If you’re reading this, you like fantasy games, so at least I’m making my Carny pitch to the right audience . . .

   About 33 years ago, I started writing GURPS, which originally stood for Great Unnamed Roleplaying System and was retconjured into the Generic Universal Roleplaying Sysem.

   30 years ago, it hit the stores.

   Now we’re Kickstarting a five-book set called Dungeon Fantasy, powered by GURPS. It’s just what it sounds like: the classic dungeon setting. Go down the dank, slimy stairs, find monsters, slay them and level up. Or, as it may be, run screaming for the exits.

   The production quality will be truly excellent, but for those who have no room in their shelves – or who don’t want to deal with shipping across oceans – there’s a PDF option.

   If I’ve piqued your interest a bit, please check out the whole campaign.  Thanks!

– Steve Jackson


    • balder

      SJ's support and enthusiasm for Erfworld has meant a lot to us, and GURPS has been a part of my gaming universe for at least 20 years. Please do take a look at his latest project.

      • Lemons

        Steve yer a boopin' legend, mate! You're sort of an inspiration to me :) Let's have a look at what you have in store for us this time...

        • shneekeythelost

          Hell, I remember Steve's very first project, The Fantasy Trip (TFT). Very simple, no-frills game. Technically, there are two classes: Wizard, and non-wizard. No Clerics, either have a non-wizard pay buku skill points for the appropriate skill which will heal, I believe 1-2 points max, or pack the potions. Healing is a VERY scarce resource.

          Been playing GURPS for decades now. Since the 90's at least, maybe even back into the '80's. Pretty much the very first classless point-buy system ever. Prone to min-maxing in a way the gaming community has never seen before, or since (except perhaps the old 623 CharOp boards for D&D 3.5. Pun-Pun, I'm looking at you, here...).

          With a reasonable GM who takes a no-nonsense approach to min-maxing, it is an extremely enjoyable game system. So that alone sells me on this. I find it amusing that one of the splatbooks in this collection is literally called 'exploits'.


          I believe the appropriate phrase here is: "Shut up and take my money!"

          • Casewerker

            Oh, I remember The Fantasy Trip too. Still have my much beloved copies of Melee and Wizard lying around somewhere too, tokens and all. While I was never enamored of the actual mechanics of the GURPS system, I've always appreciated the ambition and scope of the project, and the sheer, boggling variety of setting books, genre support supplements and the like that got put out for it. It's hardly the only generic system out there but as far as I'm aware it was the first. I love designing game systems myself but I love designing settings even more, and I have always loved the fact that for 33 years at least there's been a system whose purpose was to support every possible setting I could ever dream up. For that, I wish Steve Jackson Games and GURPS every success on this kickstarter and any other project in the future.