Tyto Games is a new venture that brought ELEMENTOS to life a few months back and is doing really well.


We are now at it again with a more elaborate game, here's a bit about it.


Final Act came to mind when Sharon was an IDF Merkava tank commander in active duty, it was a challenge from the battalion commander in one of those outposts stuck in the middle of nowhere guarding the open borders of Israel.



Final Act features innovative control panels that make simultaneous movement a load of action. The game flows at a perfect rhythm as you set your movement orders and deploy your munitions. But nothing really prepares you for what’s about to unfold.




5 A.M. Sunrise. Open desert plains. Your company awakes. A light breeze carries scents of coffee and grease. Your objective is clear, be the first commander to advance any of your tanks to the enemy’s “Last Line of Defense”.


Under the cover of darkness you carefully designed your terrain, you’re ready! Your action plan is clear, your know exactly which platoon will take defensive position and which one will attack. But you wonder if your plan will hold. You know you’ll need to adapt, after-all your opponent is no easy game!


Welcome to Final Act, a game of tactical planning, guts, and a little bit of luck!


(NOTE from Rob - This game is our featured Kickstarter in the little Kicking-It-Forward widget on the sidebar. I found the project via Backerclub email and thought it looked like something Erfworld readers might like. I haven't backed it myself, and I haven't had any contact with the project creators, so I was mildly surprised to see this posted here. It's a little spammier than most posts I like to put on the main page under GAMING, but since we're already squawking for this project, why not? They still need the help to get funded. I just want to make sure everybody knows this is not a paid endorsement or anything. The Kickstarters we choose to help boost are always just things by Erfworld readers, or friends of ours, or project that I think Erflings would like.)