Honestly, Ace could dress up as himself, and he'd still look like an action hero.


(Note: user was awarded 25 Shmuckers for this post. -Rob)


    • Spicymancer

      Congratulations! You officially win first prize in the Halloween Competition's fan comic category.


      And officially, this is good enough that it probably would have won even with other people participating, so don't think it was due to just being the only one. winkcool

      • balder

        Yeah I definitely dropped the ball on helping promote Spicymancer's contest. I don't know what it is about October, but a crazy amount of stuff always comes up. I really appreciate your running the contest, though.

        • Axiom

          Damn, I didn't know how much I needed something like this.  Rob, when you're done telling your story, you should consider making a few pages like this.  Light-hearted pages where we get to see low screen time characters interact and be themselves.  Something like an Erfworld After Party Epilogue as one last hurrah before everyone gets put back in the metaphorical toy box.  

          • Spicymancer

            Thanks Rob! And no worries, I wasn't actually expecting the contest itself to be promoted. Though I did have my fingers crossed that at least some of the entries would luck out and get published. It was fun to run, and it's something I hope people on the site keep doing to celebrate the holidays or just for fun, like Vendanna's retconjuration competition. 

            • Frogpop

              All hail Judge Jed!

              Nice one.

              • DukeBG

                Jed the Head is Judge the Dredd. I don't get it. What was obvious/not obvious?

                • Brother Mirtillo

                  @DukeBG: Sizemore noticed a fellow caster feeling glum because he hadn’t been able to get the results that he wanted to get.

                  Thanks for the feedback, everybody! Happy harvest to you!