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Greetings Overlords, Ladys, Royals and Regents!


There's a saying amongst Fate aligned casters; Only two things are certain, upkeep and croaking. Sides don't last forever, but many sad ends can be forestalled with one simple trick; pop an heir!


We've surveyed many a Ruler and there are quite a few out there that don't think it's worthwhile. After all, why worry about your Erfly remains when facing the Titans? That production could be infantry, siege, casters...things of greater value! And therein lies their mistake; I didn't bring you into Thinkspace to talk about attack values, Leadership, or other warlordy things. This is all about the Schmuckers; it's Moneymancy that makes the turns come round!


Say your side decides to pop an heir in 65 turns and the Capital was popping stabbers before that. If you didn't pop that heir and those troops lived for the 65 turns, they'd have cost you 107,250 Schmuckers(1) in upkeep! The Mathamancy doesn't lie, popping an heir is saving you money!


What do you do with all that spare cash? Why not welcome your heir a little early and hire a Turnamancer? 150 a turn for 33 turns, a mere 5 grand all up, then go back to popping stabbers.


Net gain; an heir 30 turns early, and an extra 70 grand in the treasury.(2)


So next time you consider popping an heir, become a real Master of Move and hire a Turnamancer!


This was an infogram sponsored by Charlescomm, your Battlespace Solutions Provider!


The Archon flew off as soon as the broadcast ended. A younger caster would have asked why she let him send that for free, but he knew. Even without his turnamancy senses he knew, as would any experienced barbarian. There was no need to ask why an Archon did anything. The answer was always the same;


Charlie got paid.


(1) Assumed that a stack of stabbers has an upkeep of 50

(2) Total upkeep for these new stabbers for the remaining turns 28,050


    • greyknight

      "I'm sure many of you think that an heir is worth so little distasteful and maybe even heretical" <-- I'm not sure what this is trying to say, but it's not succeeding at saying it.

      "Say your side [...] were popping" <-- singular/plural mismatch, probably you meant to say "was" instead of "were"

      "a meer 5 grand" <-- should be "mere"

      • greyknight

        Heck, I can't figure out how to edit comments on this. /tableflip

        The singular/plural mismatch is because you say "your side decides" (treating "side" as a singular entity) but then "were popping" treats "side" as a plural entity.

        • Slayorious

          It should be "was popping"  because your side isn't plural, it's only one. In terms of editing and keeping it consistent with lore, it might be more specific to say Capital. Other cities can pop stuff too even though they can't pop heirs, but production doesn't stop in those cities while and heir is being popped. Charlie for that matter is generally pretty specific when choosing his words. Otherwise I like this idea. Would've been nice to see it as an infographic, since that's what came to mind when I read infogram. Is it thinkamancy if this post had that effect?

          • Knavigator

            Thanks for the feedback guys. I've made some changes and hopefully it reads better now. 

            greyknight, the heretical comment was to relate to the passage that Don cited about keeping to your Number. Idea being that very thought that an heir is worth less than basic infantry is an affront to the Titans. I've modified it so hopefully it makes more sense

            Slayorious, I was thinking of it as a message you see while on hold to talk to Charlescomm, or an advertisement similar to those on Youtube before or after Charlescomm Thinkagram services. I like the idea of an infographic but I can't draw, lol. 

            • Keybounce

              Can 150 per turn really pay for a turnmancer?


              That seems too low. How is Charlie making up for the discount? Volume?

              • Knavigator

                Keybounce, Dove Stool was 75 per turn with rations (WB2014 Digdoug - Episode 9), Digdoug was 160 without (WB2014 Digdoug - Episode 19). We we assume that they're both above level 1 and adept class, then a novice caster should easily be within that range. Those on Short Pier are especially likely to take a Contract from him. 

                As for how Charlie makes money, his primary business is telecommunications provider. In this instance, he'd take commission for a Contract with a Turnamancer or by acting as the means for casterless rulers to hire casters, prompting them to do so with the ads, then charging them for the privilege (two way thinkagram); a cheaper option, with less cost to Charlescomm, but probably resulting in lesser value as a casterless ruler probably doesn't know how to deal with casters.

                Cost; Creation of one thinkgram to store in tower mindstream

                Benefit; Potential future business from dead time in Thinkspace.