As sharp as the Erfworld team is, I was having a really hard time stomaching the idea that they'd forgotten to change the Signamancy of the Tower when it went Aztec. So I started digging for every image I could that would let me map the TV capitol.


Thankfully the answer came pretty quickly! Between just these two images, one can see the location of the TV Tower, as inferred by the relative position of the ramp connecting it to a second tower that is in a near pairing with another tower, plus the large central structure visible in both shots (clearly distinguishable by its roof line).


Relative to the original image (left panel) you can see that nothing has changed about the Signamancy of the city save for that of the Tower itself. It's much more likely, then, that Skyy is in an adjacent building, and not the tower proper, when Bill defects and the Molls with her change to Charlescomm.


Now, I have to add, HUGE props to the Erfworld team for the accuracy of the comic! The fact that I can do this and have pretty good confidence between two different images and come to that conclusion is a testament to the thoroughness of the team. I'm proud to be a supporter of such fine work.


    • Morgaln

      The tower you marked in the first panel is not the same one as the one in the second panel. Their position relative to the central building with the mural doesn't match.

      • lordfisch

        @Morgaln: It is the same, the camera just shifted to the opposite side.  Note the sky bridge in the first panel is now coming out of the back of the tower in the second.  Also note the placement of the 2 thinner towers (though their relative heights seem slightly off).  The thing making it confusing is the mural, as you mentioned, but I imagine it's just on both sides of the garrison.

        • Morgaln

          Ah, I took another look at the first panel and the perspective threw me off. It looked like the tower was behind the central building in that one, but looking at it now, I see how it is positioned in front. Sorry for that, it was my mistake.