Don't mess with the casters of the beach.


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    • Bandaid

      This picture is really bizarre. Also, that Archon lifts.

      • Cayzle

        This artwork frightens and confuses me. So ... well done? Have a tip!?

        • Spruce

          Sufficient upper body strength is vital for prevention of neck and back problems, there shouldn't be anything bizarre or confusing on it.

          Modern degenerate cultural imperialism tries keep us making choices that harm us while maximizing profits for the wannabe ruling class.

          • GKBeetle

            I have no idea what this is supposed to mean or represent. Is this some kind of real erfworld beast? And why is an archon sitting in it? What the hell is going on? It pisses me off that I have no idea what this is.

            • elecampane

              Well, it's obviously a joke on the phrase "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", only beauty is not a concept, but a beautiful girl, and a beholder is not someone who looks, but rather a d&d monster Beholder (basically a flying eye with a giant mouth and extra eyestalks growing from top). And all this is given an Erfworld spin where beautiful girl is an Archon, and Beholder is Eyemancer's aberration.

              • GKBeetle

                I wouldn't use the word 'obviously', but now that you point it out, I can see it. Thanks elecampane.

                • GKBeetle

                  I still don't understand the "Fight On!" text, though.

                  • mafeigin

                    I can't add anything to Elecampane's thorough description, except that Dungeons & Dragons is now owned by a company called Wizards of the Coast (which is owned in turn by Hasbro), and the text about "the casters of the beach" must be a reference to Wizards of the Coast.  I don't get the "Fight On!" either.

                    • tunasammich

                      Dat sternocleidomastoid

                      • Mr. Sometimes

                        There might be a more direct reference, but "Fight on!" plus the Archon doing a salute makes me think of WW2 propaganda posters.

                        • lordfisch

                          Bizarre is certainly a good word for it, but well done nonetheless.  It's like you got really drunk but were still really good.

                          • errantknight

                            I'll second Mr. Sometimes, the "Fight on!" and Archon salute also reminded me of WWII propaganda, as well as combat plane nose art.  Having her on a flying creature may possibly a very oblique reference to that kind of art.

                            • coineineagh

                              I think the beholder monster is a running gag, often used to ridicule Wizards of the Coast's excessive litigation and anti-proliferation policy, which is inappropriate because a lot of their work is inspired by cultural myths. They try to manage their intellectual property like a tight business, but it has lost them many fans as a result.

                              This art looks creepy, but I support the idea behind it.

                              • nulloverride

                                 @Spruce, your reaction to @Bandaid's comment was a little over the top.  The image being bizarre and the archon being built were not related to each other.  They were in separate sentences.  So, I guess, relax.


                                Also good artwork!

                                • Pete

                                  This is gloriously subversive. Well done!

                                  • Pete

                                    Who do the faces represent? Is beardy guy Gary Gygax?

                                    • goliath422

                                      Yeah, the "Fight On!" and salute are clearly a take on the World War II posters; my first thought was that this was supposed to be a Charlie propaganda poster.  And errantknight's airplane art idea might explain why the archon's artwork is different from the rest of it (no shadows, more pale outlines, etc.).

                                      As for the tentacles, it took me a bit to connect "eyemancer" and the fact that the middle one reminded me of Issac, and then I noticed the tags:  Second from the left is Pamelor Ambien, fourth is Tisha.  The leftmost and rightmost I have no idea -- though you'd think that gas/NIOSH mask would be a dead giveaway -- but I assume they are other background members of the Great Minds.

                                      • Thecommander236

                                        HA! Psychomantis is what makes this picture just so perfect. 

                                        • Clove Logo

                                          I'm loving this, and it's not just because of my general affection for eye tyrants. (incidentally, we should make an Erfworld unit called Teyerant. It ties you up and rants at you.)


                                          The tags clarify Tisha, Isaac and Pam, but who are the other two eyemancerstalks?

                                          • Clove Logo


                                            Thin girls with muscles are hawt. Even if they're white.