The Titans laid the foundations of Erf in concert with each other. According to the D'worfs, the Titans started with Rock. On top of Rock, they layered grunge, various metals, soft rock, and all that jazz. Near the end of the first set, they broke musical ground, putting riffs in the Erf, and improvising. Nevertheless, it is agreed on by almost everyone that the first creations of the Titans were solid.

After the first set, tradition holds, the Titans started to drink.

It is not recorded how much they had to drink during this intermission era, but regardless of how much they may have had, the effects of drinking seem to have spilled over into their play style, for their work took on a new tenor. It was in this second set that they added the seas, the skies and weather, lakes, rivers, and lagoons, which came to be known collectively as "The Blues."

After putting Matter and Motion into play, the Titans put Life into their work. For in the third set, they added Folk, and for the Folk they had created, they brought in a whole String section, and that tied the whole performance together, and thus, they began to wrap it up.

Fate thanked the Titans for their work, and with Fate came Numbers, for their tab was due, and Fate said, "You have to pay for your drinks somehow or another." Whether the Titans paid the entire bill, or whether the people of Erf ended up footing the rest of the tab for them, is a matter of speculation. And whether they paid wholly or in part, the Titans profited, and at the conclusion of the final set, they went home to Ark, leaving behind one of their dishes, a pair of pliers, a pair of shoes, a pick, and a hammer.

It is recorded that, before they left, the Titans said, "All in all, it was a good gig." And with the profits, the Titans gave a priceless benefit to the inhabitants of Erf: unlike the Arkentools--whose reason for remaining on Erf is a mystery--the profits indisputably give a clear answer to the question, "What do the Titans truly value?" 

The answer is: Royalties.

Thus began the education of the heir to the throne of Oregen.

 The Arkenpick

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    • HighJumper

      Not sure where the Arkenpick came from, but I enjoy the dual possibility of a mining Tool and a Rhymomancy Tool. You did an amazing job mixing music and metaphor throughout. Well done!

      • Lheticus

        Omg SO MANY PUNS I LOVE IT! XD XD XD ^_^

        • Squall83

          Yeah, what Lheticus said. XD

          Dude, what an awesome piece of fanfiction. I wouldn't be surprised if it became canon, wholly or in part. I especially love the Blues and the Royalties.

          • aristotle2600

            I was always a little bummed out that there were only 4 Arkentools, so I'm actually happy there may be more!  But I agree, fantastic job on the metaphors!

            • aristotle2600

               Also, was this inspired by the Ainulindalë?

              • IsaacsLaughing

                Dang, not just SO MANY PUNS, there are layers of puns. I count at least three in the title. Nice. XD

                • PrettyRichMeadow

                  This is my first comment in the world of Erfworld after being a long time fan, reading almost all of the fan fics here, and being a member for a while.

                  That first paragraph absolute gold! Well done.

                  • BoogerShotKrowley

                    I couldn't explain every sentence in this to someone who hasn't followed the story, unless I had hours to pull it apart. It's so deep in meaning, and so toxically punny, and I love it!

                    • Gamebird

                      This is fabulous!

                      Did Country music show up somewhere in there and I'm just missing it? If not, it would be a great compliment to the Blues!

                      • Merilynne

                        I want someone to find the Arkenpick!  


                        • coineineagh

                          You had the dubious honour of teaching me the true meaning of grunge...

                          • Yawner

                            This is too good to not be canon!

                            • Barefoot Monkey

                              Beautiful. Thank you for sharing that, Crivens.

                              I take it that the Arkenpick would be a plectrum, right? Probably wielded as a shield.

                              • Adept

                                Very nice work, but the pun police will come for you Crivens

                                • Cantripmancer

                                  This is spectacular, needs to be canon, and earned you my first ever tip greater than 1 schmucker.

                                  Excellent work.  You're a masterclass rhyme-o-mancer!

                                  • Squall83

                                    Dude, thanks for the tip! XD I feel embarrassed for getting a tip for praising someone's work.

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                                      Heh.  This went to the front page so fast, I almost missed it. And that would have been a shame, because this short work is smart as paint. laughing

                                      • Crivens

                                        I appreciate the positive feedback!

                                        This is my first comment in the world of Erfworld after being a long time fan, reading almost all of the fan fics here, and being a member for a while. 

                                        I'm honored! And welcome to the, uh, the comments section? laughing

                                        Also, was this inspired by the Ainulindalë?

                                        Ooh, good question - I didn't draw from my memory of the Ainulindalë specifically while composing this, but I think I had the idea of the "Music of Creation" in my mind, and Tolkien's Middle-Earth creation myth is the foremost, if not the only, stand-out example of music making a world that I could have thought of, so "probably" is probably the best answer to that question.* The second-best answer is probably "indirectly," since Erfworld started--in panel one of Episode one of Book one--with depicting the Titans as musicians, and it's probable that the creation story of Middle-Earth affected the Erfworld setting just like all of the other references which shape Erfworld appear throughout the Erf-verse.

                                        Heh - of course the Erf-verse is made of rhyme-o-mancy! That's the reason they call it the Erf-verse! 

                                        I take it that the Arkenpick would be a plectrum, right? 

                                        Correct! In fact, I drew what I thought it would look like - I haven't digitized it nor uploaded it yet, though.

                                        Very nice work, but the pun police will come for you Crivens
                                        If there are pun police, I am in deep trouble. (Maybe I can get a concealed parody permit?)
                                        Thank you (to everyone, for their compliments -- and to the tippers, for their tips -- not to mention the people who may have read and enjoyed it without weighing in, regardless)!
                                        • Crivens

                                          Edit: the Arkenpick added to the bottom of the post, linked from here.

                                          • ShaneTheBrain

                                            It's clearly the Arkenpick...of DESTINY.

                                            • Coyoteiscrazy

                                              But what of the Roadies and the Crew? Were not some of the Arkentools items of these lower creatures?