My apologies to the French language for any atrocities I may have inadvertently committed against it in the process of making this pun. Without further ado, I present Vanna the Tournéemancer:



(NOTE: User was awarded 25 Shmuckers for this post. Pun is from "tournée" -Rob)


    • Squall83

      Hm..... wait..... oh I get it, it's because she can't just make wheels go round, she can also SHOW you around. cool

      In panel 1 I initially thought I was looking at a toilet from above. laughing

      • WarBanner

        I assumed that was intentional. After all, it IS the "throne" room.

        • Lowin Bayrod

          In french Vanna would be " Vanna la tournéemancienne ".

          • artificeintel

            @Squall83, @WarBanner: You know, I didn't see that until you pointed it out. ....I feel like that probably makes a better pun than mine. :P :)

            The point of the pun is just that without knowing French pronunciation (and it might also work even with the french pronunciation of tournée), I would probably pronounce it the same as turnamancer, but tournée can mean "tour" (based on the dictionary I linked to), so it approximates "Vanna the tour guide".