Hello everybody, Linda here! It's time to wrap up our monthly Dwagon Master and Sharpest Tool winners for 2017. We had a lot of strong competition in the last quarter of the year. The amount of participation in the Erfworld community makes the job of deciding winners that much more difficult and yet very exciting. So here they are:


August's Dwagon Master is Stargazer for Wanda Firebaugh fan art.

August's Sharpest Tool is Spicymancer for helping us interpret language. http://forums.erfworld.com/viewtopic.php?p=225422#p225422


September's Dwagon Master is Brother Mirtillo for Hamstargazing fan comic.

September's Sharpest Tool is Darkstar7613 for having a keen eye on The Tool's state of mind. http://forums.erfworld.com/viewtopic.php?p=225831#p225831


October's Dwagon Master is HighJumper for The Hamsterdance! song parody.


October's Sharpest Tool is Mutant4Hire who asks a very curious question. http://forums.erfworld.com/viewtopic.php?p=226040#p226040


November's Dwagon Master is Horatio Von Becker for {Clever Title Not Found} fan fiction.

November's Sharpest Tool is Overdroid because we believe Overdroid knows something about Parson that we don't. http://forums.erfworld.com/viewtopic.php?p=227737#p227737


December's Dwagon Master is Crisis21 Revolutionary: Book 1 - An Erfworld Carol {Act 1 - The Scroll} fan fiction.

December's Sharpest Tool is Merilynne because being right about something in Erfworld deserves recognition.


Happy 2018!

Thank you for your submissions and please keep them coming.


    • Merilynne

      Thank you!  It's nice to be right at least once.   ;)


      • Knott

        Happy New Year Erfworld Community and a special shout-out to team Erfworld!

        • Linda Balder

          You're welcome, Merilynne. Thank you for being a part of the Erfworld community. :-D


          Thank you, Knott! :-)

          • HighJumper

            I'm still confused as to why Spicymancer's Unjust Deserts serial wasn't published and rightfully beat out any competition, so I recommend everyone reading this to check it out, but I'll take what I can get. Hopefully he and it get recognized later, as I'm glad to see some of the awesome older posts are getting promoted recently.

            • Bandaid

              @ Highjumper, I also found it awesome. As for it not being published, there might be a very simple explanation. Rob might have not have had the time to read it yet. From what he wrote personally and what we have seen from Team Erfworld  in general (Dwagons of the month, Shmuckers for puplished stories/submissions, etc...) we know that Fan submissions are very welcome. But all of that does not change the fact that Rob's turns continue to have 24 hours in them. So every minute spend reading fan submissions is one not spend on either writing Erfworld or other critical stuff like Robs private life.  And unless we can somehow get a Dittomancer over from Erfworld so we can have multiple copies of Rob running around that won't change (If that actually was an option we probably should get Robs permission first. And Lindas.)

              As for the Dwagon of the Month, there is an additional problem. Namely that there are more submissons worthy of the price than Dwagons of the Month to go around.  Personally I think Spicymancer should have two of them by now, both for the Journey trough the Hungry Jungle and for Unjust Deserts. But other people's submissions deserved their Dwagons of the Month too...

              And everyone who posted something in the same month as Chickpea was submitted was simply "crap out of luck" for example.

              • greycat

                I don't understand Overdroid's post.  Is it a reference to something?

                • Spicymancer

                  Oh wow! Thanks for a great start of the new year! laughing


                  @HighJumper: Bandaid hit all the points I was thinking of, the only thing I can really add is that with time being the limiting factor I really wouldn't want reviewing Unjust Deserts to eat into team Erfworld's actual, well, work. It's amazing enough fan contributions are promoted as much as they are, and I'm really just happy it was as well liked as it was. On that note, congrats on your dwagon! 

                  • Overdroid

                    Oh wow! Now I have to figure out what I could possibly know about Parson that the Erfworld team wouldn't. :D

                    • Zernin

                      Honestly a little surprised that http://forums.erfworld.com/viewtopic.php?p=229026#p229026 didn't get sharpest tool for December. Page 12 in the thread before getting what certainly appears to be the accurate source material for the ICFYS tower.

                      • Bandaid

                        @ greycat
                        Apparently not even Overdroid understands Overdroids post.wink

                        • Brother Mirtillo

                          Thank you very much -- and happy New Year, everyone! This is a place full of inspiring, imaginative people, and it's all worth sharing.

                          • Gildomar

                             Is there some joke or reference in Mutant4Hire's post that I'm not getting?

                            • skyzorro


                              CharlesComm is the name of the side and city. so Mutant4Hire makes a word play on the city's name and the awakened towers behavior towards Charlie as...


                              • Darkstar7613

                                Wow... I, um... didn't even know I was in the running for an honor.

                                In all honesty, that was one of my more toss-off lines, an underhanded pitch over the middle of the plate, so I took a swing.

                                I'm glad my "insight" into Stanley's lack of foresight, because his head is jammed up his hindsight, was appreciated.