Schmucker-pinching and crass is the Tool
Both his ethics and size: minuscule.
What's his key to success?
Ask him straight, and he'll 'fess:
"I just follow my own golden rule."


Parson Gotti, it's plain, is a hunk.
So thinks Maggie, but she's in a funk.
Though she's worn sexy things,
Even shown her G-strings,
It seems he simply cares not to ... plunk.


Said Don King "So dis boid, I been flipped!"
"De undead, dis is totally gypped!"
"Dey should be on our side!"
"In our caves! All allied!"
"No one else has a place for de crypt!"


When the Hippies all gather, they say,
"Which is best of the paths that we play?"
"Date-a-mancy is cute"
"Signamancy is moot."
"Flower Power keeps boredom away!"


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