So  I came up with a bit of a thought experiment, and I thought I'd share it here. Imagine that you're popped as Ruler or Warlord of a brand new side. This new side starts with three casters. One of which is a Thinkamancer. The other two are from random disciplines from the chart below. You randomly generate two numbers from 1-22, without having a pair of identical numbers. Those two disciplines are the disciplines of your other two casters. How do you use these three in a link-up to help expand your fledgling side?

1: Findamancy
2: Predictamancy
3: Mathamancy
4: Turnamancy
5: Dollamancy
6: Weirdomancy
7: Dirtamancy
8: Changemancy
9: Dittomancy
10: Lookamancy
11: Moneymancy
12: Foolamancy
13: Flower Power
14: Signamancy
15: Date-a-Mancy
16: Shockmancy
17: Croakamancy
18: Hat Magic
19: Carnymancy
20: Rhyme-o-Mancy
21: Luckamancy
22: Healomancy


Basically the point of the thought exercise is to think of ways to combine different types of magic in creative ways. I'm really interested to see what people come up with for odd combinations!


    • Crisis21

      Hmm... Let's see here...

      Try 1 - Croakamancy + Mathamancy

      Conclusion: ...I'm sorry, but all can think of is The Count from Sesame Street.


      Try 2 - Predictamancy + Hat Magic

      Conclusion: Jedi hoodies! Grant my warlords some minor Predictamancy for their fights so they can have a bonus to hit and parry blows and shots.


      Try 3 - Changemancy + Flower Power

      Conclusion: Oh wow. This... this could be broken. In a complete reversal of my first attempt, I now have too many ideas rather than too few. I have no idea which one to start with.


      Try 4 - Dollamancy + Shockmancy

      Conclusion: My very own Stormtroopers. Except competent.


      One more...


      Try 5 - Luckamancy + Signamancy

      Conclusion: ...I'll sue my way to the top!

      • Crisis21

        Note: There are 231 possible combinations on this list. (Mathamancy involved: 21 possible pairs for the first entry, then subtract one for each subsequent entry to prevent duplicates, so 21 + 20 + 19... etc.)


        Also, Try 6 - Foolamancy + Turnamancy

        Conclusion: Holy boop. Self-powered siege engines and troop transports with built-in cloaking devices! Turn warlords and baffle them into their old livery to create double agents! The Holy Romulan Empire will triumph over all! Bwahahahahaha!

        • RemoteScholar

          Ooh, I like this kind of thought exercise.

          When we learned about CC's chicken farms and how the chicken unit spends time in egg-form before hatching/popping into a chicken, I was wondering to myself if we would find out about other units that spend time as eggs as part of their life cycle.

          I'll toss the idea of a Changemancy + Carnymancy link, aimed at eggs: assuming other units spend some time in an egg before they hatch/pop, I suspect this link-up might be able to have one unit hatch from another unit's egg.  Using a chicken egg, this link up might be able to make a dwagon hatch instead of a chicken!  (Keep in mind we don't know for sure if/what other units spawn from eggs.  Dwagons pop randomly in canon, but it makes no mention if they have a life cycle in the wild or not). 

          Another link up could be Findamancer + Dirtamancer to seek out hidden gems in depths/locations a Dirtamancer would have trouble searching without higher levels/range. 
          For that matter, perhaps a Findamacer + Moneymancer link up could search an enemy city for hidden gem hordes (like CC's wisely hidden gem hordes).

          Another page I found on-site is the page, it has other proposed caster link-ups listed, but I prefer the sorting method used here instead.

          • Crisis21

            I think you're supposed to do random number generation. Like can be found here.


            Try 7 - Lookamancy + Dittomancy

            Conclusion: Look twice (or even four times) as far!


            Try 8 - Dollamancy + Rhyme-o-mancy

            Conclusion: Hellabad. Booping. Yes. Screw side strategy, I'm making magical ipods with all the music on them!

            • Crisis21

              I just cannot stay away from this thing...


              Try 9 - Changemancy + Rhyme-o-mancy

              Conclusion: This could be highly similar to the Dollamancy/Rhyme-o-mancy link. Amplifiers. I'll have them make amplifiers so that my dance leaders can direct dance fights and rock outs over entire hexes. Stacked or not. Maybe even across hex boundaries. I mean, sound passes through those no problem, right?


              Try 10 - Hat Magic + Mathamancy

              Conclusion: I see something similar to Parson's bracer. Headgear that gives battle odds to the wearer. Something that clips onto the side of the head and displays the readout over one eye. ...I think I just made Dragon Ball Z scouters for Erfworld.


              Try 11 - Healomancy + Lookamancy

              Conclusion: Targeted Heal-sat beams. You know, the opposite of a kill-sat.

              • Crisis21

                Try 12 - Dirtamancy + Weirdomancy

                Conclusion: I honestly have no idea what this could realistically pull off, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it would look like an M. C. Escher painting. Which would be too awesome not to try.


                Try 13 - Rhyme-o-mancy + Dittomancy

                Conclusion: Bad luck... for my enemies! Not only are we rocking out, but every unit under the effects gets a double! Come on, boys! Time to redefine Battle of the Bands!

                • Veryfuzzylogic

                  I think for Dirtamancy and Weirdomancy a cool idea would be to upgrade a city and give it specials.  For example, give the tower the archery special and some ballistas or something like that and the tower would be able to shoot, juice-free, so long as a unit was there to direct it.  Don't forget that the thinkamancer is present for the link, so adding a thinkamancy component so that a unit can mentally direct the shots, but have the tower provide the special necessary to use the weapons, seems perfectly reasonable.

                  Possibly even cooler idea...give a city the flying in the clouds anyone?

                  • falcore51

                    Try 14  Changemancy and Hat Magic omg that would be super cool, I create stuff and change stuff and blow your mind.  See this hat, I can transport units through this hat now not just paper muahha.

                    • Granite Grizz

                      Attempt 1 - Dirtamancy and Hat Magician... Wow. Okay, both are on the Erf axis, dealing with physical objects. Dirtamancy creates golems and moves Erf, Hatamancy provides hats for various occasions (stat bonuses, specials, sending of messages... and gems). The surface of such a team up would be flying hats that bestow negatives on units that they attach to. However, I think there's something in the transmission of physical objects and Erf mover. Maybe a Star Trek Teleporter? One Hat shaped Pad to another. That would be my angle.


                      Attempt 2 - Findamancy and Foolamancy. Okay, I'm going to have to borrow some juice from our Thinkamancer. Our Thinkamancer get's the findamancer into the heads of the enemies where they locate the weakness of the opposing units, whether it be loved ones, or loyalty to their side. The Foolamancer casts completely realistic (we're in their brains) illusions, causing them to lose the will to fight. Also, linked up to a thinkamancer, the findamancer may be able to pull pseudo lookamancer shenanigans, finding opponents by their g-strings and relaying to the foolamancer for tactical maps a-la-Parson.


                      Attempt 3 - Carnymancy and Dirtamancy - Time to break the Erf. Carnymancy allows cheating, so what if we cheated when building a city? Make a level 3 city have defences like a level 5, but lower production. Or, if in the center of a relatively safe zone, vise versa. Crap Golems with no smell? How about Soft Rock Golems that are made of sand and have ridiculous damage reduction?


                      Just some ideas. Thanks for the game. :D

                      • DunkelMentat

                        Dirtamancy and shockamancy. Give towers gigantic shock blasters. Jed deserves a laser.

                        • DunkelMentat

                          Moneymancy and dollamancy, make Sizemore an item that points him straight to the gems.

                          • neogeo

                            Here's every possible combination.


                            Combinations without repetition (n=22, r=2)
                            Using Items: Findamancy,Predictamancy,Mathamancy,Turnamancy,Dollamancy,Weirdomancy,Dirtamancy,Changemancy,Dittomancy,Lookamancy,Moneymancy,Foolamancy,Flower Power,Signamancy,Date-a-Mancy,Shockmancy,Croakamancy,Hat Magic,Carnymancy,Rhyme-o-Mancy,Luckamancy,Healomancy

                            List has 231 entries.
                            {Findamancy,Predictamancy} {Findamancy,Mathamancy} {Findamancy,Turnamancy} {Findamancy,Dollamancy} {Findamancy,Weirdomancy} {Findamancy,Dirtamancy} {Findamancy,Changemancy} {Findamancy,Dittomancy} {Findamancy,Lookamancy} {Findamancy,Moneymancy} {Findamancy,Foolamancy} {Findamancy,Flower Power} {Findamancy,Signamancy} {Findamancy,Date-a-Mancy} {Findamancy,Shockmancy} {Findamancy,Croakamancy} {Findamancy,Hat Magic} {Findamancy,Carnymancy} {Findamancy,Rhyme-o-Mancy} {Findamancy,Luckamancy} {Findamancy,Healomancy} {Predictamancy,Mathamancy} {Predictamancy,Turnamancy} {Predictamancy,Dollamancy} {Predictamancy,Weirdomancy} {Predictamancy,Dirtamancy} {Predictamancy,Changemancy} {Predictamancy,Dittomancy} {Predictamancy,Lookamancy} {Predictamancy,Moneymancy} {Predictamancy,Foolamancy} {Predictamancy,Flower Power} {Predictamancy,Signamancy} {Predictamancy,Date-a-Mancy} {Predictamancy,Shockmancy} {Predictamancy,Croakamancy} {Predictamancy,Hat Magic} {Predictamancy,Carnymancy} {Predictamancy,Rhyme-o-Mancy} {Predictamancy,Luckamancy} {Predictamancy,Healomancy} {Mathamancy,Turnamancy} {Mathamancy,Dollamancy} {Mathamancy,Weirdomancy} {Mathamancy,Dirtamancy} {Mathamancy,Changemancy} {Mathamancy,Dittomancy} {Mathamancy,Lookamancy} {Mathamancy,Moneymancy} {Mathamancy,Foolamancy} {Mathamancy,Flower Power} {Mathamancy,Signamancy} {Mathamancy,Date-a-Mancy} {Mathamancy,Shockmancy} {Mathamancy,Croakamancy} {Mathamancy,Hat Magic} {Mathamancy,Carnymancy} {Mathamancy,Rhyme-o-Mancy} {Mathamancy,Luckamancy} {Mathamancy,Healomancy} {Turnamancy,Dollamancy} {Turnamancy,Weirdomancy} {Turnamancy,Dirtamancy} {Turnamancy,Changemancy} {Turnamancy,Dittomancy} {Turnamancy,Lookamancy} {Turnamancy,Moneymancy} {Turnamancy,Foolamancy} {Turnamancy,Flower Power} {Turnamancy,Signamancy} {Turnamancy,Date-a-Mancy} {Turnamancy,Shockmancy} {Turnamancy,Croakamancy} {Turnamancy,Hat Magic} {Turnamancy,Carnymancy} {Turnamancy,Rhyme-o-Mancy} {Turnamancy,Luckamancy} {Turnamancy,Healomancy} {Dollamancy,Weirdomancy} {Dollamancy,Dirtamancy} {Dollamancy,Changemancy} {Dollamancy,Dittomancy} {Dollamancy,Lookamancy} {Dollamancy,Moneymancy} {Dollamancy,Foolamancy} {Dollamancy,Flower Power} {Dollamancy,Signamancy} {Dollamancy,Date-a-Mancy} {Dollamancy,Shockmancy} {Dollamancy,Croakamancy} {Dollamancy,Hat Magic} {Dollamancy,Carnymancy} {Dollamancy,Rhyme-o-Mancy} {Dollamancy,Luckamancy} {Dollamancy,Healomancy} {Weirdomancy,Dirtamancy} {Weirdomancy,Changemancy} {Weirdomancy,Dittomancy} {Weirdomancy,Lookamancy} {Weirdomancy,Moneymancy} {Weirdomancy,Foolamancy} {Weirdomancy,Flower Power} {Weirdomancy,Signamancy} {Weirdomancy,Date-a-Mancy} {Weirdomancy,Shockmancy} {Weirdomancy,Croakamancy} {Weirdomancy,Hat Magic} {Weirdomancy,Carnymancy} {Weirdomancy,Rhyme-o-Mancy} {Weirdomancy,Luckamancy} {Weirdomancy,Healomancy} {Dirtamancy,Changemancy} {Dirtamancy,Dittomancy} {Dirtamancy,Lookamancy} {Dirtamancy,Moneymancy} {Dirtamancy,Foolamancy} {Dirtamancy,Flower Power} {Dirtamancy,Signamancy} {Dirtamancy,Date-a-Mancy} {Dirtamancy,Shockmancy} {Dirtamancy,Croakamancy} {Dirtamancy,Hat Magic} {Dirtamancy,Carnymancy} {Dirtamancy,Rhyme-o-Mancy} {Dirtamancy,Luckamancy} {Dirtamancy,Healomancy} {Changemancy,Dittomancy} {Changemancy,Lookamancy} {Changemancy,Moneymancy} {Changemancy,Foolamancy} {Changemancy,Flower Power} {Changemancy,Signamancy} {Changemancy,Date-a-Mancy} {Changemancy,Shockmancy} {Changemancy,Croakamancy} {Changemancy,Hat Magic} {Changemancy,Carnymancy} {Changemancy,Rhyme-o-Mancy} {Changemancy,Luckamancy} {Changemancy,Healomancy} {Dittomancy,Lookamancy} {Dittomancy,Moneymancy} {Dittomancy,Foolamancy} {Dittomancy,Flower Power} {Dittomancy,Signamancy} {Dittomancy,Date-a-Mancy} {Dittomancy,Shockmancy} {Dittomancy,Croakamancy} {Dittomancy,Hat Magic} {Dittomancy,Carnymancy} {Dittomancy,Rhyme-o-Mancy} {Dittomancy,Luckamancy} {Dittomancy,Healomancy} {Lookamancy,Moneymancy} {Lookamancy,Foolamancy} {Lookamancy,Flower Power} {Lookamancy,Signamancy} {Lookamancy,Date-a-Mancy} {Lookamancy,Shockmancy} {Lookamancy,Croakamancy} {Lookamancy,Hat Magic} {Lookamancy,Carnymancy} {Lookamancy,Rhyme-o-Mancy} {Lookamancy,Luckamancy} {Lookamancy,Healomancy} {Moneymancy,Foolamancy} {Moneymancy,Flower Power} {Moneymancy,Signamancy} {Moneymancy,Date-a-Mancy} {Moneymancy,Shockmancy} {Moneymancy,Croakamancy} {Moneymancy,Hat Magic} {Moneymancy,Carnymancy} {Moneymancy,Rhyme-o-Mancy} {Moneymancy,Luckamancy} {Moneymancy,Healomancy} {Foolamancy,Flower Power} {Foolamancy,Signamancy} {Foolamancy,Date-a-Mancy} {Foolamancy,Shockmancy} {Foolamancy,Croakamancy} {Foolamancy,Hat Magic} {Foolamancy,Carnymancy} {Foolamancy,Rhyme-o-Mancy} {Foolamancy,Luckamancy} {Foolamancy,Healomancy} {Flower Power,Signamancy} {Flower Power,Date-a-Mancy} {Flower Power,Shockmancy} {Flower Power,Croakamancy} {Flower Power,Hat Magic} {Flower Power,Carnymancy} {Flower Power,Rhyme-o-Mancy} {Flower Power,Luckamancy} {Flower Power,Healomancy} {Signamancy,Date-a-Mancy} {Signamancy,Shockmancy} {Signamancy,Croakamancy} {Signamancy,Hat Magic} {Signamancy,Carnymancy} {Signamancy,Rhyme-o-Mancy} {Signamancy,Luckamancy} {Signamancy,Healomancy} {Date-a-Mancy,Shockmancy} {Date-a-Mancy,Croakamancy} {Date-a-Mancy,Hat Magic} {Date-a-Mancy,Carnymancy} {Date-a-Mancy,Rhyme-o-Mancy} {Date-a-Mancy,Luckamancy} {Date-a-Mancy,Healomancy} {Shockmancy,Croakamancy} {Shockmancy,Hat Magic} {Shockmancy,Carnymancy} {Shockmancy,Rhyme-o-Mancy} {Shockmancy,Luckamancy} {Shockmancy,Healomancy} {Croakamancy,Hat Magic} {Croakamancy,Carnymancy} {Croakamancy,Rhyme-o-Mancy} {Croakamancy,Luckamancy} {Croakamancy,Healomancy} {Hat Magic,Carnymancy} {Hat Magic,Rhyme-o-Mancy} {Hat Magic,Luckamancy} {Hat Magic,Healomancy} {Carnymancy,Rhyme-o-Mancy} {Carnymancy,Luckamancy} {Carnymancy,Healomancy} {Rhyme-o-Mancy,Luckamancy} {Rhyme-o-Mancy,Healomancy} {Luckamancy,Healomancy}

                            • neogeo

                              Leaving my speculation as a separate comment since my first was boop-huge.

                              Rolled 2 and 9 so

                              Predictamancy and Carnymancy

                              Predictamancy lets you view the plan "fate" has in store for fated people, sides, cities, objects and so forth. Carnymancy lets you edit the plan "fate' has for the fated. Both would feed off each other quite well. Possibly better than any other linkup. The trio would have unparalleled access to both Predictamancy and Carnymancy. Anything Predictamancy or Carnymancy can do, this linkup can do better. No more Carnymancy "touch attack only" limits. The linkup could cast Carnymancy anywhere the link could see or visualize. This range could even be boosted by Eyemancy items. No more single target Carnymancy. A city fated to be captured, could have it's fate edited by the link. Make it so that the city was fated to be recaptured by it's own side.

                              You would be able to carny around the problems of Predictamancy. Imagine a fate as a giant word-processor machine. What's in each .doc determines the things fate "works" towards. Predictamancers can read the .doc and Carnymancers can edit the .doc files. Together you would have the ability to subtlety nudge fate towards you, shore up your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. If you properly leveraged their juice, a Predictamancer-Carny linkup could keep an entire side immortal with the power of fate on their side. A direct application of this linkup would be incredible qualitative efficiency. You could have the linkup determine exactly what to do in order to get fate to align with the goals of the side. Barring other Carnymancy links or Carnymancy artifacts, nothing would be able to truly threaten the side ever again.

                              • Chef Lurker

                                Sure, I like these games.  Let's give it a bit of a whirl. I'll limit to three attempts.

                                Shockamancy and Dollamancy -- Easy one.  Self-Destruct Units. Dolls or golems that can explode in a wave of destructive shockamancy, either upon croaking or when certain other conditions are met. So not only they can fight, but they can take out quite a few units when they go kablooey. Even better, you can set those exploding conditions to be something like, say, engaging an enemy warlord. That way they can go after specific, high-value targets as well.  A potential downside, though, would be a smart enemy destroying them within your own formations, unleashing their devastating magic upon friendly units. One would hope their blasts could be disabled within friendly stacks.

                                Predictamancy and Healomancy -- about, when linked, the casters have the ability to bestow a number of "insurance policies" upon friendly units. An insurance policy is a delayed healomancy spell that triggers when a unit takes damage. In it's lesser form (Health Insurance), the policy kicks in when a unit becomes incapacitated and heals it in full. The greater form (Life Insurance) kicks in when a unit takes enough damage to croak, and, again, the unit heals in full. A link can had out quite a few lesser policies, but may only be able to grant a small handful of Life Insurance policies, and numbers would also be heavily dependent on juice available as well as caster level and experience.

                                In addition, there is a hidden function in the link effect. If a policy is granted to a caster or a unit that uses juice, that unit has the ability to "Co-Pay", or contribute their own juice to the effect. Doing so not only reduces juice spent by the original link, but it grants link experience to the contributing caster commiserate to the amount of juice donated, and may also help speed caster development.

                                Weirdomancy and Foolamancy --Tricky. But how about using the link not only to grant abilities to a unit but to veil their abilities and stats so that they are visible only to other friendlies, or perhaps even only the warlords or ruler of a side. You might also be able to use the link to rig a permanent veil on a unit, to where as long as it is not attacking, it is veiled. The veil might only last a turn, or it might be permanent, depending on a lot of factors, including caster level, experience, juice, time spent casting, size of recipient unit, etc.

                                Right, there's my go.

                                • ArtyD

                                  Ok, so I used to generate two numbers for me. 7, and 14.  Dirtamancy and Signamancy.

                                  Thus I would publish a sentient book that would learn all it could about another side thru reading their library.  Perhaps you've wondered in the past "who left that book there?" Now you know.

                                  Perhaps convert my entire city wall into golems.  Erfloads of Iron Maidens, metallic knights, and maybe some Veritechs to cover the sky.

                                  • Hidden Sanity

                                    First try: Change & Money.


                                    Hmmm... interesting, 'making change' jokes aside, this feels like it would have some awesome scavenging/razing bonus, letting you convert 'stuff' into gems or shmuckers, maybe even things that are normally fairly worthless(Vendor trash!)  Should be able to work the moneymancers Gems <> Shmuckers conversion well.

                                    Hmmm... Turning 'Stuff' into 'Money' is one application, but what about turning 'money' into 'stuff'? Would this linkup allow you to convert gems/Shmuckers into 'stuff' or upgrade items better than a Changemancer normally can? Add sockets to items that you can turn shmuckers into powerful gems for?  Possibilities...


                                    Second try: Croak & Heal

                                    Ow.  Oh wow... In a lot of systems and mythos, Necromancy is a dark branch with it's roots in healing magic.  Here they are reunited, hmmm.  The most obvious application is to try and cast on units/bodies, since both disciplines do that already. 


                                    So... on dead units, up that Croakamancy, spend more time and juice and make permanent uncroaked units?(Possible drawback: Doesn't heal at dawn, needs caster to spend juice to heal) Maybe stitch together some giant abomination with regeneration special?

                                    On living units: Keep fighting for awhile past 0 hits, maybe even delaying croaking for a short while and can be healed up still in that short window?  Regeneration? Oh! Oh! I bet they can make a living unit into an uncroaked unit without the decay&loss of facilities(Vampires? Lich?), possibly granting the lifedrain special and letting them receive bonuses from a croakamancer?  That'd be cool.

                                    I mean, there's a lot of possibilities, but I bet whatever they cast on, it'll be hard to make it run out of hits for good.

                                    Third try: Date & Find

                                    Huh... matchmaking services, I feel.  Aside from finding lonely hot stabbers in your area, they can help you optimize your command structure and postings, the ultimate HR department.  Finding the units in your side that will work the best together.  Finding the right warlord for managing a specific city, picking the best heir/CWL.  Probably also able to do some great diplomacy(Or at least able to pick the best warlord for the diplomatic mission).  Finding natural allies and tamable ferals, maybe, too?  I feel like you can get a lot of power just from having a very well designed deployment and command structure.  Very much 'cold' casting but powerful support for your side.

                                    • Hidden Sanity

                                      Try 4: Flower & Math

                                      Huh... not certain to make of this one, the fibonacci sequence comes to mind, but that's all that leaps to mind. 

                                      Thinking more, There's probably some amazing farm optimization that can happen here and other ways to make better/bigger flower power, more precise dosages of poisons, for example... I wonder if there's some way to make use of some of flowerpowers 'flaking out' and such to produce mind-enhancing flower power? (Like Adderal?)

                                      But yeah... something something sunflowers, ferns, and Fibonacci sequence?  Less certain on this one.

                                      Try 4: Math and Change(Huh, first two repeats at once)

                                      I'm starting to feel like Math/anything will just tend to optimize and enhance the other discipline via precise calculations(Thus everything a changamancer does, a math/change does much better), they can do battle calculations, and possibly some kinda/sorta predicamancy... I wonder if a changeamancer can change the numbers when linked with a mathamancer? That would be potent, possibly even if it's 'forcing a reroll' rather than where luckamancy moves numbers around.

                                      • Crisis21

                                        Personally, I think 'forcing a reroll' would be part of the powers of a mortal Retconjurer should they ever exist. I mean, we've only seen 'Titanic' Retconjuration so far, not mortal. It's something I like to ponder on occasion. But I digress.


                                        I agree that Mathamancy in links would involve optimization above and beyond what Thinkamancy alone offers in a two-caster link. A Florist/Mathamancy link would probably be really good for sides that have farms.


                                        But anyway, let's roll another link for me:


                                        Try 14: Mathamancy + Dollamancy

                                        Conclusion: Golems of exceptionally high quality, magic items that grant superior bonuses. 'Voodoo dolls' so well-made that they can be mistaken for the original.


                                        Try 15: Weirdomancy + Moneymancy

                                        Conclusion: I believe this is the link that made the Rand. With this, I could create my own currency with its own special rules.

                                        • Hidden Sanity

                                          Ah, no, not retconning it, essentially rerolling a low number before it happens.  Like in some systems you can use a power or w/e to reroll a roll before the roll resolves.

                                          • Hidden Sanity

                                            Also, I believe that Doll + Math is your best shot at making parsons Bracer.

                                            • GezTheMouse

                                              A carnymancy and moneymancy link up.


                                              I see no reason that by cheating and changing the rules they couldn't together with the help of a thinkamancer come up with a way to over come the diminishing returns of an overly large side. as to what this would be increasing the out put of cities or decreasing the cost of upkeeps, not sure but if there was any way to overcome it it would be those 2 linking up, or maybe a moneymancer and a wierdomancer as we are still not exactly sure what they can do.

                                              • BobBobson

                                                Try 1: Mathamancy + Turnamancy

                                                At first I was thinking along the lines of optimizing things (Maybe the casters can find many little things to speed up at once), but then remembered Turnamancy's creation of self-powered items and BEHOLD THE ERFPUTER!

                                                Basically they can get together and make a mechanical calculator/computer, which can then do all sorts of calculations without wasting juice, like parson can currently. After a few hundred turns of making these things who knows what could be possible.

                                                On the physical end of the spectrum, the knowledge of gear ratios and the ability to actually work through the physics would allow optimized turnamancy engines for siege, transportation, farming, etc. A well made auto-harvester might actually give a permanent turnamancy bonus to a farm (Is this better than a golem? Who knows)

                                                Try 2: Changemancy + Flower Power

                                                Changemancy's ability to analize matter would make it possible to research new poisons. Changemancy would allow you to poison existing things rather than creating a poison (Poison all the food in a hex, poison coffee right before they drink it, poison a river, etc.)

                                                They could change things into a some sort of quieting item, either something like the staff of suckage, or a hood to prevent a prisoner from trying to escape.

                                                Being able to poison a blade or a quiver of arrows would also be useful.

                                                An enchanted hoe to give flower power bonuses for food growing would be a good early boost to a new side.

                                                Try 3: Dollamancy + Hat Magic

                                                We've seen a pair like that but they didn't link up.

                                                I guess some sort of doubly powered golem, clothes golems with magic hats, might be more powerful. Likewise hat-based magic items could be more powerful.

                                                They might be able to create a special magic hat that when pulling things out you'd get small magic items of the kind Ace would build, like for example, shockmancy guns, small golems, etc.


                                                Try 4: Dirtamancy + Rhyme-o-mancy

                                                They would rock! They would Rock so hard their head banging, dance fighting golems would go forth and rock out the whole of Erfworld before they can be stopped.

                                                Oh, and I guess they can write an epic about the land and about each city giving every unit stationed there a permanent leadership bonus, or something.

                                                (Thinkamancy+rhyme-o-mancy alone should make for interesting combinations too)



                                                It strikes me that there have to be bigger limitations or risk for 3-caster linkups, because a lot of these combinations can be very overpowered.

                                                • Crisis21

                                                  Try 16: Dirtamancy + Flower Power

                                                  Conclusion: I will have the best farms. Period.


                                                  Try 17: Luckamancy + Lookamancy

                                                  Conclusion: What are the odds that I'm looking at the plans you make right when you make them? Pretty good with this combo.


                                                  Try 18: Predictamancy + Shockmancy

                                                  Conclusion: Miss? What's a 'miss'?

                                                  • Miandis

                                                    Turnamancy + Changemancy

                                                    This one has some interesting political abilities. Lets say you are being attacked by a side with a well known warlord. In order to get a neighboring side to ally with you, you turn the aggressor's unit, but change the side it turns to, to that of your soon to be ally. 

                                                                                     *so many to(s), ugh, have fun parsing that

                                                    Or since turning seems to be very close ranged, 'change' the target of a turning to something that is further away. Thus a piker standing infront of you in the target for the 'turn', but the target is 'changed' to be the enemy warleader. This likely couldn't be done out of hex, but if it could. . . . Why hello there enemy leader. So nice of you to join us.

                                                    • Miandis

                                                      Croakamancy + Flower Power:

                                                      Zombie Virus