Part 5 of 5 in Hamstard the Unit

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Part 5 of 5 in Hamstard the Unit


    • Keybounce

      I actually want one of those myself.


      I'm serious. Standing desk, legs moving ... maybe have the desk a little closer to the center so that I'm only doing a small step instead of a large step.

    • tigerusthegreat (Banned)

      I have thought of building a pedal crank generator for under my desk.  Something to put out just enough juice to change a spare laptop battery (over the course of the day) or something.  Mostly for my fat ass to exercise during work from home days (i am too lazy)

      • smurfworld

        I purchased a cheap cycle desk from Costco a few months ago.  Adjustable height / tilt on the desk area, adjustable seat height.  Very effective, and it doesn't feel like a chore to hop on and do a few minutes at a time.  

        Those little crappy pedal things that you're supposed to use with a normal chair are awful, though.  Extremely uncomfortable and they don't do much.  You can't even use those with normal desks, because your legs will be hitting the table.

        • Infidel

          I'm surprised this hasn't happened in comic yet.

          • vintermann

            It's Charlie in the one chair, but who is in the other? Hamstard?

            • Keighvin1

              There is only one chair. (note the little triangle shape on the other object.)