You wonderful Erflings were instrumental in our Final Act successful funding so thank you again.

Since than we took in much of the feedback and suggestions and tuned it into Stone Daze, we got some cool caveman characters in play that we're sure you'd like.

Still deeply strategic we believe you'll immensely enjoy Stone Daze.

Special powers, wooden clubs and even head bumps to mark your clubbed personalized figurines makes this well designed game quite an adventure. Enjoy a fun time while handling innovative magnetic panels and other cool special actions in your strive to dominate the valley of Hooha

Check it out, make sure to watch the video


    • Brony83

      What does "emencley" mean? Google's search results make no sense, but it also says "did you mean 'immensely'?", which is quite an impressive association in my opinion, because that's way more than the usual 2-letter-difference I'm used to seeing.

      Anyway, congratulations on the successful project!

      • tyto2wolf

        Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and for the congrats, I wondered if to change as it is quite interesting but ...


        • Brony83

          Oh you can write emencley no problem, just so long as I know what it means. :) I didn't expect you to replace it.

          • Dwaff

            The first game I've seen that allows opposing players to move simultaneously in an easy to grasp manner. The rules have some unresolved corner cases, but that's also an upside as quarelling over little details is a must-have part of any good game smile. Just don't forget to buy a beer before starting a session.

            • tyto2wolf

              @Dwaff Thanks so much for your complements, it makes us very happy embarassed

               It isn't only the easy to grasp manner, handling the magnetic panels is a blast.

              If we ever get to meet on some con, beer is on me :-)