Once upon a turn so dreary, while I schemed weak and weary,
Against a many and various customers,
While I plotted, forever living,
Suddenly there came a magic calling, calling of my lovely Archons.
"It's my away team." I muttered,
"Reporting about my prisoner, bringing me alms.
Calling me like they called before.
Only them and nothing more."


Ah, how I distinctly remembered,it was not that many turns ago,
when my mighty Archons flew to battle, battle of the Gobwin Knob
How thy mighty warlord enemy in his bind, summoned
 to oppose the numbers with his mind,
How the winds of destiny were blowing, how the victory was calling,
Calling upon me and mine, mine Archons of which she was but just one poor sap.
How the mighty they were flying,
how powerful they were shocking,
until that turn they have fallen, fallen to the Hamster's trap!
What a sorrow I was feeling, for my Archons that were no more,
dead now and forever more!

As the thinkagram trickled to my mind,
It thrilled me, with sudden joy filled me,
mended sorrow in my mind,
as if to still my heart beating, I found trusty Delta repeating:
"It's your team, bringing prisoner,
bringing it to thirtysixth floor,
your lovely team, bringing her to thirtysixth floor,
It's only that and nothing more!"

Presently, my soul grew stronger, hesitating then no longer,
"Delta," I said, without the intend of lecturing,
"Finish the preparations for prisoner's questioning!"
Always eager to comply, one of the best of Fox Force Five,
Delta sent the orders dour, told my archons to leave the prisoner and lock the door,
so she'll become mine once more, forever more!

As they wheeled me in, I saw her bound body beckoning,
My lovely Lilith, naked, prepared for questioning,
I wished her "Welcome back, I missed you", with kind regard,
She replied with sarcastic remark, unable to move behind her face guard.
"You'll be worth it." I told her, and started weaving my spell hard.
"You'll be mine once again" I spoke "Once again then forever more!"
Quoth the Lilith: "Nevermore!"

With the dish and mystic word muttered, in her mind's chamber I fluttered,
with the ravens I brought my mind to fore, she was a mystery to explore!
A thrilling mystery to explore she was to me, and nothing more!
I said: "You have seen me, so I'll have to turn you. You'll love me again, forever more!"
Yet the Lilith formed a mind castle, to defend against my Raven,
She manned her ramparts, defiantly calling me craven.
Quoth the Lilith: "Nevermore."

As she fought against my advances, I was learning about her defences,
I was searching for my lost love, for our shared bond, of a ruler and his dove,
Yet, she was still resisting, defending a witch without listing,
the one which took her love from my arms,
who once was crowned with a crown of thorns,
At last, I had laughed to what was left of her castle ruin.
"You shall be mine, a new bond inside you I will sew in!"
Yet, she defied me, with the remains of her mind painful and sore!
Quoth the Lilith: "Nevermore!"

As I got close to winning, to save my Lilith from further sinning,
the witch herself had turned loose, changed into hers my troops!
As I was hastily retreating, I heard wicked Wanda's voice entreating:
"Mine. Never take from me again!" I heard her loudly complain.
As I was for my life running and Lilith was for me gunning,
I heard her shout at me, defiant once more
Quoth the Lilith: "Nevermore."


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    • HighJumper

      Great idea! Made me think of


      • Sylvan

        This is awesome =) if I but had schmuckers to tip you =(

        • Unwise

          This is one of the best erfworld related fanfics I've seen. I'm surprised it's not getting more attention tbh

          • Brother Mirtillo

            It has a unique rhythm, certainly. Quite less weepy than the original, too -- sad to start, of course, but then a bit hopeful... and then comes the short sharp shock of defeat. That's gotta sting.

            My favorite rhymes were comply/Five and advances/defenses. Each of them rolls off the tongue as well as juxtaposes the characters.

            Keep on wingin' on.

            • youngstormlord

              Thanks, Brother. My favorite parts are not rhymes, per se.  I liked when Poe added cadence to the poem by adding words starting with the same letter one after another, so I tried to do the same.  Things like "her bound body beckoning" and "wicked Wanda's voice" and, of course, the one you noticed "Fox Force Five".