What are some common misconceptions in the forums that you'd like everyone to know about?

Add them to the Erfwiki article List of Common Misconceptions, so we can all be a little less wrong!

If you need incentive, or help finding proof for a suspected misconception, post it to the forum.


The xkcd inspiration: Misconceptions 

The Erfworld inspiration: Book 3 Page 36



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    • Yshl

      Nice! :) I'm already enjoying it.

      FWIW, I'm sticking to a civil standard (preponderance of evidence) as opposed to a criminal standard (beyond a reasonable doubt) when addressing points in your thread, Highjumper.

      • DunkelMentat

        I don't know if today's going to be a Skip or not. Either way there really should be a special forum badge for having gotten published on the front page on a skip day. "This user's submission was so good we shared it to the front page in the absence of a cannon update."

        • HighJumper

          @Yshl - Thanks for participating! I agree that a civil standard is sufficient, since a criminal standard would preclude some helpful additions. And imply things we'd rather not. :)


          @Nolan - Thank you! I've waited for almost a year to get the date right, and I think the patience shows.


          @DunkelMentat - I also don't know, but I'm hoping for a Halloween situation, where my mildly time sensitive submission doesn't preclude an update. I asked for this date if this was considered to be promoted(THANK YOU, TEAM ERFWORLD), but also asked that it not interfere with updating.

          More badges are cool, again if that doesn't interfere. I'm now imagining various Erfworld characters skipping. :)

          • DunkelMentat

            I also hope today isn't a Skip.

            • Skull the Troll

              Shouldn't it be a list of the misconceptions rather than the corrections? I would suggest a formatting like " Belief: Shockmancy is spelled with two A's ("Shockamancy") Correct: The spelling is "Shockmancy." Evidence: TBFGK.... 

              • halbert

                I would agree that the list should be explicit about the misconception. EG: What is the misconception about Skyy? That she can't fly? That she hasn't been seen flying? That she has lost the power of flight for some reason? Similarly, is the misconception about Parson that he can't swear, that he could swear in book one, or that he is/isn't a player?

                Shockmancy probably stands on it's own. Everyone should know it has nothing to do with boats (Dockmancy, to ruin my joke).

                • Guynietoren

                  Well we do have beam weapons on boats, which seem to use shockmancy. Dockmancy would seem similar to date-a-mancy.

                  • Jade

                    Nice idea! Can we add misconceptions about theories that keep coming up in the forum but have no basis on Erfworld rules?

                    Like when Wanda was first captured in the MK I kept hearing "Jillian will go and save her!" Umm, no she can't? She's not a caster and she would disband? And even if she could go through a portal she'd be against hundreds of casters who have already shown hostility to one Warlord, what are they gonna do to one who doesn't have an army of decrypted to protect her?

                    Or even just acknowledge the unknown? Like so many people were fighting about whether or not the Scroll of GTFO would take him "home" or to stupidworld, and until it actually happened no one actually knew, but everyone acted like they did? Something like that could go up and say "CAUTION: no one knows what this will do yet."