Part 2 of 2 in Mapping Out Erfworld

Phase One


                Ah, now for the promised part of adding in terrain features from known maps I have seen with my Lookamancy powers. Each of these maps are taken directly from the first three books of the fine story of the side known as Gobwin Knob. These maps can be seen yourself, if you have your own lookamancer or lookamancy artifact, at the following locations: first we have a little known map which Parson is looking at while talking to Jack (1st and 2nd panels). Then we will look at the Bohica to Orgchart map and the planning map showing the Dwagon encirclement. Lastly is a well-known map from when Jillian was preparing to head home during the battle for Spacerock. We also have a tiny one for the road to expository bridge. As we come to each I will be placing them onto my earlier hex based territory map so we can get a good look of the terrain, I will of course be explaining why the placements would be as such.  But before all that we need a legend so even you non-Lookamancers can understand what you are about to see.


                 The Legend shown above has a lot of information I am assuming, meaning it is quite possible that it is not 100% accurate. However the assumptions are fair, so I am simply going to assume they are true. The S-C-F-A-R-L stands for Simple-Canon-Fanon-Assumed-Relative-Large. The hexes shown below each area are the hexes that will be used in my maps. The G-F-C (spec) stands for the move costs of Ground-Flying-hex Capable and (special of that hex type). Not all hex types are shown, most notably Storm, Rainy, and Tunnel hexes, if I find I need to put them in a map I will draw an inordinate amount of attention to them so they are clearly understood.  Don’t worry, I may drone on from time to time, but I promise not to be so boring as to put an Insomniasaur to sleep.

Ok, so First is the map which Parson is looking at while talking to Jack. It is very small so I took the liberty of enlarging the map. As you can see in the image on the left, there are hexes shown! This map is going to cover a LOT of area.


Now I translated the map into my legend. The first step of doing so was flipping the image so I would be looking at the map from Parson’s view. From there it was a simple, if time consuming, process of translating each hex. Unfortunately, since only one of the images had clear hexes there is undoubtedly some incongruities on the left of these maps, but I did the best I could.

From Left to Right, starting at the top…  The first map is the translation at a slight rotation, why? Because with it at this angle both the map of Bohica to Orgchart and the planning map showing the Dwagon encirclement fit into this map  perfectly (I’ll show you that soon). Second we have the translation using my chosen grid system in an attempt to keep the map rectangular. The next two maps are revisions to the first two using a grid system which a fellow lookamancer pointed out may be possible. I will be showing the versions of each (that fit best) placed over their appropriate territory maps later, but first….

This image clearly shows both the map of Bohica to Orgchart (in purple) and the planning map showing the Dwagon encirclement (in orange) fitting in perfectly! Now I’ll only have to fit one map into the territory map instead of fiddling with three! But which version am I going to use as my final piece…. decisions, decisions…

So what did I do? I put all four of them onto their respective territory maps. Again, from Left to Right, starting at the top. This one looks like a good fit at first… until you notice the yellow circled area… That’s supposed to be an ocean! While the map can be moved north to bring it out of the ocean, doing so puts a fair portion of FAQ outside of mountains, and we know that FAQ is in fact surrounded by impassable mountains. Number one is out. Next we can see the map fits nicely, nothing crosses an ocean, FAQ can still be surrounded by mountains, the likely area for GK (circled in black) is all GK territory and Bohica (circled in sky blue) is within GK territory. Looking good, but let’s verify the other coordinate system before choosing… For the third image at first glance it looks like it might work… but note where Bohica is, WAY outside GK territory, if we push the map to the left enough to get it back in the GK territory, then GK capitol would no longer be east of FAQ, but rather South! Number three is out too. Finally we have the last map, here I show GK area (in blue) and Bohica (in pink) both being within their relatively correct positions… but just like in the first map the yellow circle is suppose to be ocean! Push the map to the right and Bohica leaves GK territory forever! Also note that the bottom two maps don’t quite´fit the capitol markers into their territory areas… These were quickie maps and they show that while it may be possible to fit the capitols (this actually is a very close fit), the amount of finagling to do so would be high, and the end product would push the maps to be even worse matches.


So map two is the one I’m going to go with! Looks like FAQ’s border is part river, but there’s still enough room for the high mountains to encompass it… and notice those two Black hexes? Those two points are (-1214, 455) Where Jillian croaked a Twoll and three uncroaked en route to Gobwin Knob, and (-1218, 467) Where the Archons met Ansom's forces. Both are in forested hexes which fits with what is seen. Now while it is true that I can move the entire map one hex Left… this feels like a better fit as it gives a larger area GK can be, as well as giving FAQ territory more room for the High Mountains which are supposed to surround it.


Those with a good memory might remember I originally had an ‘unnamed city’ in GK territory in the Lower Right? That area is now mountains. Does that mean that a city isn’t there? No! As far as we know the city can still be there, as this map wouldn’t show any city sites if not for the Bohica/Orgchart map. I can easily see eight areas that other cities may actually be in the terrain portion of the map… but which hex would they be in? I don’t know.

Ok, so let us take a look at our next terrain map now. The map shown here has been previously cleaned up and made clear by other people, but at this point (I had actually finished this map long before I even saw the big one) I am still playing with how exactly I want my terrain maps to look, so we have two examples of my version shown. My first remake I use symbols which are hard to see as well as colors for terrain types (mostly uses “C” from my legend and some “R”)… this would become an issue for identifying hexes in the larger territory map done earlier, so I made the smaller color based map (which uses the “S” from my legend) The larger version of these two maps have the cities of Progrock and Brookstone circled, as per the order they were reportedly encountered. There is a third city (pink hex) that remains unnamed, and an odd orangish hex that is unknown (it might just be a discoloration?) also there’s the question of the gray hexes on the right… a lot of unknown stuff here. Well, for the gray hexes I am assuming they are a road (edit: paved road- there were similar colored hexes in the Bohica map that looked more like a road layout than the mountain hexes colored similarly nearby) and the smaller version shows this. As for the odd orange hex? Yeah… it is way too close to be a city (though the possibility does exist), I however decided to make this a Ruins/Dungeon site. We haven’t heard any evidence for this in the GK stories (yet), but there are many tactical games that would have such sites so a side could find rare items (where would an artifact come from if only a magic item is made by Erfling hands? Just one possible explanation). Some Fanon stories support this theory, so I am marking it down in the smaller map as that hex type.


Before we place that map we will look at another nearby map. This one appears to be the road from JS to Expository Bridge. As you can see I chose to do this one only as the color based terrain (“S” from my legend). The map was seen here originally, and I just took a direct translation method to my version (after a little rotation). You will notice that NO bridge hex is shown (as there is no bridge shown on the actual map). However in the red circled area I will later be marking as a bridge hex once it is placed. So, now the question is where and how to place them!

There we go! So first off, you notice that black marked hex? That’s the hex shown on the Bohica/Orgchart map where Jillian and Stanley fought! What’s important about this? The distance from Spacerock. This black hex is 69 hexes away from SR. divide that by 3 (the number of turns it took for Jillian to reach here) and that means Jillian’s Gwiffons would need a minimum of 23 move to get there in three turns. It took a bit of fiddling and playing around with possible locations… but this placement puts Brookstoneat 28 hexes from SR, and needing 49 to reach the Black hex, as we know Jillian still had move remaining after Brookstone, “but not enough to reach cover” we can assume her force has a move of 30, which means that after leaving Brookstone she would have 11 move worth of hexes to go around barriers or stretch to hit the two other cities she apparently hit on her way up. The route is important to note, as she could actually make it to Brookstone in 23 hexes, but the path shown causes it to be the 28. Also of importance to note is Jillian reaches FAQ 3 turns later, and FAQ is 62 hexes away from this point, allowing for a 28 move differential from terrain penalties and non-linear route.

Finally, the road to expository bridge map was effectively forced into its orientation to accommodate fitting in with the other map. Those who have sharp eyes will notice that the black hex lines were changed to the territory’s color, Keeping black lines only for border edges and unclaimed space (or no information). They would also notice that the city hexes are also colored to match the territory colors (rather than gray as shown in the legend) this is to denote ownership. I liked doing this as it allows me to continue showing territorial space while giving terrain information.

I would like to note that these are assumed placements and things can easily be off by a few hexes. That being said… According to this map layout the coordinates of the cities are: Progrock (-1163, 413); Brookstone (-1170, 420); Bohica (-1179, 451); Orgchart (-1199, 428); and finally Gobwin Knob (shown by the pink blob) would most likely be within three hexes of (-1231, 473 ). The center point hex of possible Gobwn Knob locations would be 31 hexes from the far end of Ansom’s caravan formation assuming his battle map shows the full column, which keeps in line with the idea that siege units would have 4-6 move (even at 4 move, with my assumption of ½ move cost over roads the back siege would still be able to reach in about 5 turns).  People may notice there are some colored hexes in areas of claimed territory that still have black borders, these are assumed hex types to show how canon might fit all the choices made to fit these maps together.




Next I will be listening to tales of other sides and hopefully making maps for them as well! If a Ruler or storyteller would be interested in my work please contact me in the Magic Kingdom, and I’ll see what I can do, just keep your portal to the MK open for me! As for now, I’ve made enough shmuckers to pay my upkeep for a while, so I’m gonna take a well-deserved break…


Part 2 of 2 in Mapping Out Erfworld


    • falcore51

      Amazing work, if rob ever offers us a map of the world I am getting it printed on vinyl.

      • kilantolshi

        There is one more map in canon that I know of, I will be trying to find a place to fit it in, but it may take some time as there are few references to where it actually would be placed. If I can find a place for it I will insert it in phase 3 (along with any other new maps that appear between now and then)

        • mortissimus

          Great work!

          Ruins are canon, as are them popping artifacts. Wiki reference on this is "Entry from the Glossary from the printed version of Book 1,The Battle for Gobwin Knob"

          • kilantolshi

            oh really? gonna need to get a printed copy soon then


            • thlawrence

              This is amazing. One detail though. The lakes in Hobbitm are covered in the image by Jack and a text box in the comic. Those hexes should be unknown, unless I missed some details.

              • kilantolshi



                If you look closely you can see just above Jack's knee (I think that's a knee at least) the top of the larger lake, but you are asking why I have them so big when I can see so little...


                hehe, I was wondering who would try and notice that. actually the lakes are there, but in that image you are right, Jack is blocking them... if you look on the previous page though you can see a very tiny and squished version of the image and I had to to stretch and enlarge it a bit, but there are two lakes down there... exactly how large are they though? don't rightly know, but they do take up a sizable chunk like the mountains do. Reason I didn't put that bit in is because the map is so small it came out so blurred when enlarged I was only really able to know there 'are' lakes there, not their size/shape (beyond them being large lakes). When I first saw the smaller image I thought I was going to be placing the map down along the ocean, but there's no double bump in that water area anywhere near GK...

                • thlawrence

                  Your right. There also seems to be mountains and rivers around Gobwin Knob, though not enough to map it out.

                  The borders on the map seem to line up very well with some geographic features. The border of Hobbitm lines up with the lake very well, this might imply Hobbitm has ships on the lake that can exert influence over it. And as you mentioned the river with Faq lines up great as well.

                  • totalnerduk

                    This is pretty amazing. I kinda hope that if there's going to be a playable PC version of Erfworld, you're the map guy for it. Heck, I kinda hope Rob canonises your maps for the story.

                    • malchome

                      I would like to see a CIV6:Erfworld map/mod.  That would be fun.

                      • robc

                        Late comment, but from Book 0, Goodminton is about 11-12 turns (at 31 move) from Faq.  The Minty Mountains seem to run northeastish from Faq (including GK and CC), so that would put Goodminton somewhere north of CC.  Possibly just off the top of this map, or barely on it.


                        Just that seem right or do I have the direction wrong?

                        • kilantolshi

                          @robc that's basically where I was thinking Goodminton's capitol would be too. The Capitol of CC is shown to be in some VERY steep mountains, most likely within the Minty Mountain Range. Book 0 also said Jillian didn't think the Minty Mountains went that far North, giving an implication that this specific mountain range may be one of the larger, if not the largest, in Erfworld. We also know that the city Jillian escaped from (the one with Wanda's "garden", I don't recall if it was ever named) was somewhere west(ish and almost certainly a bit north) of Goodminton... 1 turn by paddleboat, + 2 turns by land, +5 turns by Banana the Dwagon. There is actually A LOT of information given in the comics about the area, but not so much about specific hexes.

                          So everybody knows, Phase 3 is waiting on at least one more mini-map to appear in comic and will be a direct update to this one. This may be awhile as we don't know when the Titans will next be putting a map in. Phase 4 will come out shortly after that and will include "speculation hexes" such as the Minty Mountain's range, where the southern desert (Dig Doug's side, and Lady Shelby the Cobra's side) would approximately be, assumed borders of certain 'fallen sides' (to include Haffaton, Goodminton, and Unaroyal) etc.

                          In the meantime, if anybody would like me to make hex maps for their serials, send me a PM and we'll see what can be done. You can also catch up on Carl Rapher's (our intrepid little map-maker himself!) journey in The Battle For Gloom Isle