I'm huge fan of both League of Legends and Erfworld, so I thought, why not combine those two things? So I made a custom Wanda skin. And used it on two champions.

Anyway, I thought long and hard about what champion would be perfect for Wanda. I'm saddened to say, but none of the girls fit her personality or looks. Not Janna, not Sona, not Katarina... Morgana was a little closer, but she has wings and her spells don't have anything to do with Croakamancy. There was Syndra, but she has flying special and, again, no Croakamancy. I mean, Wanda would obviously need to be a mage but no female mage fit her. So I thought, why not some of the guys? Azir was an obvious choice, but then I read that it is almost impossible to edit any champion after Yasuo... Wait, Yasuo?
And right next to him, I found my answer. Yorick! His powers fit Wanda perfectly; first 3 skills summon uncroaked and his ulti works like Decryption! Now, without further ado, I present to you, Wanda of the Shadow Isles:

Anyway, Erfworlders are shorter than Stupidworlders* so there's meta reason why she is shorter than other champions. I didn't change sound files, but that could be a future mod. Yorick's words are ok but his voice... Doesn't fit Wanda at all.

To install it (or any other custom skin) follow these steps:

1) Download and install Wooxy skin installer from this site http://mapskins.com/wooxy/
2) Download wxy file from this site of mine: http://sites.google.com/site/poslovneskripte/WandaCroakamancerv2.wxy 
3) Open Wooxy. Click on Skins, Import skins/ Add a package. Select file from step 2.
4) Click on WandaCroakamancer that will show up. Click Install.
5) Start League of Legends. Select Yorick. The custom skin replaces his default skin.

Just be careful, it replaces all Yoricks in game, both your and your opponent's Yorick, unless they are using skin other than default. You can uninstall the skin the same way, just click on it then click "Uninstall". Only you can see your custom skin in game, because it's the change on the client, not the server. So, while everyone else sees Yorick, you will look at Wanda :D


*It's not like, maybe, I didn't edit Yorick's model properly and he has a lantern on his head and the replacement model doesn't, so it is shorter by the lamp length. No, that's completely coincidental, honest innocent.

But there's never enough Wanda, so I made a fullsized one too. Wanda deLux, if you will :D.

You can find the video here:



And download skin for Lux from here: http://sites.google.com/site/poslovneskripte/CroakamancerLux2.wxy

 I plan some more custom skins, I'm working on them in my free time. Bogroll(Trundle),  Lilith (I think Syndra fits Archons and Caitlyn and Jinx fit Lilith like two gloves), Stanley (Corki?Rumble?), Jilllian (Riven?Fiora?), Parson, Vinny and Jack. Maybe even Jannice and Maggie, who knows.

Thank you very much for your time, have fun and see you around.


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