There is no Foolamancy here, your eyes do not deceive you. All this work: the anatomy, the architecture, the homage to Michelangelo, and the Homestuck reference, were all an elaborate setup. For a dick joke.


Also, I don't know which of Mary's brothers this is. Maybe Rudolfo? I'm gonna go with Rudolfo.


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    • DukeBG

      I'm afraid, Mary and her siblings croaked at Spacerock. But nontheless...

      • Brother Mirtillo

        Cute! That's a magnificently flowing robe, yet another embarrassed Mary... and a blush on Rudolfo's face as vivid as the Jetstone radish. Is Tramennis raising a fist as a salute, or is he casually brushing back his curly locks? (my guess: both)

        @DukeBG - Oh, I'm not so sure of that. There's always the column that marched to Jetstone city. That's my hope, anyway.

        • Brony83

          I'm not wearing underwear today!

          No I'm not wearing underwear today!

          Not that you probably care, much about my underwear.

          Still, nonetheless I gotta sayyyyyyyyy!

          That. I'm. Not. Wearing. Underwear. To--daayyyyyy!

          • ElKingo

            Courtesy of the bee dogs.

            • CelebrenIthil

              Jade, you are a person after my own heart!

              • Jade

                @DukeBG- I know, I really hope her family survived. This is my Titanic reminder that we need to know if they are ok or not :P

                @Brother Mirtillo- Thank you! To answer your question, he is both brushing away his hair away from his eyes and also me avoiding drawing fingers D:

                @Celebrenlthil- Eee! Thank you! I love your Tramennis avatars so much!

                Thank you everyone for your kind words!