Red gladiolus, for Honor. 


Georgia's death was an emotional gutpunch for me, so I wanted to draw something for the character I went from indifferent to in love with. (That scene with her soldiers? Her thoughts while climbing the tower?) I had hoped to have this finished much sooner but I spent a lot of time tweaking it (and working on other things like dollamancy in the meantime ^^). I think I'm finally happy with how it turned out, though.


I didn't have the presence of mine to record myself drawing this, but I did save in enough stages for a process gif if anyone is curious:


(Also, because people seemed interested in the comments to the Chickpea post,  I am working on another Erfworld craft project. Not Bat 11 yet unfortunately :'(  ...although I still plan on doing that, too.)


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    • Spicymancer

      Boop decrypted turning to ash.


      In lieu of a funeral, that's how I will imagine Georgia just prior to waking up in the City of Heroes.

      • Brother Mirtillo

        She looks quite peaceful, like she's asleep. That sense is heightened with the partial smile that you added along the way.

        Gladiolus for honor, eh? She's certainly holding the bouquet with memorial poise -- a red trophy for a red warrior.

        ...of course, this does re-open my dilemma of whether decryption counts as a unit's true form. That said, they have a certain dignity and identity no matter what the raiment -- especially Georgia here -- so here's a toast for all the decrypted, each using their unique spear at least once.

        • cloudbreaker

          Very beautiful.  She looks so peaceful.  Well done!

          • Jatopian

            This is nice fanart, but to be completely honest, I'm excited about having just now realized that your avatar's hair looks like prickly pear cactus. Did you draw that too?

            • Squall83

              You are amazing! O_O

              • Jade

                Lovely art! Georgia's dusting also hit me pretty hard; I was suspicious of Marie's explanation but didn't fully expect treachery. Especially after the obvious trauma she had to deal with of watching her subordinates be dusted one after the other, and then be betrayed like that, she deserved better than that.

                I love everything about this: the pose, the smile, how the background looks like satin fabric in a coffin, it's all just very beautiful. Great job!

                • KayTwo

                  I really wanted her to live.

                  • Alkimodon

                    It'll be hard liking Marie from now on for what she did.

                    This helps. It was a real gut punch for me too.

                    "Think the Giants'll fit?"