Hey All You Erfworlders;


My name is John and I write & design games as J.M. Perkins. Rob mentioned that it would be ok if I shared my most recent Kickstarter project with you 'The City of Salt in Wounds.' Since 2015, I've been writing and posting about the city; first on the ennie nominated website Tribality and then at it's own url. In case you missed it, here's a quick taste of what this evil fantasy mega-city fed by a bound Tarrasque is all about:


Upon approach to the city of Salt in Wounds, the first thing a traveler will note is the sounds of the Tarrasque –the unkillable, mountain sized monster that terrorized the world in the last age- screaming as it is butchered –again- to feed a hungry city. Its roars echo for dozens of leagues, and the ground occasionally trembles as it thrashes against the immoveable harpoons that hold it in place.


Moving past the massive carved bone gates, the city continues its assault on the senses as merchants bark their wares, gore splattered laborers drunk on blood wine gamble & brawl, and every manner of vice is offered up for sale. Fortunes are made here… as are adventures. The city holds a place for everyone from mercenary warlocks, to scheming Binder-Lords & dour God-Butchers obsessed with their holy mission, to covert paladins & fanatical druids (executed whenever discovered), to mutants & Marrow Miner orcs: all manner of heroes, villains, and all those who fall somewhere in between. But there is perhaps no more dangerous metropolis in the world than this place where the ground water itself can monstrously twist your flesh, where citizen ghouls doff their hats in salute even as they smile with their overlarge, over-sharp teeth, and the Tarrasque still strives to free itself even after two centuries…


Basically, Salt in Wounds is a dark, detail rich fantasy city whose culture, economy, and existence is beholden to the reality of the giant, regenerating Tarrasque which is imprisoned within the city center so it can be butchered over and over again. You can read more on www.SaltinWoundsSetting.com (there's a link on the KS). We launched on the 27th with an initial goal of $5000 now we're over 480% funded and -in the word of one blogger who covered the project- 'smashing through stretch goals the way a Tarrasque smashes through a first level party.' We have some great backer levels from $5-$150 dollars (all the high tier slots sold out) and rewards range from PDFs to Tarrasque Jerky.


Anyway, hope you'll take a moment to check out the project back if you can, and wish me well & share if you like what we're doing.







    • meerling

      Wow! This is a cool and disgusting setting all at the same time. 
      Too bad the timing sucks for my available finances this time of year. 
      I wish you definite luck on this, even though I saw you've easily funded already, and still 19 days to go!

      • Sydney

        Interesting setting for sure. Although I am hardly familiar with Pathfinder system and never really knew my way around further from D&D's 3.5 edition. Cool stuff! Definitely will consider backing and certainly will promote your setting and Kickstarter project further.

        Cheers! All the best.