Hello all, I've been a huge ErfWorld fan since it began on GitP, and I'd like to thank Rob for inviting me to blog about Codex: Card-Time Strategy, which I supported on Patreon and proofread for, and which is now on Kickstarter.

Codex: Card-Time Strategy is a non-collectible card game that feels like a RTS. You start each game with a team of three heroes, and your Codex is a binder containing every card those heroes can play; over the course of the game, you add cards to your 10-card starting deck from your Codex based on "tech tree" decisions you make.



I grew up playing StarCraft, Age of Wonders II, WarCraft III, and Magic: the Gathering, so I'm super excited for a cardgame that combines them, rewards endless replaying, and isn't a collectibles scheme. Post questions in the comments and I'll try to answer them, and I'll also be demoing Codex around Palo Alto in the next few weeks: http://www.fantasystrike.com/forums/index.php?threads/sat-feb-13-codex-demo-in-santa-clara.11519/ (I'm also available to hang out after work most weekdays at the newly-opened Game Kastle in Mountain View, so let me know if you want to request a certain day.)

You can read more about Codex at: http://www.sirlin.net/codex

You can back Codex at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sirlin/codex-2

NOTE FROM ROB: Full disclosure here, because I've said I do not take money for recommending Kickstarters (and I don't). Xom approached me because he was sick of those ridiculous celebrity-boob ads on the main page and wanted to buy the space up for the Codex Kickstarter. I took a look at the project and agreed, because I think this is a great project that a lot of Erfworld readers would enjoy. But I also asked him to write up the game/project for the gaming stream, and I link & support this project as I would for any other Kickstarter I think is worthy. I want to thank Xom and wish everybody on the Codex team the best of luck with the project and the game!