Hey there, fellow casters!


Don't you just hate it when the start of your next turn is nowhere in sight and you're running low on juice? Well, if you want to put some Yippie in your Kipi®, head on over to the Magic Kingdom and pick up a six pack of Juice-Head Jed! It's literally juice in a bottle!


Now I know what you're thinking...this is way too good to be true, right? Well, just listen to these amazing testimonials.


"Juice-Head Jed gave me the boost I needed to actually croak a Megalogwiff! It only took about fifty hobokens."


"I drank a six-pack of Juice-Head Jed and suddenly it was my side's turn again! I have no idea how that happened!"


"Then I kicked him in the head till he croaked! I mean, drink Juice-Head Jed!"




If that's not enough to convince you, I don't know what will. Oh, wait, I do! You can now find Juice-Head Jed in three new amazing flavors. Each more amazing than the one preceding it!



Shockleberry! Made with 100% organic, never stored Shockamancy!





Croakaholic! Made with Master Level Croakamancy so good it's guaranteed to thrill you!




And Floral-Fizz! Watch time, space, and your enemies melt away with the power of this potent flower!





Disclaimer: Not labeled for individual resale. Limited Time Offer. Please use Juice-Head Jed responsibly. Side effects have been known to include but are not limited to: fatigue, restlessness, juice addiction, flaking, anti-flaking, Signamantic changes, and loss of casting abilities. Seller disclaims all liability for lack of effect, over-effects, loss of hits, move, attack, defense, specials, unexpected side loss, increased feral spawn rate, decreased feral spawn rate, wasting diseases, croaking, or spontaneous uncroaking (only seen with Croakaholic flavor). No refunds or returns allowed. Please see your local Healomancer if side affects persist or worsen.


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