I got inspired by my post as Wanda being an "evil adviser" in a strategy game. So I made this post, a play by play of Erfworld as a strategy game. For the purposes of this play by play, Parson is a level one commander unit a player controls, Stanley is a high level Hero commander unit with an artifact. Neither of them player wants to risk, because it's instant game over if they die. Wanda is a caster unit on the board, but also serves as the "voice of tutorial" in the game proper. She tells the player how to select units, what each of the units does and gives the player (or YOU) mission objectives. Anyway, here I go trying to be witty, funny and to generally amuse you. :)


P.S. The player is your classical gamer who is not interested in the back story. Especially if it doesn't have anything to do with the gameplay mechanics. I think that Erfworld is awesome from start to finish, but the gamer who is not interested in story won't think it that way.


Book 1 (first campaign)


1 to 16 - Intro video. Not skippable, good quality, recognized a bunch of scenes from the trailer for the game.


17 - Customizing my main character. A lot of cool specials, but they are very expensive. Flying costs so much. Caster special too. And the game automatically put some skill points in the skills I don't even know what they do. What to hell is a treasury sense? Unit stats and names sense? Level sense? *looks at FAQ book that came with the game* Apparently, those are just for show, a bit of flavor text and to make a game little easier. Unchecking... and whoosh, lot of extra Skill points. Casting? Flying? Nah. He is a commander, I don't want him to die, so he'll need lots of hp. Taking "Big unit" advantage and, since the first few missions are defence, garrison unit too. Now, to put the rest of points in the Constitution, for hp. Intelligence and Wisdom, for bonuses and extra game choices. Some Strength, so he can walk and use weapons and armor. Agility, Evasion, Luck... who needs those? Maybe on another playthrough.


18 - GUI tutorial. Oh boop, this game has profanity filter which censors the curse words. Now, where in the settings...

Boop, can't find it in the settings. I'll look for it later. Let's mess around a bit to see what is all on censored list. After 15 minutes, one of the NPCs gets annoyed at my character for messing too long with the profanity filter and not doing anything and threatens to give me "Non standard Game Over" by disbanding my character. Well played game designers, well played. Fine, let's get on with the tutorial.


19 - Camera controls, check. Named my commanding unit Lord Hamster, everything else I tried was censored and I haven't finished the campaign yet so can't use Parson Gotti name cheat. The cheat is anagram of the word "protagonist". So witty, game designers. Not!


20 - Talking with NPCs, check. Gave the ruler the nickname "Tool" as a title, because I read on the forums you get special dialogue if you do that. Instead of "Plain" or whatever, every dialogue will have "Tool" now. Hahaha, didn't think to censor that word in the dialogue tree, game designers? I'm so smart. And witty. One point for me. Didn't see anything special about the dialogue, though.


21- Cutscene for tension building. Backstory. Somebody wants to wreck my side's shit, for some reason. Sooo not interested! Where's the skip button? Come on, where is it! Damn. Space doesn't work, F10 doesn't work, ESC doesn't work... nothing works!


22 - More cutscenes, enemy wanna beat me, kill my friends, take my riches, salt my fields and hear the lamentations of my women yadda yadda yadda. Whoever thought to put this in the middle of the tutorial should be shot.


23 - Tutorial continues! Finally! Map selection tutorial.  Walking around - check! I can move this little guy, Hamster, around the base and micromanage, selecting parts of the base. Apparently, these are called city zones. Cool. What is not cool are unfunny jokes that NPC makes and then forces my main character to laugh at them. Wait, I get it. It's the lampshade hanging, they just pointed that out to Hamster and stopped doing it. Well played game designers, well played.


24 - Two NPCs talking about one of the city zones, "Dungeon". Probably something about the intro and cutscenes. Boring! Skip. Good thing that it works here.


25 - Cutscene for tension building, again. Enemy units bashing some giant spiders. Unskippable, of course. Sigh.


26 - Oh, I get it. It's was intro to units tutorial. Dragons, spiders, trolls... the works. There's a bug with English translation, though, where some r's and l's are turned to w's. The developers noticed it, but couldn't fix it before shipping, so they hung a lampshade on it. Well played again, they will probably fix it after the first update.


27 - That NPC that does something in the other part of the base, game just moved onto her for some reason - what's the skip command, oh here we go. Back to the main character. Wait, I just missed the fanservice, she was undressing! Sigh. Back to the units tutorial, these are leadership units. Temporary, of course, cause they decay a bit every turn. Probably going to lose them after the tutorial. And they do have funny names, but when I pointed that to NPC, he didn't get the joke.


28 - Back to that fanservice NPC. Going to watch the whole cutscene and pay attention, no skipping, just because of her. Apparently, her name is Wanda, but everyone on the forums calls her Scary Sexy Lady, or SSL for short. Can't see why. Wait, is that a whip? No, get back!


29 - Tutorial continues, with no Wanda in sight. Darn. “Gobwin“ (Ha!) units with the bonuses for tunnel fighting and digging special. Looking precious, but that's because of the graphics style - everything looks like that. Another lampshade hanging, by NPC Stanley. Discussion of turns, natural allies and other mechanics. Tried some different dialogue options, NPC got angry and I barely pacified him. Got to meet the low level unit that looks just like my character, only olive green and with one eye, dynamically generated. I can almost imagine a game designer going: "This unit is going to be important, *wink wink, nudge nudge*, know what I'm sayin'? Do you get it? Do you?" Yeah, I get it. Shut up!


30 - Back to Wanda. Holy shit, that's why they call her Scary. Dungeon mechanics tutorial, some scrolls just lying around, not interested in seeing cute and sexy little people torture each other, skip. Skip... Skip. Can't skip, have to make a choice. Choice between “Mind control“ and “Turn unit“. What's the difference? Don't know that because I was skipping the tutorial. Eeny meeny miny moe, Mind control it is. I hope this doesn't have repercussions later.


31 - Messed up the dialogue again, said one bad joke too many. NPC went mental, started throwing lightning around, floating in the air and summoned frickin’ dragons on my character. Holy shit!


32 - More talking, artifact tutorial, only they are called Tools. Now I understand that extra special dialogue from before. Some more cutscenes. After that near death experience, paying total attention now. Apparently, the NPC Stanley has one of the tools, the other guys have another, only they can't use it properly. We're heavily outnumbered, though, and I can't risk Stanley the Tool in battle, it's game over if he or Hamster die.


33 - Another tutorial, this time to command shortcuts and in-game chat app. You get to it from the logbook.  My character lost the ability to give commands the other way until I learn the shortcuts, which I don't like. Funny NPC nicknames in chat app, though. +1 for game devs.


34 - And... another "tension building" cutscene. Just when I finished learning shortcuts too. Unskippable. Sigh.


35 - Tower zone. GUI is back online. Introducing new type of unit, Caster. This one is summoning/building type of spell-slinger. Funny, every living unit poops in this game and that guy can make units from that too. Literally from poop. Some chat about magic then poop mechanic tutorial. This game has poop mechanic tutorial, for god's sake!


36 - Hamster finally finished pooping. Went to settings page and turned that option off. I don't want to micromanage THAT much. Some talk about that green, generated unit, whose name I cannot change. It's always Bogroll. Really subtle, game devs. Then it jumps back to Wanda and another Dungeon mechanics tutorial. Skipped so hard I'm surprised my skip button didn't smash.


37 - Next turn, armor and equipment tutorial, given by the green eyed unit... Rollbag? Whatever.


38 - Introduction to character logbook GUI, which gives a bit more back story of the main character. I can write whatever I want in the notes section. No cursing, though. Sigh.


39 - More Dungeon mechanics. I skip them, then an unskippable cutscene, with SSL using a chat app and some magics.


40 - Ahh, I see. Unskippable cutscene was intro for magic section in the help section in the logbook. Found the help section in the Logbook confusing. Holy shit, is the magic system complex in this game, or what?! I'll ignore it for now and hope it doesn't get important later.


41 - Possible victory conditions listed in the Logbook, scribbled some notes there.


42 - Introduction to meals (why am I surprised? The units poop, gotta eat something as a fuel, I guess) and in-game hint system which cannot be turned off (as opposed to tutorial, which can be turned off).


43 - More NPC yattering. Something about the Dungeon tutorial I've been skipping all this time and effect on strategy. Skip.


44 – An item among the hints for Hamster which acts as GUI option for seeing more details about the selected units. Thanks tutorial, couldn't you have given me that earlier, when I talked with that poop caster?


45 - Another cutscene, skippable. Something about Dungeon and SSL again. Apparently, we now have a spy in enemy camp.  Wanda wasn't in sexy outfit, so I just skipped it all.


46 - Another tension building cutscene, this one unskippable. Sigh. Went to make some coffee.


47 - Back with coffee, just in time for introduction to the library in one of the Zones, some more explanations what each dialogue option means. Paying attention this time, don't want the repeat of "Dragon incident".


48 - Log update. I read the flavor text, nothing special. Skip.


49 - Some poetry and pretty images, for more flavor. Very artsy and, you guessed it, unskippable. Le sigh. Feels like one of the devs spent a lot of work on it and insisted to put it in, anywhere, he doesn't care, but it has to be in the game. So they did.


50 -  End of turn. Back to the library, went to look some stuff up because the library was the only thing open after the end of turn. Met another caster, the one which is an explanation for in-game hex map. Some talk about not having Move after the end of turn.


51 - Some more talk about Move, then the caster, Misty, introduced me to library search mechanic. Any time Hamster wants to look something up, Misty walks around the library and gets a different book. Cute. I like the attention to detail.


52 - Tutorial continued. Misty as the guide this time. There's another hex map in the log, on the part with notes. Just for planning part, with the list of all units in the side. Neat. Spent some time messing around with it.


53 - Wanda got back and shouted at my character for talking with Misty at night. Turns out that enemy AI in this game suffers from fog of war, as compared to my map and Side, which doesn't. Nice to have the tables turned on the AI for once. Modified the plan accordingly.


54 - Some more fanservice, nothing too crass, just two NPC's getting naked for relax time and screen fading to black. Finally got to move some units on the hex map. Got to face a couple of enemy bat scout units, killed them with dragons. Overkill? Maybe. Very amusing? Yes!


55 - And... back to unskippable cutscene. Sigh. Then back to fighting. Unit animations are amazing and graphics are gorgeous. There's some easter eggs though, with the Leroy warlord shouting Leeeeeeroy Jenkins chant when flying into battle.

Nice touch by game devs, +1 from me.


56 – Cut to our spy, messing around the enemy camp. Apparently, she is some high level warlord, in command of enemy fliers. She won’t let any harm come to my side, but enemy units don’t know that. Then more fighting. Dragons are frickin’ awesome! They have so many hitpoints, they have so much firepower... Sqee! I did the counterintuitive forum strategy and just hit the siege units, then retreated from fighting, guerilla style. According to forums, it will make next few battles much easier than if my units just stood there and fought.


57 – Back to the spy. Enemy units start to get suspicious, but, after few good conversation choices, the spy remains undiscovered. She loses a hat, though, which I have no idea what it means, so I’ll count that as a win. Who is Charlie and why are the hot blue girls dressed as stewardesses glowing? Did I miss something?! I’ll try to pay attention for the next cutscene.


58 – And I jinxed it. One unskippable cutscene to enemy team, just as ordered. Sigh. Enemy reacts to my unorthodox strategy and is pissed. Wow, dev team thinks of everything!


59 – Yay, sidequests! Just got a pop-up (or poop up, as the things may be. Hah, poop up.) in my logbook, something about making golems from poop. Used shortcuts to finish it fast, without leaving the main screen. Used the opportunity to find out why SSL got mad at me and gain more info about map and why I don’t have fog of war and enemy team does. Apparently, there’s some magic called lookamancy and the other called foolamancy involved. Doesn’t interest me really, as long as the map works. Can’t be that important, enemy team doesn’t even have any casters out there.

60 – My character got a magic item as a reward for finishing the poop quest. Neat, it counts the probabilities of winning the fights. Just percentage, the more info you put in, the closer the calculation. Asked some more magic questions from the poop meister caster, he talked about something called thinkamancer and luckamancers and mathamancers... Damn, is this magic system VERY complex or what?! NPC gets back after the nookie and asks for status report. Calls the caster the turd guy. It’s good to know I’m not the only one appreciating the poop jokes.


61 – Skip the magic dialogue with poo-caster. NPC Tool gets his report and gets angry on me for using an unusual strategy. SSL Wanda is with him, looking sexy as ever. I remember previous tutorial about conversation choices and handle the situation. Got some new objectives. Croak six bats. What?!

62 – Enemy sends 6 scout bats. Versus dragons. The dragons „croak“ them fast and easy. After I do that, some scripted events start. The enemy team reaction shots are shown, along with the enemy map, which is full of fog of war. I wait for the video to end, take some well deserved refill.


63 – The enemy decided my dragons are too weak and sends some unlead forest infantry vs them. Even wounded, the dragons finished them fast. I like forest fighting, gorgeous visuals as usual. Graphics are top notch in this game. The enemy AI sucks though. I mean, what was it thinking?!


64 – Speak of the devil... Cutscene to the enemy team and they decide to send all they’ve got, with artifact unit leading the charge. This mission is going to be easier than I thought! I have the objective to gain enemy Tool for a while now. Could it be? Could it be that I’ll finally finish that objective? Let’s find out.


65 – Oh crap. There go my dragons. Didn’t expect leadership to have that much of an influence. And then enemy sent scout in the middle instead of rushing blindly like I expected him to. AI is not as dumb as I thought.

66 – Some more NPC talk. More lampshade hanging, this time about AI stupidity. My character, Hamster, points that AI is not stupid. Hah! Devs really think of everything. New objective: Close the pincers I made when the enemy rushes into them.


67 – The enemy rushes in. Cut to NPCs. And damn... I really shouldn’t  have skipped that magic tutorial the poop caster wanted to give me. Turns out we can “veil“ units, give them camouflage. Gotta think about it, learn how it can be done.

68 – Unskippable cutscene time again. Enemy team discussing tactics again, just for my sake, because this is tutorial. I’m not worried, we still have spy in enemy midst.


69 – Some more dialogue options for the spy and she is off. This is gonna be good. Those blue ladies leave a pretty trail of light as they fly around and spend move. They almost look like magical jet trails.


70 – I use the time while enemy moves to discuss the magic system. Sadly, no veiling; it’s either map or veil and it’s too late to disassemble map. I hear the details of Mind control spell. And... apparently, it has a chance of failure. Maybe I should have picked “Turn unit“ when I had the chance. SSL Wanda and Sizemore “the Builder of poo units“ bicker for a while about the spell, whether it will fail or not.

71 – Cut to the spy. Oh crap. I messed up the dialogue. I messed up the dialogue! The blue ladies in the enemy team can apparently see spells and they see the mind control spell on my spy. And they found my wounded units. This isn’t good.

72 – Did the calculations if the spell fails. Now it all looks even worse. Talked with Wanda again, got reassured that spell won’t fail. Phew!

73 -  More dialogue options for the spy. These blue ladies are... scary! They are the devil! I heard before that you can’t argue with elves, but elves got nothing to these blue flying monsters. At least they are not casters and can only see magic, not use it.

74 – I moved through dialogue, trying to disuade the blue chicks from thinking that my spy is, in fact, a spy. Which she actually is. Suddenly, a cutscene. Oh boop me to the boop. I messed up the dialogue options for the last time! The spell failed, I repeat, the spell failed! Incoming!

75 – Oh boop. The three blue ladies are packing some serious magic power, only they don’t count as casters. They tore through my dragons as if they’re made of toilet paper. Nerf these units! Or at least, give some of them to me, devs. I want them so badly!

76 – They are kicking my ass. The female warlord is a huge level and her leadership is making all the difference. She is killing my leadership left and right. I’ll try to regroup and swarm her.

77 – Oh boop me to the boop. This is harder than it looks. But, I can do it. Just kill her. Come on, you can do it! Almost there, she is wounded, they all are... Oh, come on! The enemy artifact guy just entered the fight with his vampire scout master and the artifact gives him bonus for fighting my temporary warlords. He saved her, in the nick of time! It’s game over. Boop! I’m so sick of this. I want to shout and curse. I’m going to look at the settings again, to once more try to disable profanity filter.


78 – Didn’t find profanity filter :( . The NPC Stanley just had a hissy fit. I messed up the dialogue again. Apparently, he is now taking his ball and going home. He ordered the breaking of the link, so no map without fog of war any more. He threatened with giving me disbanding again. I’m in so much trouble right now. SSL Wanda is sitting on the floor, in dazed state. As sexy as she is, it is sad to see her like this. I ordered Hamster to pick her up and take her back to her quarters. The enemy ends their turn.

79 – Yeah game, rub the salt in my wounds! Victory celebration in the enemy camp cutscene. Unskippable, of course. That vampire scout master which can fly and control bats hooked up with those blue flying magical girls and the artifact guy hooked up with my failed spy warlord. Awwww, how cute... NOT! Give me a break!


80 – Hamster, the big loveable guy that he is, carries SSL Wanda to her quarters, removes her boots and head ornaments and puts her to bed. She sits up, moves to the side of it and just stares at nothing. Backlash of the mind control spell, the game informs me. Very disturbing. I take Sizemore and Hamster (I can select multiple units in this micromanaging menu, now. Wanda is not selectable, because of backlash I guess.) and take them both to Hamster’s quarters. There’s time limit for it, NPC Stanley has threatened to disband us both if he sees us walking around. Objective finished. The Bagrell just pops out in my quarters, like Jack-in-the-box, wearing the same clothes as Hamster and a fake eye. Not in the mood for comic relief right now, but devs had nudged me so hard that green one eyed lunk is important, so I take note. Might be the foreshadowing, who knows?

81 – There’s NPC Tool talking with some other purple-robed guy, something about faking it... I didn’t catch that. Misty is laying on the floor, some grey lady is standing above her, it’s all very unclear. What is clear, though, is that Stanley is serious and preparing to leave. This is just “taking of the ball“ part. Some more interaction between Sizemore and Robolag, about whether to wake Hamster up or not. He wakes by himself.


82 – Disbanding discussion. It’s possible that NPC Stanley is only throwing empty threats. Meet the elite units, Tool’s personal guard. Why didn’t I know these units exist? The battle last turn would have ended differently.


83 – I read about this part on the forums. You need to choose what units go with NPC Stanley and which one stay. It is recommended to send all the dwagons and the minimal number of required knights and to keep the rest in the base. Foolamancer (the guy in the purple robe) is not negotiable. It is all because of a mission later; what you send with Stanley this turn is what you’ll have to work with defending the guy against overwhelming enemy forces later. But there’s something the guys on the forum didn’t tell me. Misty, the lookamancer which helped Hamster look up books in the library, is dead. Sniff. Screw this, I’m done with this game.


84 -  Ok, back. I was pissed on her dying and losing the map part so I took a break from this game for a couple of days. I’ve read some forums in the meantime and, guess what, it’s all my fault. Stanley was not supposed to leave, the casters were not supposed to unlink. I was the one following the wrong walkthrough and messing up with things I shouldn’t have. And I really should have paid attention to that dungeon tutorial! Now, Misty is dead and is not coming back. So, what happened? Well, there was an “Easy way“ and a “Hard way“ to win the battle last turn. But the beta testers of the game discovered the “Very easy way“ along the way (pun soooo intended).
The Easy way: Turn the blonde warlord. She won’t function as a spy but would fight on your side instead. Do the rest of the strategy, the siege destroying manouver, the pincer manouver etc. With her on your side, giving your units leadership, the battle would be much easier for your forces, but also relatively fair. All done in three turns, as intended.

The Hard Way: Turn the blonde warlord. Don’t run after the siege killing, but stand and fight. She’ll level, twice, and would be able to kill the artifact bearer three turns later.

The Easy Way no. 2: Mind control the blonde warlord. Destroy the column (whether guerilla style or stand and fight, it doesn’t matter). Croak the tool bearer (harder without the blonde warlord, but doable). Croak the fliers next turn in fair fight. Don’t do the pincer manouver! All done in three turns.

Now, beta testers discovered the “Very Easy way“ during testing. Can you see what it is? Yup, the Easy way no. 2 with the pincer manouver. You mind control the blonde warlord, croak the guy in pincer manouver, croak her next turn in the same manouver. Clean up the now leaderless siege column. Done in two turns.

So, game devs got pissed. They gave you all the advantages against AI, except for numerical one and you chose to make it even easier. So, they added units from later in campaign, those blue chicks, called archons. They were there to report to their boss anyway, but were not supposed to be in the fight. So, when you choose the Easy way, you get the Easy way. But, when you choose the Very Easy way, you get the Very Hard way because those archons now join the fight. You lose the map advantage and library lookup one (hey, you deserve it for trying to cheat, you cheater! And “spy losing her hat“ was a hint to me to stop whatever I’m doing or there will be reckoning and gnashing of teeth! It was not in the original beta testing of the game) and so I have to do it much harder way.

Or load a previous save. And I don’t have a good previous save! I mean who saves during tutorial?! No one!

85 – Have to use the scouts now. No lookamancer, no foolamancer (I really wanted to try that camouflage, too. Sniff!), no interactive map. At least the devs gave me the scouting tutorial. It’s something.

86 – Tunnels. New city zone, lots of new mechanics to learn, from poocaster (officially dirtamancer) Sizemore. Gems, mining, treasury (which I have no idea how big it is, thanks to all those skill points I sent towards the “Big Unit“ advantage. Oh the irony.), traps, defensive tunnel destruction. So many things to learn, so many things to use. Using too much tunnel destruction could destroy the city which is insta-loss. Dully noted. Some more lampshade hanging, backstory and boring puns(ha!).

87 – NPC Stanley the Tools backstory, very interesting. Small wonder I was pissing him off with my dialogue choices. The more you know... and the knowledge is half the battle! Natural allies can break alliance – check!

88 – My logbook rang. Learned about Royalty, nobles and Tools. More flavor text, I guess.


89 – Unskippable cutscene to the enemy, vampire scoutmaster talking about Stanley leaving. It caused tension between the blonde warlord and the artifact guy. Troubles in paradise, I guess. Good to know. Now, get back to the game already!

90 – Good news: finally got to veiling tutorial! Bad news: I suck at it! Spent whole juice of that foolamancer and didn’t get one good veil. Some of them were funny, though. Bad news number two: More unskippable cutscenes. Grr!

91 – More backstory, this time about the warlord I tried to use as a spy, more flavor. One good, eyeballin’ (ha!) joke in the whole cutscene. Daddy issues in the fantasy setting, basically. Get on with the game!

92 – And yet more backstory. Turns out that SSL Wanda and the blonde failed-spy warlord share a past connection with the same kingdom. So it is personal for her. Warlord’s name is Jillian. I’ll call her Jill for short. And yet more cutscenes.

93 – Finally over. Talking with thinkamancer, she took over SSL Wanda’s tutorial parts after she got dazed and tazed. Her name is Maggie and is not nearly as sexy as Wanda but she knows a lot about magic. Ordered her to try to get Wanda back into fighting shape.

94 – After the chat with Maggie and another one with Sizemore, my logbook updated. A lot of new stuff about magic, Duty, Loyalty, Obedience... Spent some time going through unhelpful help section about magic. Turns out casters are some special sort of commanders. A lot of things to think about.


95 – Some philosophical chat with my green henchy, Bogroll. More foreshadowing, I guess. The guy said he wanted to save my life. Might happen, but I couldn’t care less. One good joke. +1 game devs.

96 – Our turn started. Hamster got the second part of some item in breakfast. I didn’t even notice when he got the first part! It just sits there in his inventory, two parts of unfinished sword. Learned more about enemy forces from the hint. Interesting.

97 – Finally fighting again. And it is versus enemy scouts, of course. Not bats, but digger units. Finally used poo golem. Sizemore is scary, especially when leading heavy metal golems he had made. I’m not taking any chances this time; they are going splat and splat and splat again! Here, take this for all the cutscenes, you ugly little marbits! Even Sizemore was shocked at my savagery, but I don’t care. It was too long I’ve been denied the posibility of fighting; it’s payback time, marbits!

98 – Maggie finished the task I gave her and optional objective of “Fix Wanda.“ is completed. She is still not selectable, though. Time to start with the diplomacy tutorial. The first order of business: diplomatic talk with the side those scary flying blue magical girls, archons, are coming from: Charlescomm, the side of mercenary Overlord Charlie. Huh, I just got it. Charlie’s archons equals Charlie’s Angels. Haha.


99 – Charlie is... weird. He accepts everything as an input for the first trade. Even mathamancy calculations. I paused the negotiations, tried my hand at Foolamancy veils again. Failed, of course, but some of them were very amusing. I’m starting to suspect the Foolamancer is messed up in the head, at least a little. Back to negotations!

100 – I must’ve triggered something, because there was, you guessed it, another unskippable cutscene to the enemy camp. Something about rockers and dance-fighting, whatever that is. Wasn’t able to convince Charlie to change sides, but it was good for my first negotiation attempt. Speaking of which, a new option has just unlocked! Diplomacy menu. And I’ve already got an idea how to use it! Talking smack to enemy leadership!

continued in part 2