(This is the script for the first scene of the sidescrolling Erfworld shooter I wanted to make before 3 very important things became obvious and the project fell through:
1) I don't know how to draw or color. Like, at all.
2) I don't know how to use use well enough the game making tool.
3) I don't have enough free time to learn the tool proper and actually make the game.

So, in order for the project to not be forgotten and to keep the flame of it burning, just in the very unlikely event someone likes it enough to decide to make it, I'm posting the game script. Enjoy!)


One red dwagon comes from the left of the screen, flies to the right then moves to the top-right of it. It rears up and flames then freezes. Another one comes from the right and does the same thing on the left top side of the screen. Then Stanley flies on armored blue, with Arkenhammer raised high. Hammer flashes, covers the screen in white and main menu appears, with the dwagons and Stanley in the background. The words ERFWORLD 0.5  (fan game) are above the menu. The whole scene is completely skippable by clicking or pressing any key and it leads to the main Menu.
 Sort of like this image only with Erfworld Dwagons and Stanley on a dwagon instead of sun:

Dwagon door

Main menu is in the shape of hexagonal grid, seven different colored hexagons in total, with the words Play(New game), Load, Settings, Visit comic, High scores, About and (possibly) Donate (or First scene video or Tutorial. Choices, choices...). Maybe put a login screen before the main menu, maybe just allow to input high-score name after the end of the game. Probably login screen, so saves could be managed better.
Clicking "Play (New game)" starts the (fully skippable) animated scene about the previous owner of the Arkenhammer.


Forest background below, the screen is scrolling right to left. Three archons in green uniforms fly in formation in front. Behind them is armored blue dwagon with fully armored rider. The rider is wearing red armor and dwagon-winged helmet and has Arkenhammer on her back. The scene zooms out and scrolls further to reveal a stack of 10 13 dwagons and a flight of Orlies. There are more archons on the side of the formation, all wearing green, 4 in total. Some dwagons lack riders, some have two but the one is holding to the other. All are wounded and all are wearing red and black livery of the queen. There's cloud comicbook popup and the queen says: "One more hex and we can rest." One of the archons says "We're out of move anyway." . They all pass the hex boundary.

The archons stop and turn to the queen.  Zoom in on the archons face "I'm sorry, my queen.", she says before a lot more archons decloak all around the formation, at least 20. They form 2 circles all around the queen and her formation and it becomes obvious there's a lot more than 20... One of them steps forth and opens her hands in a thinkagramming pose. Bigger comicbook pictures show on the screen when anyone is talking, with text to the right. The names Charlie and Lia Nightswish, Dwagonqueen are below the pictures.

CHARLIE (looking like a Grumpy Bear from carebears): My, my, how the mighty have fallen. Behold, the Hammerbearer, the Dwagonlady, the Predictamancer. Well, you haven't predicted this one, have you?  

LIA(Looking a lot like Jillian, only with black hair and green tint on it): Curse you Charlie! You'll pay for this treachery!

CHARLIE: Is that so? With two arkentools in my possession who can stand in my way?

LIA: Mark my words, the next user of this arkentool, and he will be attuned user, will destroy everything you've ever built and will be instrumental in your croaking. I so predict it. With my last prophesy, I predict it.

CHARLIE: Then you will be the last, Hammerbearer. No one will attune after you, because the hammer will be mine. Now good bye, old friend. Proceed with your orders, Lucinda.

The archon closes her hands and pulls out a scroll. The music starts playing and circles of archons start moving around. The music is "Carry on" and the archon's clothes change to that of Sailor Moon while she pulls the wand out of the scroll. Screen gets darker and there's shockamancy everywhere coming from the wand.

"Here I'm standing in the night
 My crescent wand the only light
 Alone against my darkest fear
 But I sense my friends are near
 I'll draw from each the power I need
 Evil queen we will defeat..."



LIA(raises the hammer of her back): Yeah, I don't think so. Van der Graaaaaaaff!

As the lightning starts hitting archons in the first circle another song starts, "She's got the power" by Stan Bush 

which is queen's personal theme. Screen goes completely black, with only shockamancy bolts and dwagon lighting and fire showing in the darkness. Then silence and fade to black. Next scene, the queen is wounded, rushing underground into some ruins and some cave, with shockamancy orbs flying around her as she turns a corner. Archons in hot pursuit.

LIA: Your lightning is all I need! Van der Graaaff!

She zaps some archons and ceiling of the cave, causing cave in at the entrance. The archons start shooting at it Inside, Lia lowers the Hammer on a pedestal and chants on it. Edited lyrics of "Holding out for a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler are heard and the hammer glows for a while until she finishes.



When she is done, a crash is heard behind the queen - the archons have moved through. The queen turns, pulls out a knife out of her scabbard, gets power into her left hand and yells "Hoboken!" while rushing into the fight. Sounds of struggle are heard; her helmet flies away from her and rolls on the floor of the cave. An archon comes into view and moves towards the Hammer only to get zapped by it the moment she touches it. Fade to black, "Many, many, many turns later" fades in and the next scene is full-screen image from erfworld comic of Stanley picking up the hammer (similar to this one , second panel) and saying "Ooh, shiny!".

The end. Game starts proper, with Stanley on red dwagon.

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    • oreus4924

      That was incredible. I sincerely hope someone who

      1) Knows how to color or draw at all
      2) Knows how to use a game making tool
      3) Has the time to dedicate to this

      picks up your project.

      • youngstormlord

        oreus4924 November 9, 2015

        That was incredible. I sincerely hope someone who

        1) Knows how to color or draw at all
        2) Knows how to use a game making tool
        3) Has the time to dedicate to this

        picks up your project.

        Thanks for the praise. I can dream and hope but I find it unlikely. Maybe it will even be future me who picks up the project, who knows? :D

        • Taikei no Yuurei

          Well, I have 2, and possibly 3 as well.  Highly lacking in 1 though.  Have any assets been made for the game?  Maybe I'll just grab a picture of Stanley on a Dwagon and work with that.

          • youngstormlord

            I never made many assets but you can find what I have made for Gamemaker test game here: https://sites.google.com/site/poslovneskripte/ERFWORLD.zip .  The game was called Jack Attack and I later tried to make stencyl game with Stanley... when I got in the above problems. You can do with them whatever you like.

            I'm certain I saw pixelized 8-bit art for games on the forum, there were archons and Ansom and Wanda and I think Jillian? some time ago. You know, left, right, top, bottom turning, like in rpg games, but I can't find those now.

            • Taikei no Yuurei

              Pictures of Stanley on dwagonback are actually much harder to come by than I would have expected.  While he is on dwagonback quite often, shots of him there are fairly rare, as they're usually zoomed in to the action too much to see the dwagon.  After getting sidetracked actually reading through far too much of the comic while looking for pictures, I think I found a dwagon that will work well.  No Stanley on it, but enough for a mock up.


              The file you linked is an application, so I can run it, but I can't pull any assets out of it.  That's alright though, as there likely wouldn't be much I'd use.  I'm going to make it in Unity, and will likely do it as a side scroll instead of a top to bottom style, though honestly it wouldn't be too hard to switch.  It's late now, but I have tomorrow free besides running a couple errands, so I'll see if I can't get some basics up.

              • youngstormlord

                Sorry about that, sent you wrong zip file. I'm at work, atm, so I'll send you the right one after I get home in 3 hours or so.

                • Taikei no Yuurei

                  It's not a problem.  I pulled a dwagon and gwiffon from the comic and have a basic game set up with that right now.  I'm in the middle of throwing up the GUI, but I have to go do errands now.  So right now I have a dwagon that moves and shoots lighting bolts, gwiffons that spawn in randomized waves, the gwiffons die when hit and give points, and I'm in the middle of setting up the GUI to display game over and score.  It's fairly basic at the moment, but I can easily expand it.  Need to pull a background from somewhere too at some point, as it looks very static at the moment, but I'm more concerned with getting the basic elements in place.

                  • youngstormlord

                    Here's the correct zip file. I'm sorry to say that it won't help you much, but it is what I have:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5X34Iv4qbVEUkg0Y0Q2clhsQVU/view?usp=sharing

                    • Taikei no Yuurei

                       Yeah, looks like I won't be able to use much, though those pages are handy.  I don't remember how to get the text free versions of pages, and page 57 looks like it might be able to be used as a decent scrolling background for me with a little bit of tweaking.

                      • Taikei no Yuurei

                        Here we go, a very basic build.


                        Going to work on a background so it looks like you're actually flying or something, and hopefully some basic sounds and such, maybe a death animation for the gwiffons, and include orlies or something as enemies.  Will eventually get to the waves being more than infinite spawning waves.

                        Could do animations, but I'd need to try and edit the sprites myself.  If anyone wants to contribute art, or can find better images in the comics, I'd appreciate it.

                        • Taikei no Yuurei

                          Oh, controls are WASD or arrow keys, ctrl or left mouse to fire, possibly command on mac, I'm not sure if that works or not.  Also, should work with joystick if anyone happens to have that.

                          • youngstormlord

                            The game looks beautiful. Thank you very much for your effort.