot above, is there a place we can we see last month's final score (& which team we were on)?