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    • Dewey the Signamancer

      Ansom is the best straight man. XD 

      • ArtyD

        It's just as confusing as being told you won the lottery for tax purposes.

        • Lheticus

          I don't get it.  What are they reacting to?

          • Infidel

            People have been wanting a cut scene to see Stanley's reaction to gaining and losing Parson, and gaining and losing all the smuckers from the contract.  This version is pretty funny.

            • wakko

              For those that need more clarification:

              Red in a ledger means a debt.  So a transaction that is in red means a debt is being paid (i.e. a loss from GK's perspective).

              Green for a ledger is a payment.  So a transaction that is in green means a payment has been received (i.e. a gain from GK's perspective).

              So the second split panel shows 3 payments from GK to Charlescomm (when Lilith killed the archons).  The third split panel is then showing the comic where Stanley contacted Parson in anger about the treasury being almost empty. The fourth panel is the "Pawned" line from when Lilith destroyed the tower, incurred the last payment that couldn't be made, and the subsequent payment made as Parson turning to Charlescomm (it's a payment, and thus a red hamster).  The next panel is about when Charlescomm shot through the portal (getting GK 40 million shmuckers represented by green CASH payments) and Parson turning back to GK (represented by a red debt CASH for the loss of a Charlescomm unit and green hamster for gaining him back).  The last panel is the most recent fights, in which both sides were losing units and shows payments being made back and forth.

              It's funny because Ansom hardly reacts and Stanley is getting all emotional (and very confused in the last panel).