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Since Rob was so nice as to include the music to "Hey, Ho, Nobody Home" in the latest comic, I whipped up a quick instrumental cover of the song. I hope that both Rob and y'all like it.


Lyrics: Rob Balder
Music: Pammelia. Mvsicks Miscellanie (1609) - from miriam berg's collection of rounds




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    • Horatio Von Becker

      I quite like this. Be nice to hear the Erf-specific lyrics, but I do like this a lot.

      • Hopalong Ginsberg

        Trust me, you wouldn't want to hear the lyrics if I was singing them! If some other people want to sing then I'm open to collaboration, though.

        • DDrako

          This post is what made me create an account.

          would love to have a full set of lyrics. the instrumental has a lower tempo then the original song but I would love to sing this.


          • DDrako

            you aren't supposed to sing this alone Hopalong Ginsberg. A choir should sing this maybe with a full instrumental (4 mins long) and remade lyrics Erfworld could have their own album :) (needs a lot of work of course).

            • WurmD

              :) DDrako, you and me would make 2 :) already gives a good sound, 2 voices :)

              I love to sing in choir, and given something to copy It should be easy to sing this ^_^

              We can record separately, singing to the camera (listening to the tempo in the headphones) and then Hopa can put them together at his leisure :)

              I've never heard the original song tho, could you point me to a video I should base my singing on? (also, could you email me the reply as well, this comments here have no auto-tell-you-responses-have-been-posted wurmdario@gmail.com )

              • Vreejack

                Heh. I was singing it earlier on my looper. But that is only one verse; there are several and a chorus.

                The chorus could be:


                String, string, paltry thing. Please good Mistress hear us sing.

                Shoes, Pliers, Hammer, Dish are all good things that we might wish for.

                Of one mind in any weather since She put us back together.



                • Sir Rigwald

                  Count me in as well. My range is just a smidge too high for the initial instrumentation, but I'd be willing to give this project a go.

                  • Morsious

                    What instruments are playing on this recording?

                    • DDrako

                      The instrumental in this vid is good its just a little too deep and low tempo but its good because we could record and speed up by .2 or something similar and have a decent song (depending on the recordings) or keep a long but deep sounds but the song would last longer. depending on which version of the song we do and how long the new lyrics are it could last more then 5 mins. thats a long time for almost all voice action so careful on you're voices and keep hydrated (just watching for most of you who might start singing on this).

                      • DDrako

                        currently working on lyrics if you want to give some help we should form a discord channel. Unless Rob Balder came up with some already...

                        • slothman25

                          I would also be interested in contributing to a vocal rendition, if we could get in touch somehow.

                          • DDrako

                            made a discord server send me a private message with your username if you want to join (please don't come to troll) ill invite you as soon as i see it.

                            • GrayMatter

                              I might be down to provide another voice for the choir

                              • DDrako

                                I like that there's many people interested for singing, but we also need a video/audio editor and maybe everyone to link up for the lyrics. its hard to match the orignal song and erfworld. (vreejack had the right start) i ain't gonna post the link to the discord server here (cause trolls) thats why I ask to send me a private message so we don't flood the server.

                                • peteratjet


                                  • Cuanu

                                    @Morsious I would guess thats played by some varieties of the clarinet family bass and b flat maybe some bassethorn in between.



                                    • Ansan Gotti

                                      Oh man, I totally love this! :) THANKS!!!

                                      • Squall83

                                        This is soooo beautiful. Maybe it could do with a fade-out at the end, but otherwise really nice!

                                        • dradio1

                                          Hey, count me in for the choir if you need me, I can do tenor, baritone, and bass.

                                          • Squeedge

                                            I personally love the slower tempo, more somber and haunting.

                                            • DDrako

                                              @Squeedge it does sound good but its hard to match the singing to it.

                                              • Sir Rigwald

                                                I tried to sing a round with myself (and my lack of microphone), using the tempo from this piece.

                                                Check it out here. (Not the best, but should give a sense of what it's supposed to sound like, I suppose)

                                                • Sir Rigwald

                                                  Actually, based on the comic, perhaps the round's supposed to start on the 4th note of each measure?

                                                  Here's the same voices with that difference in staggering.

                                                  • DDrako

                                                    should lower the sound of your staggering it'l sound better

                                                    • shneekeythelost

                                                      The original of this song is frequently sung as a round by various performers at various RenFaires. I'm familiar with the original, sung it more than a fair few times, so seeing it gave me a chuckle.