Hope City is a co-op game where the players take the role of different city leaders, who need to work together to save their dying city from punks and urban blights, all while managing their own corruption.  The players take turns trying to complete objectives to help build city sites to protect the city. Each leader has their own set of talents (weaker,limited use powers) and temptation actions (stronger multi-use actions that can cause the player to become more corrupt) to help them finish the job. Will the players bring Hope back to Hope city, or will corruption prevail?


The Hope City Kickstarter is going until Oct. 22, and can be found at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/550598510/hope-city-1.


I have made videos that cover a rules overview, a preview/review, and a play through, which can be found on Stay Geeky's YouTube channel.


Direct links to the videos are...


The Rules Overview



My Preview/Review



and the Play Through



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    • mortissimus

      Game looks fun.

      Though when I tried to look at this post at my tablett earlier only the left-most third of the videos was visible. So just a heads-up to the techies: videos and pictures should scale with browser window or they become unintelligble on small screens.

      • gatherer818

        This says it was posted on the 23rd, and the campaign ended on the 22nd.  That's helpful for managing my Kickstarter addiction, but not for actually getting the word out about the Kickstarter :/

        • balder

          Yeah, it fell through the cracks. Sorry about that.