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    • artificeintel

      In anticipation of Jed's second birthday/awakening-day/whatever-either-of-those-would-be-in-hawaian, next Monday, I came up with this doodle of Jed happily dreaming of a perfect day while Maggie continues her exploration/backtracking of strings to and from Jed (a la update 240, etc).

      In case anyone has trouble following the weird panel layout, it is supposed to go Ace, Stanley, Meggie, Sizemore/Parson, Sideshot of Jed, Jed, Bottom panel.

      • Dewey the Signamancer

         I honestly can't tell what sort of differences they're supposed to have made.

        • SunderedShadow

          All the doors have jed like faces, style of buildings apparently up on wooden stilts, towers more curved and jed head like in shape.  Not bad.

          • Brother Mirtillo

            Happiest Jed ever.

            Very exacting and fine-textured work there -- strings, stilts, cobblestones and everywhere between. The blurriness on the faces is a bit of a drag, but the scenery perspective feels solid.

            All a dream, huh? The cloudy dome in panel 4 was a bit of a clue, though not as much as the clue of "I've been thinking" coming from Stanley!

            • Gathrun

              Do towers dream of concrete sheep?

              • artificeintel

                @Dewey: Pretty much what SunderedShadow said. It's hard to see some of the changes: for instance, the buildings are now supposed to have thatched roofing/walls, but the shading is hard to see. My scanner doesn't pick up detail really well all the time. ...and, yes, I know that Jed's city had just burnt to the ground so one would think that he would want it fireproof. I decided that making it Hawaian themed (like his language) was more important.

                The buildings are meant to look like the "Hawaian" building in this image: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/11/05/3e/11053e66b4574bd73653a4d3bc231295.jpg


                @Brother Mirtillo: Thanks! And, yes, happiest Jed ever. :D  I don't know if it comes across, but the last panel is meant to be reminiscent of the battle for castle lilith. The strings and Jed's eyes (not directly visible) are meant to be glowing. Also, Jed's hat is meant to look a bit like a lighthouse. 


                @Gathrun: I really wanted to do a title based off of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, but I couldn't come up with anything.