Danger Danger Dinosaur! is a family friendly, press your luck dice rolling game that is on Kickstarter now through June 14, 2016.  


Players take the role of a family of cave people trying to advance their world by developing BIG IDEAS, such as the wheel.  But to make these ideas come to life the players must gather the resources they need by rolling the dice.  If a player does not get everything they need on the first roll, they can re-roll by travelling out further from home, but be careful, they farther you venture out, the more likely you are to get scared off by the deadly T-Rex.  When you get scared by the dinosaur, you drop everything you have gathered so far this turn, and ends your turn huddled safely in your hut.


I have made videos that cover a rules overview, a preview/review, and a play through, which can be found on Stay Geeky's YouTube channel.


Direct links to the videos are...


The Rules Overview


My Preview/Review


and The Play Through


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    • Tualha

      Sounds creationist. They're the only people who think dinosaurs and humans lived at the same time.

      • potatogod

        Agreed with Tualha.

        I come here to see a baller webcomic, not to see an ad for an unpublished creationist boardgame.  Why is this being given equal space?

        • Mark Ion


          I cannot speak for Rob, but I assume he allows me to post this content because 1. He is Kicking it Forward, and 2. While I may not write creative stories for you to read, this is me sharing my passion and creativity.

          • threezero98

            Yeah. Same here. Why is a game that is so obviously flawed because humans never existed with dinosaurs being allowed to have space on a website that has fanatic zombies in an other worldly dimension that so scientifically allows brain surgeries by magic? Boop man.

            • robc

              I dont know where you all live, but I run into living members of clade dinosauria on a nearly daily basis.

              • Mark Ion

                Also, I know the guy that made this game, and I am sure he is not a creationist. He is a capitalist, dinosaurs sell.